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  • 01:44

    LIVE from LepreCon, its the Hay Girls Show with Squiddog

    in Pop Culture

    FREE concert from Squiddog

    Cash Bar

    LIVE Radio Show with The Hay Girls at LepreCon 2014.

    FREE Raffle for all attendees.

    FREE ENTRY - No LepreCon membership required.

    and all the fun you can possibly muster.

    I can muster a LOT.

    See you there!

  • 01:24

    Escape the Grind: LepreCon Pre-con Show

    in Pop Culture

    We will be discussing convention going in Arizona and around the U.S. We will also have some of LepreCon 39's participants sharing their take on the upcoming convention and what they hope to accomplish by being an active member of this 39 year old local Science-fiction/Fantasy Conention.

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    LIVE from LepreCon 2014 - Panel on Podcasting

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    PJ Hultstrand will be broadcasting LIVE, doing her thing while on a panel on Podcasting. Doesn't get any stranger than this. You can actually listen to the show while it is being recorded at the convention. There will be two other podcasters and their shows all dueling for your listening ple-as-ure.


  • 01:09

    From the Mouths of LepreCon 39

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    We will be talking to 4 diverse authors and publishers from the roster of LepreCon 39, the signature Sci-fi/Fantasy Art and Literature Convention. We will be LIVE from LepreCon where we will be speaking with some new faces to our convention; JoAnna Senger, Gary B. Phillips, David B. Riley, Zachary Jernigan.
    Discussions will be covering the convention, their special works, and how they found their passions for writing and where they see the industry going in the future.

  • 01:19

    Wizards of the Coast Art Director Honored at LepreCon 39

    in Pop Culture

    We will be talking to Jon Schindehette who has been the Senior Creative Director for Dungeons & Dragons, with Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro since 2007. He will also be the ART INDUSTRY GUEST OF HONOR at LEPRECON 39 this year on May 9-12th.
    Jon has provided art direction, graphic design, and management of various art-related teams producing material used in products brought to market. He has received numerous awards for his work in publishing, gaming, and marketing. He has worked as an illustrator, potter, photographer, graphic designer, 3d modeler and animator, art director and creative director. He is dedicated to mentoring young artists, and growing the creative community. And yet finds time to enjoy Motorcycling and Blacksmithing.
    Jon was honored with the 2010 Chesley Award for Best Art Director. As well he was asked to serve on this years esteemed jury panel for the 2012 artist selection process as part of IlluXcon. And more recently His participation was requested in the jury for the upcoming Spectrum 19 art selection process.

  • 00:07

    Imagination of the Leprecon on The Teach Jim Show

    in Education

    In every ordinary person we find the extraordinary. In every extraordinary person we find the ordinary.
    Be careful what your kids will teach you.  Grandkids are prettygood teachers as well.  With St Patricks day approaching the magical challenge of capturing a Leprecon has made it onto The Teach Jim Show!
    Take on the challenge of using your imagination for a worthy task.  My grandkids took a few minutes to "Teach" Jim.  Maybe you will learn the important lessons from life as well.  Enjoy this short episode on creativity and imagination!
    "Teach" Jim and share your unique contribution that we may all learn a little more by learning from the lives we lead. Please request YOUR appearance on The Teach Jim Show, the place to teach, to learn, to grow by visiting teachjim.com

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    Smart Zombies and the Author who Writes them - T.M. Williams

    in Pop Culture

    We will be talking to Tina Williams today about her book launch party to be held at LepreCon, Saturday, May 10th at 8pm. We will also be talking about "WHY ZOMBIES" and why are they going from dumn zombies to scary smart zombies. Do both smell just as bad.


  • 01:44

    The Next Space & Pop Culture Show with Al & Jo

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    At the top of the hour, we will be looking at what is happening in Space News.  By space news, that's outer space news.  Who and what's going up and who and what's coming down; and even some things that may be coming down the pike.

    Then we will follow up with the Arizona Pop Culture News and Commentary: Everything about Conventions, Cosplayers, Gamers, Businesses, and Fans, about what's going on, and what's coming up.  We will be talking about gatherings and conventions, as well as news related to happenings around the state.

    Al (Donald Jacques) and Jo (PJ Hultstrand) will be our hosts for this unique spin on the news.

    Today, we will be featuring author and screenwriter, Michael D'Ambrosio as our guest to talk about LepreCon, the Batman screening last night, his take on the book and movie industry, and this thoughts about chucking IT ALL and settling Space.

  • 01:03

    Gail Carriger-New York Times Bestselling Author

    in Pop Culture

    New York Times Bestselling author Gail Carriger will be offering her quick wit and her years of writing experience. Gail will also be the Author Guest of Honor at LepreCon 2014 this May 8-11th.

    Gail escaped small town life and inadvertently acquired several degrees in Higher Learning. Gail's books are published in over a dozen different languages.

    The Parasol Protectorate books are:Soulless, Changeless, Blameless, Heartless, and Timeless. Soulless won the ALA's Alex Award and has been turned into a graphic novel.

  • 01:08

    Vinny Alascia, Author of Undead Heart eBook Anthology

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    Vincent A. Alascia is the author of: Undead Heart, In the Presence of Gods, and Xristos: Chosen of God, available as eBooks and in paperback, as well as works that have appeared in anthologies and online. Originally an East Coast native, he now makes his home in the Phoenix area with his wife and three attention grabbing felines. He is a librarian at the State Library of Arizona and an active member of the West Valley Writers' Workshop. You can catch up with him at http://www.vaalascia.com

    In addition to writing Vincent enjoys music, comics and video games He has played the guitar for over 25 years. His guitar collection features several electrics and acoustic guitars and his prize an Epiphone Lucille. Speaking of collections, his current and retro video game collection contains 15 systems and over 300 titles.

    Vinny will in the LepreCon dealers' room from May 8-11th, so come out and meet him in person.

  • 01:32

    Spooky Kid Wins CGC Best Zombie Sketch

    in Pop Culture

    Mickey Chaney Jr., also known as Spooky Kid, got his start in the comic industry during October 2011 when Marco Regalado of Pop Culture Paradise found him sketching while out in Tempe one day.

    In the three years that he's been working in comics Mickey has worked on a number of books including; "No Man's Land", the "Dead Diva's" series, "Hooded Cobra", and "Dark Light". While he's been involved in multiple titles he is best known for his portrait works.

    Apart from highschool art courses Mickey does not have any formal art education. Currently Mickey is working with fellow local artists Rob Hicks, Derrick Tipton and Ruben Rosas in Spiral Ink Comics, which produces the books "Hooded Cobra" and "Dark Light". 

    Mickey Chaney CGC Best of the Best Zombie Sketch

    If you have been scrolling online through Facebook fan pages or maybe heard the news at a local comic shop, then you may have heard Mickey Chaney has been crowned the Zombie King by the people of CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) in their Best of the Best Zombie sketch contest. You might be asking yourself after hearing this news what is the CGC Best of the Best Sketch competition and what does a win mean for the artist and owner of the comic? We will be talking to Michael Fett, the man behind the win, since he nominated the Spooky Kid for the award.