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    Author Leon Scott Baxter discusses SECRETS OF SAFETY-NET PARENTING

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Leon Scott Baxter to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his new book SECRETS OF SAFETY-NET PARENTING.

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    The Week In Reviews - Leon Alvardo

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    Much to the anticipation of prog fans worldwide, keyboardist/composer Leon Alvarado will be releasing his third album '2014, Music from an Expanded Universe' on October 30, 2014, the first under the Melodic Revolution Records banner. For this mini-LP, Leon enlists the guitar skills of Trey Gunn (King Crimson), the masterful drumming of Jerry Marotta (better known for his work with Peter Gabriel, as well as Orleans and later Hall and Oates) and the ambient music duo better known as “Cyber Zen Sound Engine.”


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    Join us as we give thanks for a new season of Old Dogs & New Tricks and discuss the season premiere of the show with Leon Acord!

    WEBSITE: http://www.olddogsnewtrickstheseries.com

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OldDogsTheSeries

    TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ODNTTheSeries



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    Leon Panetta and the 30 Year War

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    The most interesting news in former Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta’s memoir, “Worthy Fights,” concerns his disagreements with the Obama White House over Syria, Iraq and the budget crisis — disagreements that have been outlined in recent interviews and in testimony before Congress.In “Worthy Fights,” Mr. Panetta reminds us that two years ago, he — along with David H. Petraeus, then the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton — supported a plan to arm moderate Syrian rebels. New York Times

    Gov. Jindal explained how the chaotic world we live in today is largely a product of President Obama’s disbelief in American exceptionalism, and Obama’s decision to allow American hard power to fall into disrepair was the most dangerous mistake he made.at AEI


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    Holistic Business Building 101

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    Join me for my special guest, Camille Leon, Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce who shares her top tips, tools and techniques for navigating the jump from 100 members in 2 chapters to over 1,600 members with 70 chapters. She shares business-building solutions that also include ways to maintain health for more energy and better decision-making. 

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    Type 1 Radio Lounge NewsBong

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    Did you know Leon had cancer? No me either, you should have gone to Rick Simpson, Mr Briton.

    It must be getting crowded in Hell or Barbados.

    The show must go on as they say. so let us talk about Leon’s legacy.

    Join Eddy and the rest of the pack as we chew the bones of filthy BRITON


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    We Celebrate the Life and Times of Dr Martin Luther King Jr on The Batchelor Pad

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    Cleo Hill Jr, Men's Basketball Coach at Shaw University.Dr Kenyatta Cavil of The THG Agency(thg-agency.com) recaps the weekend in HBCU Hoops and talks about "THE DREAM" and Legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr as it relates to the Black Athlete.Dr Wilmer J Leon III, Syndicated Talk show Host on XM Sattelite Radio. Byron Thweet, Head Football Coach at Virginia State University.Plus our poll question: Should black people support the new hit show "Empire" even though it portrays blacks in a negative light? And we open up the phone lines for your questions comments and feedback.Join L.A. Batchelor and Tony TEE-MAC Mcclean for all the great discussions.


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    The Michael Dresser Show

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    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Dan Miller: Co-Founder & President of Fundrise, the leading real estate crowdfunding platform; http://www.Fundrise.com

    Dr. Ben Ambridge: Author of "Psy-Q: Test Yourself with More Than 80 Quizzes, Puzzles, and Experiments for Everyday Life," http://www.psy-qbook.com

    Joel Libava: Author of "Become a Franchise Owner! The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, and Owning What You Do," http://www.thefranchiseking.com

    Jerry Stumpf: Author of "Cracking the Marriage Code: Reach that 'ah-ha' moment in your life by discovering the key to your wife's heart," http://www.JerryStumpf.com

    Melissa Krivachek: Author of "BOLD! Helping You Unleash the Hero Within," http://www.briellaarion.com

    Leon Scott Baxter: Author of "Secrets of Safety - Net Parenting: Raising Happy and Successful Children - The Common Denominator," http://www.safetynetters.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Dr Wilmer J Leon III joins us on The Batchelor Pad show for Wednesday November 5

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    Dr Wilmer J Leon II, Syndicated Talk show host on XM Radio joins us to discuss the election results.


    Plus breaking news, scores, updates and "DIS N DAT WITH TEE-MAC" Tuesday evening rant!

    Join L.A. Batchelor and Tony TEE-MAC Mcclean for all the great discussions.

    Listen beginning at 6pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/la-batchlor or listen on your phone at 646-929-0130

    If you miss the show you can listen to the Podcast at www.thebatchelorpad.vpweb.com ortherealvigalantee.com


    1. The Pad/Cove show with Gary Norris Gray every Friday from 6pm to 8pm EST.

    All shows can be heard at:

    Follow us at padnation@facebook and pad4truth@twitter                           


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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 41

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    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the June 21-27, 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    Why Rommel and Dietl are the most popular Generals in Germany -- the Volkswagen and desert warfare;
    Scrutiny of the people's activities  by the security police and regulation by the federal ministries should follow the rule of less, rather than more;
    Problems with transportation of fruits and vegetable, and other items, must be dealt with;
    Importance of good, strong leadership in the Gaus and newly added territories;
    Hitler: Nothing more harmful to the organisation of a State than over-centralization and limitation of local power;
    Best method for electing heads of state, including that a son should never succeed his father;
     Hitler commends Leon Degrelle (even though he was a Royalist) and the  "Flamands", then speaks of the importance of road construction in Russia to begin immediately;
    The coalition between Great Britain and the United States, Russia and China requires a miracle to hold together.

    The edition of Hitler's Table Talk being used was translated by Norman Cameron and R.H. Stevens, published by Enigma Books, New York, and can be found as a pdf here.

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    EZ WAY BROADCASTING Luke Goss, Claudia Wells Back To The Future, Turbo, Egyptian

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    EZ TALK LIVE - Helps you connect to Hollywood!

    Brought to you by




    EZ WAY 411 - Eric Zuley is a 7 time award winner, congrassionally recognized and for his committee efforts and world wide awareness he had a award named after him from the MMPA and city and county of Los Angeles. Eric Z. has been a TV & Radio talk show host for over 7 years and currently is the founder of the WTV & EWB Network. EZ will be giving you all the updates and insight on how to connect with the stars.

    EZ WAY CARES - The Peace Fund Games celebrity paintball games for charity RECAP WEEK # 2...



    EZ TALK LIVE GUESTS: 10:35 am... Special guest Peace Fund Games Actor, writer, producer and director "Luke Goss" who has been working on his directorial début entitled "Your Move".  The film also stars Robert Davi, Patricia De Leon and Alain Mora.  "EZ" will be discussing with Luke Goss his experiences in the "PEACE FUND GAMES" Celebrity Paintball War Recap.  Also, we have as a Special guest Actor and director Gabriel Koura known for Suicide Party Short, Table for One and Murder in the First.


    Learn More

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