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    The Return of Leland Dirks

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    Neither rain nor snow nor satillite challenges can stop Authors on the Air co-hosts Ann and Pam from bringing you our special friend and author, Leland Dirks.
    After a canceled program due to a long awaited thunderstorm in Colorado, we proudly bring to you our interview with Leland as we chat about his newest release: Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog and a gazillion other topics.
    Listen to Leland read a story from Mostly True - 15 Short Stories from a Border Collie and His Man.
    Enjoy the fun. If you are a dog lover - this is a conversation not to be missed.  

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    It's a Dog Day Afternoon. Meet Leland Dirks, Angelo & Maggie

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    Calling all Dog Lovers!  This is the program for you.  Meet Author Leland Dirks and his fur friends, Angelo and Maggie. Leland (and dogs) are the authors of:  Angelo's Journey, A Border Collie's Quest for Home, Maggie's Book of Wisdom, and Seven Dogs in Heaven.
    Not only a dog lover, but an interesting person, Leland built his own home off the grid in the mountains.  How cool is that!
    Join Ann White and Pam Stack, Co-Hosts as they engage Leland in a wide range of topics.  This is a call-in program - so dog lovers -- Mark your Calendars!!

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    Vincent Duncan Faces Off Against Sheila Jackson Lee

    in Elections

    Our guest tonight here on the "Know Thyself" Radio Show, Mr. Vincent Duncan is running against Sheila Jackson Lee as an Independent for the 18th Congressional District of the State of Texas. In 1979, This district was created March 4, 1919. Barbara Jordan was the first African American and African American woman to hold that seat. She held it from 1973 to 1979. Congressman Mickey Leland who was killed in a plane crash in Africa, became the first African American man to hold that seat from 1979 until his death in 1989.

    Craig Washington held that same seat from 1989 to 1995. The incumbent Sheila Jackson Lee took office in 1995 and she is presently the Congresswoman over the 18th district holding steady for almost 20 years. Vince Duncan says that it's time for change in the 18th Congressional District for the State of Texas. Join us tonight for this groundbreaking Interview!

    The second hour of the show is our "Zodiac Hour." Join us as Dr. Khailfani Rivers consult the stars on your behalf! Don't miss this as we bring this opportunity to you every first Sunday of each month!

    Learn more about future Congressman Vince Duncan by going to http://votevinceduncan2014.com 


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---FDR--undersecretary of the US Navy--How he dealt with homosexual activity and prostitution at the Newport Navy facility

    Algerian French Student studying at the U niveristy---he discovers the Islamic roots of homosexual marriage

    october 2rd--Births-Deaths- & Events relevant to US(a)  Clara Maas  US Army Nurse yellow fever guinea pig volunteer who died during the quest for a cure for yellow fever--General Gorgas and Walter Reed worked at the Panama Canal to cure the yellow fever disease

    Watergate--Hillary Clinton fired from the committee for fraud

    Summertime in Northern California--"If you'r coming to San Francisco "Don't Wear Flowers in your Hair ' WHY--part one!

    California politician Leland Yee--Chinese immigrant charged in a federal public corruption probe--New connection to a newcomer to California--Sonia Trauss--Philadelphia immigrant demanding affordable housing for her BARF political group


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    Pamela Loffredo~Psychic/Medium/Medical Intuitive/Reiki Master

    in Paranormal

    Pamela Loffredo is former York County Maine MUFON State Section Director and Field Investigator, appointed by Leland "Bud" Bechtel, (Maine MUFON State Dircetor) in 1992.   She has been a Research Specialist in the field of UFOlogy and Extraterrestrial Visitation for over 30 years, after a series of close encounter sightings in the Hudson Valley Region of New York State, during a UFO "wave" of activity in the early 1980's.  Pamela has come to discover that she has been a "Contactee" Experiencer since the age of 4. Sightings and Contacts continued in various manifestations, including a UFO fly over of her current residence on August 8th 2010, with a sighting of a space craft, with two other witnesses present.  Leaving the traditional Medical Profession in 1997 having served as a Physician's Assistant for over 17 years, Pamela is employed  as a Professional Psychic/Medium/Medical Intuitive/Healing Channel and Reiki Master Teacher at Leapin' Lizards Holistic Center in Portland, Maine.  Pamela is the host of radio show STARSEED CENTRAL, through Starborn Support Radio who  just won several awards in the field of Paranormal/Ufology, including best new radio show, for 2014!   She is on the air every other Sunday evening from 9:30-10:00 PM. Pamela has also recently appeared on local PBS Television with Host Gloria Nye of "Spirits, Mediums and Things that go Bump in the Night.  Pamela is currently working on her first publication, "Medicine" for a New Humanity.

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    Taylor's Detroit Sports Show - Tigers Edition - Sun., 8/10/14 5-5:30 PM EST

    in Baseball

    This week, I give a quick recap of the week that was against the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays following up on my Spreaker episodes of "Taylor's Detroit Sports" for the first time because I am on both BlogTalkRadio and Spreaker now.

    I still preview the week ahead against the Pittsburgh Pirates (in a home-and-home set) and the hungry Seattle Mariners because this is still a weekly show.

    After earning 9 saves in a row, Joe Nathan finally gets his 6th blown save, 1 more than Jose Valverde ever got in a single season in his career. Is it time for him to retire? Are he and Brad Ausmus not on the same page?

    More Tigers fans bash Kate Upton for Verlander's losses, even if they are one-run games.

    A quick check on Andy Dirks's rehab assignment

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    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Member, Roger Fisher, Founding Member of Heart

    in Music

    In 2013, Roger Fisher and the members of HEART were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    You can see Roger perform live at Moonfest, August 23,24,25 in Lake Leland, Wa, one of the hottest musical festivals of the summer! http://moonfest2014.com  

    Roger talks about his new musical projects as well as living and giving back to Seattle. Inside stories from the man at the heart.....of HEART http://www.rogerfisher.com

    Roger has been on NWP in the past talking about how HEART was formed, how he picked the name HEART, his love affair with Nancy Wilson, rock and roll stories from the road and last but not least, his induction into the historic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

    Born 2/14/50 in Seattle Washington, Roger Fisher rose to become a legendary guitarist and the founding member of HEART.  Heart rose to fame following the release of their debut album, Dreamboat Annie, in 1976.  Follow-up albums, Little Queen, Magazine and Dog and Butterfly also sold millions of albums.


    This show is sponsored in part by http://audibletrial.com/northwestprime1st book is Free! Click & see if audible books are right for you, 30 Day FREE trial


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    Bless You Boys Podcast 119: The streakiest bunch of streakers who ever streaked

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    This week Big Al and HookSlide ponder why the Detroit Tigers are so damned streaky, cover all things All-Star Game, decide Don Kelly will be the odd man out when Andy Dirks returns, reference Brandon Inge for the first time in a year, learn HookSlide is actually a gangster in witness protection and Al admits his man crush on Champ Summers.

    Bless You Boys Podcast 119 was recorded July 11, 2014, has a running time of 62 minutes, and features Al Beaton and HookSlide.


    I've seen streakers: Since June 16, the Tigers have winning streaks of seven, four, and three games. In the same stretch, Detroit has pair of three game losing streaks.
    All-Stat stuff: Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer and Victor Martinez make the All-Star team.
    Final Five: Rick Porcello falls short, finishing third in the Final Five vote. Brandon Inge in 2009 (Remember BranTorino?) remains the only Tiger to win the gimmicky Final Vote.
    All-star snubs: Ian Kinsler may be the most egregious All-Star snub of any player in baseball.
    Martinez injury: Victor will miss the remainder of the Royals series and it appears he'll be dropping out of the All-Star Game. Time to place Victor on the DL?
    Athletics trade fallout: Justin Verlander says, "They (the A's) made that trade because of us," then catches heat for telling the truth.
    Andy Dirks: The Neck finally starts a Single-A injury rehab assignment and should return by the end of the month.
    Outfield logjam: What happens when Dirks retruns? Do the Tigers go with a short bullpen? Make an outfielder available for trade? Or is the most likely scenario the same Don Kelly went through in 2012? (minus Jim Leyland's tears)
    Tom Veryzer dead at age 61: The much-too-young death of the Tigers' shortstop from 1975-77 sends Al on a trip down memory lane.

    All that, plus lots more!

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    The Secret History of Guns

    in Current Events

     Guns and Violence how do we stop it - part 2 :          The Secret History of Guns http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2011/09/the-secret-history-of-guns/8608/


    http://youtu.be/MYH3sOXAbuo Thanks To NRA, Gun Trafficking To Criminals Is Still Legal For Now


    http://youtu.be/sGU6QGReqWo Fast and Furious, Milwaukee Style_ ATF Operation Sold Illegal Firearms In Populated Neighborhood


    http://youtu.be/5yXqyWvFQnk PROHIBITION: Banks Launder Drug Cartel Money, Essential To Drug Business, Too Big to Indict 3/3



    * California State Sen. Leland Yee Indicted on Weapons Charges, Was Gun Control Crusader - ABC News http://abcn.ws/U3XD05




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