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    Rana George – The Essential Lenormand!

    in Spirituality

    The Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! show... Host Kooch Daniels chats with Rana George, over a kup of koffee, about the Lenormand deck, and her new book, The Essential Lenormand!


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    Ep 2: Lenormand with guest Jilly Hunter

    in Spirituality

    Join us Thursday Dec 11 2014 7PM Eastern (Dec 12 9am Japanese Time) for Divination Radio with your hosts, Fiona Benjamin (Chinese-American Diviner) and Houngan Michael Lennon (Cartomancer).

    This week we will be joined by Jilly Hunter, Lenormand extraordinaire! We will interview her for a portion of the show, followed by discussions on how to avoid some mistakes that new Lenormand readers make. Jilly will share some of her tips and tricks on easing the journey to reading Lenormand. Join us live to ask her questions in the chat room and call in live to join the queue to receive a free reading from the three of us! 

    Jilly Hunter is an empath and intuitive clairvoyant from NJ who has a feverish passion for divination in many forms. She began with Tarot (Thoth) a near decade ago and has continued to use it as a spiritual guide for its healing and transforming qualities. She frequently incorporates Lenormand, astrology, and numerology into her work, adding multilayered depth to her readings. Jilly takes satisfaction in helping clients recognize optimal solutions to their problems, as well as improve their sense of self-understanding and personal wisdom. A goal of hers is to create and publish an oracle or Tarot deck of her own one day. She loves anime, gothic lit, moon gazing, and blackberry merlot. You can keep up with her at Ohsanguinemoon on Tumblr for not so random occult musings.

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    Predictions! Tarot and Lenormand Card Readings!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to another LIVE broadcast from Positivile Intuitive! On this day, your host Liz Figueroa will be accepting calls and offering mini readings to the public.Just call the phone number, (347) 215-6898 during LIVE broadcast! During this show it will be more information about the Lenormand cards and the advantage to have readings through these cards. Don't miss it! 

    Call (347) 215-6898 Saturday March 29, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Until then, 

    Liz Figueroa ~ Positively Intuitive 



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    The Amethyst Oracle : Divination with a Queer Twist

    in Lifestyle

    with HiC Luttmers & Charlie Harrington
    TUE, 12 APR, 8.00p (pacific)

    L*I*V*E READINGS ... connect in from the show page or call 646.716.5510 to receive a reading L*I*V*E* on the air with HiC & Charlie during the show !


    The Amethyst Oracle is excited to welcome this month's guest, DONNALEIGH DE LAROSE. Join us as we gently step into the realm of grief, loss, heartbreak and some o the other more challenging life experiences ... and how things like Tarot, iChing, Astrology, etc. go beyond being just tools to become more like a supportive best friend, a light of comfort and hope in the darkest of times.

    Donnaleigh de LaRose is host of the award-winning educational tarot and Lenormand podcast, Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds. She's created over 250 free educational podcasts, which are still available to listeners today, as well as over 140 educational Cartomancy and oracle instructional YouTube videos, all also free.

    Donnaleigh has worked as a consultant to many who have created their own decks, and is currently working on a how-to book on Lenormand, to be published by U.S. Games. This October, 2016, Donnaleigh will be presenting again at the Northeastern Tarot Conclave in Pennsylvania, along with Rana George and legend, Rachel Pollack. Lenormand will be the topic at this year's 2016 conference.

    You can learn more about Donnaleigh at her website at http://Donnaleigh.com/

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    The Psychic Cow Radio Show - The Dondorf Lenormand Oracle

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to The Psychic Cow Radio Show, where callers can receive a Free Reading in the order the calls are received. Right now, the show is a 30-minute show, but you can be a Yearly Sponsor and not only make the show a 2-Hour Show, but snag some great advertising as well!

    Hosted by Rev. Christine Matthews - Spiritual Medium

    The Psychic Cow Website

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    Curious Times - Dorothy Holder, Lenormand Tarot

    in Spirituality

    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Dorothy Holder (aka energytherapies) is in the house tonight. We'll discuss the Lenormand Tarot Deck and then take some calls.
    Dorothy is a professional Clairvoyant supporting her clients with the skills of Clairvoyance, Energy Therapy, Life Support Strategies, Aura Diagnosis and Chakra Diagnosis.
    She holds a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy achieved at the NZ school of Hypnosis, to aid with phobias, addictions and behavioural changes.
    She helps her clients with questions about love, life, career and finances, and she provides future projections and strategies for success based on her understanding of the law of attraction or Thought Manifestation.
    You can expect Dorothy to provide Specific information with specific solution oriented advice. She has a compassionate non judgemental approach to your problems. Dorothy is known for her honest and direct communication, for providing quality information and down to earth interpretations on all levels, oh yes, and for her humour.
    Dorothy teaches spiritual development, Tarot, personal development and conducts hypnotherapy for phobias, anxiety confidence, weight loss and addictions. 
    All of Dorothy’s services are available online via chat, phone or web cam.
    To find out more about the private services Dorothy offers please visit her website:
    and while you are there check out the books she's written.

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    Under The Roses Lenormand

    in Paranormal

    Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill are the co-creators of Under the Roses Lenormand.
    They have worked hand-in-hand in manifesting the card deck. Kendra gives readings with both Lenormand and Tarot and commonly uses both in one sitting.
    As an intuitive cartomancer her readings are practical and she believes it is an opportunity for the querent to receive Divine advice. In addition, Kendra has a background in business. Katrina is a digital artist and has a degree in Computer Animation. She currently works as a graphic designer.
    Homepage:  http://undertheroseslenormand.com/
    Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/undertheroseslenormanddeck
    Kickstarter:  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/undertheroses/under-the-roses-lenormand/

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    Lenormand Celebrity Combos for Physical Descriptions

    in Education

    Okay....so you've listened to our podcasts on physical characteristics of people as seen through the Lenormand. NOW let's take it to the next level and start describing people with card combinations. Are you ready?
    Don't attempt to listen to this episode without first having heard the previuos ones on Lenormand Personality Descriptions:
    Those can be found here:
    1) Cards 1-11
    2) Cards 11-21
    3) Cards 22-33
    4) Cards 34-36
    Class is led by Lenormand expert Rana George. 
    This free class can also be found on iTunes in the Podcast section.

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    Intuition: Tarot and Lenormand Cards

    in Education

    Kendra Hurteau is an Intuitive Empath and a Professional Card Specialist of both Tarot and Lenormand. We will discuss Tarot and Lenormand, and how she applies intuition when doing readings.

  • 02:00

    Dec 16th 2015 - 10pm (PST) - Debi Tripp: Experiencer

    in Paranormal

    Debi Tripp spent more than 27 years in the alternative health field, and is currently a board certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques and other Energy Therapies, such as Reiki/Healing Touch, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Shamanic Practices, Cupping Therapy, and Aromatherapy.

    She offers Lenormand and Angel Card Reading sessions as a "law of attraction" tool, divining, and just plain fun, as her biography on her website states. (www.debitripp.com)

    She is also a legally ordained Unity-New Thought Minister specializing in celebrancy (the act of ceremony) and has officiated weddings in the Nashville area since 2004.

    On top of all of this, Debi is an Experiencer of the paranormal, UFO's and contact with extraordinary beings!  She is in the middle of completing her book "Happenings:  One ordinary woman's story about contact with extraordinary beings".

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    Lenormand Cards 11-21, Physical Descriptions of People

    in Education

    Welcome to the second in a Little Lenormand Lesson series to teach PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS of people as read through the Lenormand cards.
    This episode completes card 11, The Whip, and teaches through Card 21, The Mountain.
    How would the Lenormand cards describe YOUR personal look?
    This class is led by Lenormand expert Rana George, who can be found at www.RanaGeorge.com.