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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Living Our Legacy

    in Women

    Have you thought about what you will leave behind?  It's not about the money, the inheritance for our kids or the material things, it's more about what we've created, the relationships and meaningful memories with loved ones, and maybe a shifting of perceptions by modeling a truth or vision.

    I'm diving deeply into not only what I want to leave behind after I'm gone, but more of the how to live from this place now.  No more pretending to be what I am not.  More of being all of me.  Being who I want to be remembered as, living with integrity and truth and passion. 

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Authenticity, What is it?

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    Authenticity and "Being Authentic" are hot topics these days.  And, thanks in part to Dr. Brene Brown, we are beginning to not only define it, but talk about, experience it and notice it more and more.  In her words:

    "What is authenticity? We may not know how to define it, but we certainly know it when we see it. In fact, when we are in the presence of an authentic person, many of us can even feel it in our bones. We gravitate toward people whom we perceive as honest, real and sincere. We love women who radiate warmth and that “down to earth” feeling. We gather around the people who can “tell it like it is” and laugh at themselves in the process.

    Authenticity is something we revere in others and strive to maintain in our own lives. We don’t feel good about half-truths, disingenuous connection and fearful silence. We all want to have a clear sense of who we are and what we believe and to feel confident enough to share that with others. I’ve always liked the saying “We want to feel comfortable in our own skin.”

    And, as Women who are Leaders and wanting to create a bigger impact, be more successful, and make more money we are struggling with a narrow and confusing list of expectations.  How can we navigate these?  Tune in, let's discuss online and off...this is a deep subject!

    If learning more about being and Authentic Leader or becoming one, let's talk! 



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    MISTY - Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga

    in Health

    Helene (pronounced Heleen) Couvrette, is founder of H~OM Yoga Center/School, co-founder MISTY , contributor of inspirational articles in a local paper and mother of 4 awesome kids.

    Heleen began her journey in 1999. Her passion for yoga inspired her to share yoga with a few friends in the basement of one of whom eventually lost her battle with cancer. Heleen soon realized her love of yoga could only be surpassed by the desire to share it and the joy of seeing others benefit from it on many levels.

    In 2002 just after delivering a stillborn boy Heleen embarked on a 200hr YTT Certification Course. During 2003-2004 Heleen continued the course, began teaching yoga at the St. Lazare Community Center and best of all, gave birth to a wonderful baby girl!

    * Starting Fall 2015 Heleen will also be leading an therapeutic advanced 300hr YTT.

    H~OM Yoga Wellness Center opened its doors July 2007. Since then Heleen has been committed to providing the community with a place to find peace and healing of mind, body and spirit for souls of all ages and abilities. The response has been overwhelmingly supportive, demonstrating a common need for all to “breathe in” a space that has the energy of a warm family hearth.

    Heleen has over 4000 hours of teaching since 2004, her continued education over the years includes workshops with wonderful mentors such as Dharma Mittra, Bo Forbes, Susie Hately Ray Long, Rod Stryker, Kelly Mcgonigal, Gary Kraftsow, Leslie Kaminoff, Neil Pearson, Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, Leeann Carey, Yogi Vishvketu, Mark Whitwell among others.

    In Sept 2010, H~OM Yoga Wellness Center became a Registered Yoga School and Heleen taught her introductory 200hr YTT Program. Heleen continues to teach regular yoga classes with a therapeutic approach, offers Private Yoga Therapy and mentors a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training.

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Integration and Initiation

    in Women

    Join us as I speek more deeply about the constant growth and integration of our new awarenesses, healing, releasing and Be-Coming.  It's a deep dive into our collecting of our Self on a multi-level, sensory and spiritual journey...

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Soul-Sucking Sales or Sacred Sharing?

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    And, there began my fear of looking like that out-of-integrity, slimy and sick-to-my-stomach feeling about being "sold to."  Or, being manipulated.  It's there when we date, network and listen to advertisements on the radio, YouTube or TV.  Billboards and even slick papered junk mail show up all vying with our more and more limited attention span.  How do we, as Women who are changing the world, sharing our vision, our brand, our organization's mission or our services, sell and expand our business or bottom-lines?  Let's talk! 

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Lost and Found

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    At the end of a very intensive Business and  Personal Leadership Mastery with beautiful ambitious participants and I'm now looking forward to seeing where all of this new and revised knowledge will land once I get home.  What’s new?  What’s no longer needed?  What have I lost and gained from this experience?

    It's Wednesday, and I'm due to connect with you, yet I'm running on adrenaline and needing to follow my own wisdom.  

    The morning hike today up into the foothills in Golden, Colorado was breathtaking, literally and figuratively!   Yet, it took e a while to enjoy it as I was walking fast, looking down at the path so I wouldn't slip on ice/snow and I was annoyed.  My new pair of gloves, bought just weeks ago, now was missing the left hand.  AARGH!  Not the way to start my busy day, retracing my steps and calling the places I'd been over the past 5 days.  Whole Foods hadn't seen it.  The hotel checked their lost and found, 2 other gloves, neither mine.

    Yet, I breathed deeply, partly because of the thin air due to the elevation, and partly to calm myself. I found my center, felt the Mother Earth magnetic pull holding me and realized that the morning's agenda of packing, eating, showering and dressing, checking out, as well as prepping for my time on stage, was a bit ambitious of a plan.  And, I got the clear message, that this is not anyone else's stress, the day will go just fine, and to be in this moment.  What a gift!

    Listen in for this brief message and let's talk soon if you are ready to learn some quick tips and tricks to regain your center, composure, confidence and connection to Self.  I promise I wont' waste your precious time and that there will be at least one FREE resource you can put to use immediately!  


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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Burning Away for Clarity

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    It's been a wild ride, this ending of 2015 and inaugural week of 2016, hasn't it?  I've had the intention of having a "burning party" or Fire Ceremony since Christmas Day's full moon.  Yet, the rain, cold, schedule or Life, got in the way of it happening.  So, the intention has a life of it's own, and I had a fire in the corner of my kitchen yesterday!  Listen in as I share how powerful our intentions are and the importance of letting go so new can come in!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Right/Wrong, Good/Bad

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    Today, once again while in a deep conversation with a soul sister,  I realized how often I compare my brilliant, beautiful Self, with others who are just on their path...NOT my path.  Why do we compare and contrast when we KNOW it's gonna feel yucky?  I realized it was a younger, hurt part of mySelf, who still needs me to honor and love her before she becomes quiet. 

    Join me as we take a deep dive into bits of my journey and maybe it will highlight your own, save you some steps and give you some guidance as well!



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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ In Flow or Flooding?

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    Here in St. Louis, the Meramec River is due to crest shortly, the levees barely holding, major highways and communities are already under water.and the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers will exceed historic levels sometime tomorrow.  Our region is scrambling for volunteers, sandbaggers and levee builders, hoping to contain or control these raging waters. 

    As I tend to do, I am finding the metaphors of this historical flooding to be showing up in our lives.  So much, too much of anything is destructive, yet not enough is also not sustainable.  Where are we in flow?  Or flooding?  Or not able to sustain ourSelf?

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Conference Do's & Don'ts

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    We all attend these events, whether they are professional, networking, community related or for education or philanthropy purposes.  What are some simple ways you can stand out in the crowd?  Even for an introvert, these techniques and practices will build your confidence and help you radiate the grounded, trustworthy and collected air of someone people are drawn to meet and engage with!

  • Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ No More Apologizing!

    in Women

    It's time to stop apologizing.  To eliminate the words "I'm sorry" from our vocabulary.    Really!

    We, as women, are being viewed as less-than-powerful leaders and managers by a combination of using this simple phrase and a tendency to shrink in our presence...both are not true of who we are and work against us as we create our great work in the world. 

    Let's talk about what this phrase really means, why we use it and how we can begin to allow an awareness of this pattern help us reframe it in conversations.  At home, at work, at the PTO meeting, and with friends.