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    Legacies: A Guide for Young Black Women in Planning Their Future

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people thank you for your prayers and support. I am truly blessed by your response and emails every week. My guest tonight are two amazing women named Constance F. Gipson and Dr. Hazel Mahone both have always been fascinated by the creativity, innovation and accomplishments of their black ancestors. 

    Over ten years in the making, their book Legacies: A Guide for Young Black Women in Planning Their Future contains an amazing array of stories about African Queens in history along with the life stories and accomplishments of dozens of successful black women. Each page reveals the stories, the challenges, and the strength and courage that comprises the remarkable heritage Included are the life stories, experiences and advice of international lawyers, money managers, astronauts, doctors, ministers, police officers, scientists and more.

    “Throughout the ages, black women have used their ingenuity, their beauty, and their negotiation skills to raise armies, create inventions, and lead countries in war and peace throughout the ages. They have taken part in every sector of society--from the farm to the city, from the home, and to the offices of the world’s leaders.As we celebrate Black History Month come learn about the research by these amazing women. I will also be featuring there book and Art work in my magazine for February. Be blessed and Remember God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    Part Two of Legacies A Guide for young black women planning their futures

    in Christianity

    Greetings to all God's people for your continue support of the ministry just know we are praying for you.A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of having two amazing women to the platform Constance Gipson and Dr.Hazel Mahone we discussed the heritage of African American women who has made an impact in our world which most history books leave out.The book is entitled "Legacies A Guide for young black womnen planning their futures." Please join us as we dig a little deeper into our history and culture. We look forward to sharing the platform with you.Remember Always God loves you with an Everlasting Love.

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    2-18-15 Building Legacies

    in Business

    Legacy is an important consideration when it comes to exit planning. Most business owners would like to see things continue after they are no longer a part of the organization. Today we will hear how planning can go a long way to making that happen as well as an option to sell your business to your employees as an alternative strategy.  We will also hear how a community builds a legacy through taking care of its main street and bringing people in to enjoy that legacy. 

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    Beyond the Airwaves Episode 97 -- Legacies Marred Forever

    in Entertainment

    This is Beyond the Airwaves: The Infinity Project, where we go beyond the mainstream media and tackle issues that don't seem so important to the major networks.

    With the recent developments of actor Stephen Collins and his alleged confession to child molestation, we'll look at other famous people who had their well-known legacies forever marred by scandal, such as singer Whitney Houston and legendary college football coach Joe Paterno. We'll discuss how hard it is to remember their accomplishments before scandal destroyed their reputations. 

    Ikari Chaos-San is the founder and creator. Shirley is truly the Oddball Extreme. Janet is our resident Arizona Magician. Tim is the Tokusatsu Master. Heather is Queen Kitty Serenity. MikeBoyens is our video game wizard. We'll also have guest appearances by our friends from the MAD HOUSE, so come and listen in!

    Visit our official website at http://beyondtheairwaves.weebly.com and don't forget to join in the conversation on the forums located on our official website. We want you guys and gals, the fans, to tell us what's on your mind and what you feel is important to cover, so let us know what you want to hear.

    **All sound effects are protected under fair use provisions and are NOT intended to create any copyright infringement.**

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    Creating Legacies Dreams, Strategies & Network

    in Business

    Creating Legacies A Lunch Time Bible Study For Movers And Shakers
    Dreams, Strategies & Networking

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    A Memorial Before Memorial Day .... A Moment In Time. "Remembering The Veterans"

    in Military

    As we come upon the eve of another day of rememberance....

    The LIVE CREW pays tribute and homage to the fallen, but not forgotten. A look back on those who have made immeasurable achievements in the time served, who have left benchmark legacies, who have battled, saved lives and... fought.

    To those....fallen.

    But not forgotten.

    For the courage, patriotism, honor and sacrifice has been too large to ever be forgotten.

    WAR ... is the ugly side of humanity's struggle for it's freedoms and independence. Tonight we will try to share and remember the highlights of those who have served, and stand in peaceful homage those soldiers lost.

    Let's Get LATE, LATE, Night LIVE....

    After Dark!

    Tonight's Panel: LIVE Host Diamond Ryan And LIVE Host & Veteran Betty Lewis


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    What Cops Watch

    in Film

    The May 21, 2015, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Captain Chris DiGiuseppi, Saint Louis Lake Police Department, and Mike Wilkerson, the creators of the podcast What Cops Watch.

    About the Guests

    What Cops Watch is a podcast that provides reviews and a law enforcement perspective on popular film and television.

    Chris DiGiuseppi is an award winning and local bestselling author from his first novel, The Light Bringer and has been traditionally published five times.  Chris has over 20 years in Law Enforcement at various levels up to and including Assistant Chief of Police. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and Northwestern University School of Police Staff Command. He is trained in various aspects of Law Enforcement and holds degrees in Human Resources and Business Administration.  Chris lives with his wife and children in Missouri.

    Mike Wilkerson has been creating podcast content for over a decade. In that time, he has provided the capture, edit, and promotion for all manner of skill sets, perspectives and more that inform, education and create legacies. After creating one of the most prolific podcast networks online, Mike continues to look for people with unique perspectives to share their stories with audiences that number more than 4 million annually. Mike, originally from the great white north of Wisconsin, now resides in St. Louis Missouri where he and his family enjoy Cardinal baseball, toasted ravioli, and all things cinematic.

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    Tonight:Sat May 16, 2015 on "NU Day"  

    Paying Tribute To Our Ancestors and Making Certain (Committing to) the Continuation their Great Work and Legacies

    Tonight Our Focuses and Topics Include:    

    Human Rights and Bro. Malcolm: Salute and Tribute to Our Shining Black Prince
    The Bullit or the Bullit
    Black & off white: WhyPeople Think it's Not About Race
    Updates on Mumia Abu Jamal and the 30th year of the MOVE 30
    Updates on Baltimore 
    AND: The Georgia principal said WHAT?

    Joining us on the "LIVE LINE" Bro Clifford Kareem Muhammad who was the long time Secretary for Malcolm X (El Hajji Malik El Shabazz)

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    FCG NFL scandals, Isis are they here? and Legacies, why should they matter?

    in Politics

    Today Dave and Rick are back at it and all over the map as usual, from the NFL scandals to the growing threat from ISILor ISIS  and then just to round things out they focus on Legacies and why everyone and they do mean everyone seems to be obsessed with them, but do they really matter or should they even?

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    Careless Whispers Inflates Your Ego at 9 PM EST

    in Sports

    Tonight on Careless Whispers, Matt Rury and Calvin Chamberlain will tell knock-knock jokes for 90 minutes straight.  That is the only way to avoid the discussion about air pressure in professionally used footballs!

    Of course, we kid - The New England Patriots and Tom Brady are cheaters!  Legacies will be destroyed!  Egos will be smashed!  Takes will be HOT!!  All tonight on the best damn sports podcast you've never heard.

    Bill Simmons may be leaving ESPN for something he said, but CLNS Radio would never part ways with these two attention grabbers!  Call the guys at 347-215-7771 to give them your take on the NBA Playoffs or the latest sports craze that has hit your town.

    Follow Rury on Twitter @TeamGreenTruth and the show on Facebook here.  Also follow @CLNSRadio and @peakbrewing.

    This podcast is brought you to by Lynda.com where you can get a 10 day free trial today!

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    Which is?  SERVANTS ..  (LET'S TALK ABOUT IT ...... CALL # (347) 308 - 8131  /


    GLEN FORD - http://www.blackagendareport.com/

    DR GREG CARR - https://youtu.be/RAHQKlW8abc


    Pt 1 of 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkgdF2VkfXs  /

    Pt 2 of 2 -  https://youtu.be/_V9j11bCI_4



    U.S. Government . . . of kings, dynasties, dictators and legacies


    "There are three principal means of acquiring knowledge... observation of nature, reflection, and experimentation. Observation collects facts; reflection combines them; experimentation verifies the result of that combination."
    Denis Diderot