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    District of Columbia LEGALIZATION of MARIJUANA


    War on Marijuana Still has Hooks

    The regulation and taxation of marijuana sales in Washington, DC. TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION

    Washington, D.C. Voted to Legalize Recreational Marijuana



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    Legalization of Marijuana

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    What are your thought on legalization of Marijuana? This week we dig deep into this topic with The Urban Rap Legend Gangsta Pat came out of Memphis, TN & exploded in the music industry @ the age of 16. He established himself in the Memphis underground during the late 1980s. Gangsta Pat is also one of the first rap artists from the city to make the move from an indie label to a major label when signing to Atlantic records during the start of the Gangsta rap era. Gangsta Pat is known for his lyrics of smoking weed & hit song I'm A Gangsta he had major successes in the rap game with his peers MJG & 8Ball. He is still making music in a wide range of Genres. Medical Marijuana is legal in over 20 states in the U.S. & Colorado just approved the use of recreation. Washington is next to approve this. President Obama says it's "No More Dangerous Than Alcohol." Where are we headed? Tune in & call 917-889-8224.

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    Legalization of Marijuana

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    Hampton Roads Today is a new show that will deal with hard issues, current events and hot topics that impact the Hampton Roads, Virginia community, the nation and the global community. 

    In upcoming issues through 2013, mass communication students from Norfolk State Univerversity will be bringing you broadcasts on a host of subjects from the legalization of marijuana to the impact of rap music on today's youth. In today's episode, mass communication and journalism student Franklin Pierre will interview a panel, pro and con, on issues with the legalization of marijuana. Pierre will interview Dr. Carol Pretlow, professor of political science at Norfolk State University and Dr. Arthur Bowman, professor of anatomy also from Norfolk State University. Pretlow's area of expertise is international law and politics and Bowman's expertise is in how drugs and the environment impact the human body.

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    The F Word Ex: The Legalization of Marijuana

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    Last November, Washington and Colorado paved the trail for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Currently, 18 states and Washington DC allow for the legal use of medicinal marijuana. Are we moving towards a federal law that allows the legalization of recreational pot? Should pot be legal for recreational use or just medical use? What are the potential risks and benefits associated with legalization of marijuana? We'll examine the history of marijuana use in this country, discuss it's potential future and much more with musician/producer/activist Machete King! Be sure to share your thoughts and join the discussion!!

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    Skutty Radio Topic: Do You Agree With The Legalization Of Marijuana?

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    Our Guest for the night Conrad Moore (Producer out of Indianapolis, IN.)  & Bukz (Artist from Ra Ra Management)

    Our Skutty Radio Topic: Do You Agree With The Legalization Of Marijuana?

    Skutty Radio is 2 hours of fun, music,conversation, and networking for crowds 18+ We discuss various topics from entertainment to community issues.

    The Jamaican BOMB
    4 Avid music listeners with very different backgrounds come together to discuss entertainment industry and community within that industry. WARNING!!!!!!!!!Several opinions will be discussed some WILL BE TAKEN TOO FAR. THIS IS REAL 2 REAL ANYTHING GOES IF YOUR A CRY BABY DON'T CALL IN MATTER OF FACT CALL IN SO WE CAN TELL HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WHINING...................REMEMBER IT'S ALL IN GOOD FUN......................WE WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS AS LONG AS YOU REMEMBER "WE ALL SKUTTY"  
    Skutty Radio is show dedicated to all levels of the entertainment industry. It provides a marketable audience and network platform to CEOs, business owners, promoters, artists, producers,videographers,models and more. This is where networking happens. Up coming artists have a platform where they can interview, promote products and connect or network with people that can help and/or provide services to create a viable entertainment product.

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    The Legalization of Marijuana: Lunch with Louden 6/11/15

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    Special guest Steve Sarich, Executive Director, Cannabis Action Coalition will join us today.

    July 1, 2015 first day to legally use marijuana legally without a prescription in my home state of Oregon. The people used the ballot box to change the law. In a 69% voter turnout, legalization won 56.11% to 43.89%. In votes, that is 847,865 to 663,346.

    On the other hand, national figures like Chris Christie are all but declaring war on citizen sourced law that allows the use of marijuana. Governor Christie is not alone.

    Those with national and international concerns are quietly trying to deal with international treaty violations that would be easily solved if marijuana was no longer a Schedule I prohibited substance under federal law (although US Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department will allow Washington and Colorado to proceed unhindered).

    But the public rehtoric is about crime waves and declining moral values, claims that appear steadfast even in the face of the positive outcomes for legalization leaders Colorado and Washington (you on the east coast call it Washington State - we in the northwest call the nation’s capitol DC): tax income, reduced crime, even homicides and sexual assaults.

    So while we in Oregon see the clock is ticking down to THE BIG DAY, it appears that members of the anti legalization team are plotting to make this as difficult a transition of law as possible.

    We will ask Steve Sarich to give us the 411 on 420 on today's Lunch with Louden.

    Follow Lunch with Louden and Join the Coffee Party Movement on Facebook.


  • Getting the Feds Off Our Backs - The Amazing Story Of and Told by Lynette Shaw

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    Lynette Shaw has scored a major victory for all medical marijuana patients in her fight to keep her medical marijuana dispensary open and tells us all about it and how it affected her life on this special edition of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


    In 1997, Lynette opened the U.S.A.’s first legal licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Fairfax California. With the town’s blessings, she operated her medical marijuana dispensary with no problems until U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, as part of a 2011 federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in Northern California, obtained a federal injunction to close her dispensary.


    Never willing to back down she fought back and on October 19, 2015 she won a precedent setting ruling that has the potential to impact federal actions against medical marijuana laws throughout the country.


    The federal injunction was lifted by US District Court Judge Charles Breyer, the same judge that had imposed the injunction, citing that the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment to the Congressional Appropriations Act of 2014 prevented the expenditure of any money by the Dept. of Justice against medical marijuana dispensaries that are compliant with state and local law.


    Judge Breyer’s ruling is a major setback for the Department of Justice and has the potential to end federal prosecution of every medical marijuana dispensary that is operating legally everywhere in the United States.


    Lynette will talk about the ruling, the resulting storm of nationwide publicity, how it has affected her life and what her plans are now that she is free to go ahead and reopen her dispensary.

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    The Legalization of Marijuana

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    Marijuana, weed, chronic, dank, who hasn't smoked it? In recent years the argument for legalizing marijuana has grown more popular. Some say the war on marijuana is costing more than its worth. Many still argue that marijuana is the gateway drug. We will be taking a look at the economics, health issues and criminal aspect of marijuana. 

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    The Saga of the James - from quiet advocacy to national notoriety

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    Even with cannabis friendly Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Orange County is not a friendly county for medical marijuana. Bans, moratoriums and police actions seem to rule the day but fighting mightily for the rights of patients is Marla and David James. From early advocacy with OCNORML to national notoriety when arrested and insulted by cops at a dispensary in Santa Ana, the James will tell all on this revealing episode of Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense.


    The James are patients who understand the importance of the availability of marijuana for their health and the health of others and they are willing to work for it. Although not exactly working in the background, their hard and successful work had gained little attention outside Orange County circles until they were arrested by police at a Santa Ana dispensary.


    Unbeknownst to the cops, they were videotaped by a secret surveillance system and the video of them during the raid eating marijuana brownies and talking about how they would like to kick Marla James’ amputated leg went viral resulting in stories from the L.A. Tmes to the Washington Times.  Arrested with 11 other patients and volunteers, the James provide insider details on what happened that fateful day and how the whole incident has backfired on the cops and the city of Santa Ana.

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    Legalization of marijuana

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    legalization of marijuana
    My old hosted shows link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aja

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    Smoke Rules Radio (8)

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    County by County State by State Country by Country Cannabis

    Tonight Experts From Jack Herer: Hemp For Victory - Help Eliminate Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.)

    Tonights Rough List of Tonights News Articles

    (*)Constitutionality of California’s New Medical Marijuana Law Challenged in Court
    (*)Open Season After Judge Rules DEA Out of California Cannabis
    (*)7 pot fears dispelled in visit to Colorado
    (*)Cannabis On Native American Lands: Lessons From the Pit River Raid
    (*)Paraguay next to legalise marijuana says president of congress
    (*)Paraguay: marijuana farmers protest burning of their pot
    (*)Mexican senior official rejects legalization of marijuana for recreational use
    (*)Italy Takes First Step Towards Legalizing Marijuana!
    (*)Italy Cannabis legalization coming soon