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    Be Positive with Shannon Marie ~ Don't be a Scrooge!!!

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    Please join Shannon Marie this Saturday night for a dose of Positive attitude, which is often a challenge for many. Let's turn things around and learn how to make lemonade out of all the "lemons" you have gotten in life!!!  Becky Stewart Hale is a special guest tonight who is talking about the subject of bullying at school and the workplace as well as on social media. We'll be rocking and rolling to the tunes of indie artist's Jimmy G and Nate Leslie.  Be sure and tune in!!!

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    We are Bowling!

    in Sports

    Tonight on the program, we start out our previews for the 2014-2015 season by talking with these three beat writers:

    Chris Murray from the Reno Gazette Journal who covers Nevada will come on and preview the New Orleans Bowl

    Bret Bloomquist from the El Paso Times who covers UTEP will come on and preview the New Mexico Bowl

    Josh Lemons from the Jackson Sun who covers Memphis will come on and preview the Miami Beach Bowl.

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    UGP Radio #318 Making Lemons When Life Gives You Lemonade

    in Politics Conservative

    UGP Radio #318 Making Lemons When Life Gives You Lemonade


    Tonight We will be discussing blessings and the meaning of the holidays...

    Also we will be talking about the most famous bike race in the world, the Tour De Fra or Tour of France… www.itsonlyabikerace.com


    Friday will be UGP’s Independence Day Spectacular! Don’t miss radio, as we take a look at the War of the Insurrection from the British perspective. We will also be covering some actions and statements from our Founder’s some may have never been exposed to…

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    Doing not Dreaming for Contentment and Happiness

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    Nina Lesowitz, co author of The Grateful Life:  The Secret to Happiness and the Science of Contentment will be sharing her inspiring work on grateful living to transform lives.  She defines; what gratitude is, how it can help in the workplace, what effects it can have on our health and why our true happiness depends on living a full life.  There is science in the practice of a grateful life as BJ shares stories, tips and documented studies on the topic.

    Are you constantly comparing what you have to others and lamenting on what you don't have?  Do you save giving thanks for the holidays?  Why should you be grateful if life has given you lemons or challenges that are far too big to overcome?  How can you see the good when the bad seems to be an every day event?  Can you tranform your outlook on life and be happy no matter what? 

    For more information, visit www.thegratefullifebook.com

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    Life Hand You a Lemon?, That's a Good Thing! Wednesday December 3

    in Health

    What do YOU do when Life hands you LEMONS?
    Listen and learn what you REALLY
    can do...The Power of the Lemon, one precious drop at a time


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    Natural Products for skin and body health!

    in Entrepreneur

    On todays show, Rosie & Jason are going to discuss the benefits of:  Activated Charcoal; Lemons; Carrot Seed hydrosols; pomegranates; black sea salt and black seed oil.

    People have been using activated charcoal for thousands of years. In World War I, activated charcoal was used in gas masks to prevent soldiers from being poisoned by chemical exposure, and it has been used to treat water (making it tasteless and odorless) since 1930.

    Until a few months ago, I really was not aware of the enormous benefits of activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon). However, I soon learned that this substance provides a number of amazing benefits.

    We are going to be accepting calls the last half hour of the show however we ask that your calls relate to the topics we are discussing today.  The call-in number is 1-714-888-7516

    The show will be hosted by Rosalea, Jason and Numa and is sponsered by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.blendedherbaltreasures.com

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the  Show or its host.*

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    Thanks-Giving it Your All - Carla Lynne Hall

    in Fun

    THANKS-GIVING IT YOUR ALL is the way to go. Be thankful for the opportunities,, the possibilities,the blessings, the miracles.  When things go your way, give it your all while you are in this upward cycle.  You already have the momentum. The Law of Attraction comes into play.  You attract more of what you want while you are already getting what you want.

    When you are in a downward cycle, you want to be thankful for the lessons and learn from them.  You want to figure out how to make lemonaide out of the lemons. Here, too - giving it your all will work wonders to turn things around and get into the much desired upwards spiral.

    Hear from Carla Lynne Hall who always gives it her all.  Carla will inspire you to play at 100% and play to win.  

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend.  Get a taste of Thanksgiving trivia, quotes, poems, riddles and jokes. 


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    Know Show-w/Rev. Mc -“Creating A Positive OUTCOME from, The Ferguson Experience"

    in Spirituality

    Know Show-Wed/11/26/14-w/Rev. Mc -“Creating A Positive OUTCOME from, The Ferguson Experience, In MY Neighborhood!”  7-8pm, CST.  

    Dear Friends & Family of The Know Show,

    Please join me, Know Show host, Rev. Robert J.V. McMillan, on Wednesday, November 19, 2014, from 7-8pm, C.S.T., as we discuss, “A Positive Outcome from The Ferguson Experience, In MY Neighborhood!”  Someone once said that when life throws lemons at you, that is the time to make lemonade!  We know that to be true, but it is sometimes challenging to find the right people willing to share their sugar and water to complete the lemonade, but in doing so we reach deep within our spiritual selves to find the courage to work together, sometimes in spite of our differences; and in doing so we become better collectively than individually, and so much better than ever before; and the world is better because of our individual and joint sacrifices.  

    Please join our panel of judges, lawyers, ministers, teachers, mothers and fathers, politicians, educators and academicians, as we discuss achieving a positive outcome from the Ferguson experience in our local communities.  We will discuss our strengths not our weaknesses and where we go from here, what challenges lie ahead of us but most of all how excited we are to make this world a better place for our children and our children’s children.  

    We thank you for your continued participation in THE KNOW SHOW weekly philosophical discussions and appreciate your suggestions for program improvement as well as guest that you would like to see on the program.  As your host I am always appreciative for your input and we listen to your request and constructive ideas.  Create A Great Day!

    Love, Peace and Joy!  Unspeakable Joy!
    Rev Mc

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    When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

    in Lifestyle

    Join us in a conversation with Teneyse Williams, co-founder of Dapper Dads Magazine in a conversation about small business ownership and entrepreneurship.

    Accordingly to NPR, although the national unemployment rate has fallen steadily in recent months, youth unemployment remains high, and the jobless rate is even higher among young minorities. For young people between the ages of 16 and 24, unemployment is more than twice the national rate, at 14.2 percent. For African-Americans, that rate jumps to 21.4 percent.

    Our conversation tonight will highlight a young entrepreneur as a way to inspire our youth to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option and to be optimistic about their future. We want to encourage them to embrace a can-do attitude in the face of high unemployment statistics, adversity or misfortune.  Also, we want to remind them that when life gives them lemons, which is a metaphor for bitterness and disappoint, that they have the potential to create an opportunity for themselves where they can turn those lemons into lemonade to make it sweeter and advantageous to them.  


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    The Marjorie Perry Show

    in Lifestyle

    The Marjorie Perry show is a busines and lifestyle show.  Ms. Perry, is the President and CEO of MZM Construction & Management Company, Inc.,she is an innovator, public speaker, writer and role model for women and minorities in business.  Using her extraordinary path to success and 26 years of business experience as inspiration, Perry motivates emerging entrepreneurs to develop and pursue their dreams.  Her success is the result of taking life's lemons and making lemonade. 

    Perry received her MBA from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and completed Leadership for the 21st Century at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She continually reinforces her learning’s via coursework at Rutgers - the State University of New Jersey, the Stevens Institute of Technology, New York University and NJIT. 

    As president and CEO, she has sustained a multi-million dollar bottom-line for the past 20 years. Perry is now a coveted inspirational speaker and writer, motivating people with the message that, “You too can do it!” She has shared her message about overcoming adversity with hundreds of people via numerous outlets including the NJ Governor's Conference for Women, the much-heralded Sobel & Co. Executive Women Breakfast Series, the Women's Fund of NJ, the National Association of Women Business Owners North Jersey/Central Jersey Chapter, Fox News, MSNBC and New Jersey Network’s television program NJ Caucus. 


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