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    The Muhammad and Ripski Show: "Breakthrough's" in Taiji Quan

    in Lifestyle

    Temple Underground Radio presents two of the hardest working Internal Boxing Adepts in the business of Training Pugilistic Alchemists.... Grandmaster Al-wah-hee Muhammad and Master Neil Ripski... This is the Muhammad & Ripski "BREAKTHROUGHS" show!!!!!

    On this show we will be discussing three Taiji Quan Skills: Form, Function and Application. Authenticity is based on a consistency in these skill sets. We will be examining the skill sets of master practitioners. We seek what we can lern fro the sincere efforts of these Pugilistic Alchemists....


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    The Importance of Engagement - Part 2

    in Business

    Listen in as Shirley Gutkowski continues her discusion with Clancy Cross on the hot topic in business today - engagement.  Lern more about how powerful leadership by example is and how it keeps employers and employees working towards the same goal. 

    Clancy Cross was first published at age 15 in Sports Illustrated magazine.  He’s the author of “Professionalism from A to Z – 26 Qualities of a Career-Minded Person” and a contributor to 6 more, including John C. Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.”  Clancy and David Wright are co-founders of Wright Cross Performance Group.  Together they are helping people reach their full potential, the ZIG ZIGLAR WAY!

    Clancy lives according to the title of one of his keynote addresses, “Taste Life!” He believes that an abundant life stems from curiosity and an adventurous spirit. His life and career are based on the belief that everyone is blessed with special talents, placed in a world overflowing with opportunities and assigned the responsibility to discover how God wants us to use these.

    Born and raised in Minnesota, Clancy Cross spent the final 18 months of high school in Green Bay, Wisconsin before moving to Ohio, where he attended the University of Dayton. After graduating with a B.S. degree in Data Processing, he married Jane, his college sweetheart. They have three adult children and five grandchildren.

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    Sign o the Times w Queen Tahiyrah

    in Motivation

    Tonight is Listen & Lern Thursday............ Check out what Sunni Patterson & Malcom X bring to the table. 

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    in Spirituality

    This weekly bible study well help us lern more the tora. we will be going slow.  we are going to try to get every thing we can get out of it. this could get deep.

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    Karen Dezelle with a new single. Memoir calls in from SXSW.

    in Music

    Singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle combines honest narratives with soft, soothing vocals, creating vulnerability with wide appeal.  Karen has lived all over the world and it shows in her deft blending of beats and melodies. Inspired by artists such as Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Karen', emotionally-complex lyrics are offset by a minimalist song structure and  innocent vocals in a moving sound, both calming and exciting. Sshe has a new singel out and we will play it and lern where it came from. 2:05 pm ET

    Los Angeles based indie-soul band Memoir fuses elements of rock, blues and jazz for a genre-defying sound that is equal parts vintage soul and contemporary pop. The band was formed was formed in 2013 by spouses Zed Kelley (guitar) and Dena Deadly (vocals),who joined with Garner to write hit singles for Cee-Lo Green, Will-I-Am and Jonas Brothers, among others. Their music has been featured in television shows and films like Failure to Launch, “The Lying Game” and the theme song for “Vanderpump Rules”. In spring 2013, the trio released their debut self-titled EP, "Memoir. ” Fire In Me, the band’s first full-length album, releases spring 2014. They call in from SXSW at 2:30 pm ET.. Program note: since the band will be on cellpones and standing on a corner outside their next gig, there will be distortion and background sounds, but the conversation is great.

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    Westchester On the Level

    in News

    YONKERS, NY – Krystal Wade, a new author, and member of www.TheWritersCollection.com, was our intended guest for Monday, February 20, 2012. She unfortunately had fallen very ill over the weekend. She advises she expects to recover soon. We hope so. And can't wait for that interview. In the meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal presented a Bookshelf review by Ruth Franklin over Eyal Press' "Beautiful Souls." The book delves into our favorite topic, that is, "Saying no, breaking ranks, and heeding the voice of conscience in dark times." The examples presented in the book are inspring as they are sublime and mundane. There is much to lern in this introspective of man/woman. The Westchester On the Level radio show is heard from Mondays to Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 12 Noon by way of the Internet: 
    Join the conversation by calling toll-free to 1-877-674-2436. Please stay on topic. 

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    InnerSpeak NOW - Already Rich - Secrets to Master Your Money Mind!

    in Spirituality

    My guest on this show will be Nan Akasha, Spiritual Money Attraction and Wealth Coach. We will talk about her book and her tools to help each of us to realize our own potential to be wealthy, in every area of our lives. Lern how to create your own breakthroughs in the areas of money, business and happiness!

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    Color Aroused Judge and April Griffin

    in Politics Progressive

    Let's talk with the sister of April Griffin who is in jail for no reason other than for standing up as a Black woman. This is a case that was started over two years ago. April Griffin attracted a legion of supporters last year with her desperate refusal to accept a judge's order that her son's father be given a chance to share custody. She sent the boy into hiding in May 2007 and showed up at the Milwaukee County courthouse and told District Judge Michael Goulee to go ahead and put her in jail. He did just that and sent deputies searching her family members' homes, threatening to arrest anyone found helping hide the child. But as the months passed, nothing changed. Griffin remained in jail, and her son, Jesse Moses Griffin-Sebuliba, remained missing. When Goulee released Griffin earlier this year, citing her fast-deteriorating health in jail, he did so with a warning. The child, he said, "will be found. And he will be found with someone, and that someone will be charged with a crime." Lern more about the crime against April Griffin, Tasered While Black, Beaten, and abused by the system.

    Let's talk about it tonight on the Political Slugfest, if you can handle the truth.

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    Feng Shui, Love & Money

    in Relationships

    In this show we have Eileen Kennedy, that will take you on a journey into the land of Feng Shui and we got to understand how it is related to love and money. This was a prerecorded interview with Eileen who has a background in furniture and interior design. Her furniture has been featured in various national and international publications including The New York Times.  She’s studied Chinese Metaphysics with The Mastery Academy in Malaysia and BaZi Master Paul Yan.  

    Classical Feng Shui addresses WHO your are, WHAT you want, WHEN you want it, and WHERE you’re located and contemporary design’s all about the your experience and interface with the world around you. Eileen can show you how to open doors to opportunity, love, health and money at the magnetic intersection of Classical Feng Shui and contemporary design. In this show you will even get a flavour of what it means to get a reading from her. Lern more about Eileen: http://www.kennedyfengshui.com