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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Right/Wrong, Good/Bad

    in Women

    Today, once again while in a deep conversation with a soul sister,  I realized how often I compare my brilliant, beautiful Self, with others who are just on their path...NOT my path.  Why do we compare and contrast when we KNOW it's gonna feel yucky?  I realized it was a younger, hurt part of mySelf, who still needs me to honor and love her before she becomes quiet. 

    Join me as we take a deep dive into bits of my journey and maybe it will highlight your own, save you some steps and give you some guidance as well!



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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Conference Do's & Don'ts

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    We all attend these events, whether they are professional, networking, community related or for education or philanthropy purposes.  What are some simple ways you can stand out in the crowd?  Even for an introvert, these techniques and practices will build your confidence and help you radiate the grounded, trustworthy and collected air of someone people are drawn to meet and engage with!

  • Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ No More Apologizing!

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    It's time to stop apologizing.  To eliminate the words "I'm sorry" from our vocabulary.    Really!

    We, as women, are being viewed as less-than-powerful leaders and managers by a combination of using this simple phrase and a tendency to shrink in our presence...both are not true of who we are and work against us as we create our great work in the world. 

    Let's talk about what this phrase really means, why we use it and how we can begin to allow an awareness of this pattern help us reframe it in conversations.  At home, at work, at the PTO meeting, and with friends.  


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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Is It Possible to Be TOO Spiritual?

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    Life is meant to be lived, out loud!  We are designed to FEEL too much (as in heart-break) and to experience pain.  If we didn't know that end of the spectrum, it would be a narrow life indeed.  I believe the full spectrum of Life includes it all....Joy and Pain, Love and Anger, Deepness of Sorrow and the Highs of Bliss.  Join me as we stop pretending to be SO spiritual that we are above the full spectrum of Life.  Thereby, cutting ourselves short of the true physical sentient and sensual selves we are designed to be.

    Have a question for me?  Call in during the broadcast~ or send me a tweet or FB message if it's after the show.

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Procrastination

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    Can't you see I'm busy procrastinating?  I've struggled with how to even word this, since I really dislike talking about it.  So, here goes.  This week's show I'll talk about the procrastinating we do and some simple habits to over-ride our system and Get.Results.In.Our.Life!  These same results that maybe scare us, or excite us or that we desperately YEARN for.  With me?  Join in, or download for when you are needing something else to do to Procrastinate or put off your dreams. Ha...laughing with you here!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ Falling Forward into Fall

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    Being a Feminine and Powerful Leader doesn't mean we don't take action, create change and have a big impact...look at Mother Nature for a wonderful example of the Feminine Power in action!  Yet, we either work too hard trying to be seen and heard and valued, OR are our own worst enemies when we fall short of our goals or fail.  Let's change that, OK?

    At the gym today, the trainer explained that it's time to pace myself, to use my strength in the 2nd half of the set, so I can finish strong.  I don't know about you, but I've always started strong, then fizzle out midway through...sometimes dragging myself across the finish line, if I make it.  (I always make it, but pretend I wasn't in it to win, just to finish...or that the goals wasn't that important.)

    What about you?  Let's dive in to some of the ways to move forward, pacing ourselves, anticipating there may be obstacles and issues in the way, yet holding out for the fulfilling pleasure of completion!   Call in live if you are up for a bit of laser coaching! 

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    LeeAnn Maxwell - Vixen Vodka

    in Family

    MGN Radio welcomes LeeAnn Maxwell co-founder of Vixen Vodka. LeeAnn spent over 28 years in the financial industry and about as long in a marriage.Once both those chapters were over, she realized she wanted more out of life; to rediscover the woman she used to be and the one she wanted to become. Her varied experiences have contributed to an extremely detail-oriented work ethic along with a very savvy business acumen. Vixen Vodka is a pure, gluten-free vodka made for women by women. Join us on Tuesday at 9pm EST and learn how this Southern Belle is making waves in the male dominated Liquor Industry. 

    Check out Vixen Vodka

    MGN Radio is a proud sponsor of the 5th Dare 2 Aspire Conference in Atlanta, GA. Click HERE for more deets!

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    B.Fly Welcomes Authors of Murderess Obsession 2

    in Books

    Meet the Authors of Murderess Obsession 2 

    Melody S. was born in Brooklyn, New York and is the mother of three boys. She discovered her love for writing at a very early age and was writing poetry by the age of 12. Fiction is her favorite genre to read and write and she likes to surf the web in her free time. Melody S. currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

    Michelle Robertson was born in New York but raised in the south were her love for writing was birth. Her motto is "Writing gives me a voice in places I've never been, with people I've never seen."

    Lear was born in Demopolis, AL. She is the tenth child of 12 born to the parents of Mr. and Mrs. Eliza Lynch. . She currently lives in Harvest, AL. Lear has always had a passion for writing.  While attending college Lear had the opportunity to write her first short skit which eventually will become a full blown play titled “The Counselor.” Lear has written two plays titled “My Teenager My Child” and “My Teenager My Child Part Two.” She has also written a book titled “Forty Years Later, which was inspired by the election of   President Barack H. Obama. She has co-written a poetry book titled “Wonderful Woman Selected Poems,” with Shirley Bolden,Deloyce Lynch,Kiah LeeAnn Lynch.

    Ms. Ten Story was born in Riviera Beach, Florida raised in New York and now calling Alabama home. When the mother of three is not writing, she volunteers at local schools. Co-author of Dream Cloud Publications' In Love With Poetic Flow. In which Ten Story contributed, "Ink Therapy" touching many subjects such as love, motivation, politics, rape, domestic violence, heartbreak, hope, erotica and more. Works also include Murderess Obsession 2, where she brought to life her poem Mistaken Mistress in the form of a short story.

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Slowing Down to Get More Done

    in Women

    All successful people, have a morning routine.  Many women I admire deeply, operate with a full morning ritual, steeped in the grounding of their intentions for the day, the practices that tap into their Highest Self and/or Wisdom Circle, moving their body and soul into the rhythms that support their busy lifestyle.  Reviewing the calendar with a cup of tea and ruminating on how you want to feel at the end of the day can take only a few minutes.  We tend to let go of what our heart and soul asks for during this time of year when we need it most!  What is your morning ritual?  Do you have one?  Share it with me, via Twitter, FB, or here!

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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio with Deborah LeeAnn ~ The Art of the RSVP

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    One of the forms of Integrity in Leadership shows up in being responsive and true.  We say "Yes" when we mean it, and "No" when that is our truth.

    So, why is it so difficult to find people who honor the RSVP request?  Anyone else tired of scheduling an event and no one RSVP's?  Maybe asking more than once for a response? 

    Yes, I'm guilty too, of failing to respond, waiting to check my calendar and then forgetting. 

    With so many forms of communication, it makes the process even more of a maze...let's talk about this lost art and how we can all be better at it.


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    Wednesday Wisdom Radio ~ Coming Home for the Holidays

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    The holiday season is getting longer and longer and there are more and more ways to celebrate the autumn harvest then winter holidays than ever before!  When my kids were little, we decorated the whole yard and house and hosted a huge party, then headed into Thanksgiving decorating, hosting, cooking and baking, then on into the full month of December's parties, gift-exchanging, family gatherings and out-of-town guest hosting.  I wish I knew then what I have learned now...self-care, going inward, being in a state of Grace-filled Power!