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    America: Cockroaches, Fleas and Leeches

    in Politics Conservative

    Cockroaches is  the Government

    Cockroaches are insects of which about 30 species out of 4,600l are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests.

    Among the best-known pest species are the American cockroach,  the German cockroach, the Asian cockroach,  Tropical cockroaches

    Cockroaches live in a wide range of environments around the world. Pest species adapt readily to a variety of environments, but prefer warm conditions found within buildings. Many tropical species prefer even warmer environments and do not fare well in the average household.

    Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal[10] and will run away when exposed to light. A peculiar exception is the Asian cockroach, which is attracted to light.

    Fleas are the programs

    They are wingless, with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. Fleas are external parasites, living by hematophagy off the blood..

    Going through the four life cycle stages of egg, larva, pupa, and imago (adult). Adult fleas must feed on blood before they can become capable of reproduction

     Leeches are bankers 

    leeches are small parasitic, Not all leeches are bloodsuckers. Many are predators which eat earthworms,

    The Amazon leech uses a different method of sucking blood. It inserts a long proboscis into the victim, as opposed to biting.

     8.      The bite of a leech is painless, due to its own anaesthetic.

     9.      The Hirudo leech injects an anti-coagulant serum into the victim to prevent the blood clotting

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    Fresh Manna: Separate Yourself from People who can Hinder Your Blessings!

    in Religion


    Today’s Topic: Separate Yourself from People who can Hinder your Blessings it’s not their time, it’s Yours

    Sub Topic: Pluck off all of the leeches

    Discussion: Because of our compassion, loyalty and love that we have for our families and friends, we often find ourselves being over-whelmed with their problems, drama and crisis!  Rather than removing ourselves so that our adult children can mature and grow from life’s experiences, parents try to shield, protect and nurture them as if they were still our babies!  God is saying, “It’s your time in life now, to be blessed and for me to make your name great and give you the desires of your heart!”

    Scripture Text: (Genesis 12:1)  And Jehovah said to Abram, Go out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father's house into a land that I will show you.

    You can follow Apostle Loretta Williams on Face Book, Google + visit the Oasis World Wide News Publication Website to learn more about her ministry at www.oasisnewspublication.com

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    Bugs as Medicine

    in Health

    Roaches, scorpions, and wasps...Oh, My!  Bugs have been a source of herbal medicine for thousands of years.  But, they are also a source of delicious chow found in restaurants and street markets around the world.  So, let's clear some internal phelgm and invigorate stagnant blood with a few crawling friends.

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    What About Your Friends (Encore)

    in Entertainment

    Friendship is SO overrated these days. With this generation you can barely trust your family let alone the people you call your friends. Loyalty, honesty, and respect seem to fall too far behind pride, greed, and jealousy. With all the being M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO host Anah Mae wants to know "where is the love"? As we approach another year on this planet things don't get easier the challenges actually increase. Listen in as host Anah Mae gives beneficial advice on how to better your life and friendships in the year 2014 and beyond...


    Follow host Anah Mae on Instagam and Twitter


    ALL INDIE, UNDERGROUND, & LOCAL ARTISTS can submit their music to TheCaramelFoxx@Gmail.com to be played during the broadcast.

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    Mostly expressing my concern for working with people ARTIST PRODUCERS Who is in the same Industry and league of thier own LOCAL market of how collaborating helps or Destructs friendships after some one falls out with another individual or label mostly how can you keep it business and not personal. Especial if they brought physical harm or verbal abuse to your name label or work

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    Straight Outta Camden Radio Show 4.1start @ 7

    in Comedy

    Today we will be talking about: The P.O.W.E.R of the Liquor. A drunk mind speaks a sober tongue.What is the approiate age to consider yourself a real man or woman? I think it has to do with your experiences and maturity.Gold diggers? Leeches? whats the difference? Marriage? Do you think its neccessary to get married. Dreams? Can you make it into reality

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    The Owner's Manual for the Human Body: A PROPER TRAVEL FIRST AID KIT!

    in Education


    is presented by:

    India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres, Cary Ellis, Dave Stewart, Clive De Carle, Paul Exall & Tony Kilvert, PANELISTS!



    What to do about:

    sun exposure, relief, protection
    heart attack
    poison plants
    immune boosters
    bug bites/reactions
    spiders/snakes/venomous creatures
    heat stroke
    bleeding/wound care
    lip balm
    water disinfecting

    Darko Velcek: http://darkovelcek.wordpress.com/

    Jeremy Ayres: http://www.thenaturalhealthservice.com/

    Tony Kilvert's Essential Oils: http://nativenutriments.com/

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    Chapter 19: "Black" Business Ideas For The Coming Time of Separation

    in Self Help

    At some time current society as we know it will cease. We will have to separate from the other nations because more of the truth will become clear: WE HAVE NO FRIENDS.

    Civil unrest, racewar, starvation will come. Those who live by the ways of old & are hard working, smart & seek a sense of community will survive. Those who are users, leeches, lazy, treacherous & emotionally underdeveloped will not.


    Here are a list of Business and "Busy" ideas for the Israelites who intend to be strong with something to bring to the table in that day. Many are in the spirit to form communities now. You can do your part by being responsible enough to gain skills in any of these feilds NOW so you have a "bartering chip" later:

    Candle Makers
    Soap Makers
    Tailors / Seamstresses
    Clothing Designers (Modest wear & nightwear)
    HVAC (heating, ventilation, Air Conditioning)
    IT specialists
    Farmer's Markets (organically grown foods)
    Home Schoolers
    Auto Mechanics
    Structural Engineers
    Midwives / Doulas
    Loom weavers
    Haulers / transport
    Physical therapists
    First aid care
    Hospice / Funeral (according to the law & ancient customs)
    Brick & Cob Makers / Bricklayers
    Cement masons
    Stone masons
    Sanitation workers
    Electricians (solar / wind energy)
    Coopers (makers of barrels, butter churns, etc)
    Pottery makers
    Cattle farmers
    Butters (bodycare) & oil makers

    1- DBA (from your county clerk)
    2- Start Selling
    3- Report income from this DBA on your Schedule C during tax prep


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    Hosting Debbie Valdez (GRADE) & Ione McGinty: Losing $50 million to the State

    in Legal

    Join Candice and Debbie Valdez as we host Ione McGinty to discuss an extreme example of Guardianship run riot, Pat Davis.oss of $50 million courtesy of the Texas Guardianship Program from 1984-2014. Davis settled a catastrophic injury case with General Motors in 1984, receiving $50 million to . Davis never even fathomed how the money would make him a prime target for exploitation by the State, until he was deemed an incapacitated ward of the State, stripped of his rights, and assigned a permanent guardian over his person and estate. As inconceivable as this may seem, his $50 million estate has been leveled to almost zero by the blood-sucking leeches appointed by the Court for "his protection and welfare." Welfare is certainly where they've placed him, but not at all what the Legislature had in mind when it created the guardianship system. This is a must hear program! Wow, the President of the Republican Party in Texas faked the medical professionals and lied, saying they adopted him. Yeah, they did. Well, he's in guardianship by Doehne's son, Mark Doehne, a guy without much of a future until this brilliant idea. Pat's family was not notified, but they were very much estranged. Can we say theft and exploitation? His gracious guardian placed him at an ICFMR (for mentally retarded, developmentally disabled and he's not). He gets nothing. Not even visitors.

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    Dragon's Lair: Interview with Leeches In My Blood

    in Music

    WildWagon will Interviewing the band Leeches In My Blood all they way from the country Hungary one Hottest Unsigned bands out there also be playing couple there wicked songs. Come Join the Fun this will be a Blast.

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    Drunks, Crackheads & Leeches - Thanksgiving Family Drama!

    in Entertainment

    It's that time of the year again people!
    It's time to celebrate and give thanks for all that we've been blessed with as we made it through another year of sacrifice, hard work and occasional discomfort to reach our goals or just plain old staying afloat!
    But with the holidays comes another unexpected and unplanned occurence in the form of our ongoing family drama!
    If the truth be told we ALL have those unwanted visits from those who just can't seem to get their act together yet always know that can magically appear to "drop in" on you because they know that they will always have a captive audience from which to perform their yearly crap!
    Drunk uncles, freeloading cousins, crackhead sisters and evil gossiping in-laws always add spice to that ever elusive Thanksgiving celebration that always seems to be out of reach because of the peace that never seems to be in your grasp.
    This year let us plan to take another huge serving of that almost guaranteed happening that comes just as soon as the turkey comes out of the oven!
    Tonight on the LanceScurv show you don't have to grin and bear it, just listen in or call with your tales of drama and let us all have the last laugh and ease up our stresses from the realization that we are not in this dilemma all alone!
    This my familt PROMISES to be one very funny and enlightening show!
    See you there tonight!