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    Ep#106 - Jade Helm, Charleston Shooting, Confederate Flag w/Guest Lee Camp

    in Entertainment

    Show starts at 9:05pm EST!

    Lee Camp’s stand-up comedy has been featured on Comedy Central, ABC’s Good Morning America, Showtime’s The Green Room with Paul Provenza, Al-Jazeera America’s election night coverage, Current, the BCC’s Newsnight, E!, MTV, and Spike TV, and headlined over 500 college shows.

    Lee has written for The Onion, Comedy Central and the Huffington Post, and wrote the acclaimed essay collections Moment of Clarity: The Rantings Of A Stark Raving Sane Man, and Neither Sophisticated Nor Intelligent.

    He hosts Redacted Tonight, on RT America, every Friday night at 8pm ET. His podcast and YouTube webseries, Moment Of Clarity, frequently breaks 100,000 online views each week.

    “An incredibly funny man.” —John Oliver

    “An amazing writer and a great political thinker. He’s the change you and I want to see.”—Janeane Garofalo

    “He’s like Howard Zinn after 12 beers.” —David Swanson

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    E025: Comedian Lee Camp

    in Comedy

    In this episode we talk to comedian Lee Camp and compare religion to a as well as talk about the Occupy movement.


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    The Sunday Show - LEE CAMP

    in Politics

    Join us for an hour with your Moment of Clarity man, LEE CAMP.  An hour of satirical truth and politics. Sunday Show is pure, undistilled Here Be Monsters.  Radical and progressive political guests speaking truth to power.  Your host is Gwendolyn H. Barry, and Jack Jodell  Sponsored by RoundTree7.com and the handmade company 

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    We Are Not Cattle Interviews Lee Camp

    in News

    I speak to Lee Camp from www.leecamp.net a comedian, writer and activist as we discuss what is going on in the world outside of the mainstream. 

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    Lee Camp - Comedian & Activist

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone needs a Moment of Clarity these days. Thankfully, Lee Camp is making sure we are all awake and have plenty of incentive to change the world. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes comedian and activist Lee Camp to the show Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. We'll discuss the intersection of comedy and activism and his new Moment of Clarity Show. An early supporter of Occupy Wall Street, Lee's Moment of Clarity video series has shed a lot of light on topics other performers have shied away from, much to the delight of his  activist colleagues. Click here for a 10-minute sneak peek of the full-on show:  Episode 1 - Billionaires (for mature audiences). To get more Lee Camp and to support his work go to leecamp.net ,  @leecamp on Twitter, or FB

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    Lee Camp on Carson's Corner!!!

    in Politics Progressive

    On this special edition of Carson's Corner, only on Underground Progressive Radio 530, we welcome comedian, musician and activist, Lee Camp. Check out Lee's brilliant work at http://leecamp.com
    Don't miss the action at 3pm est.

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    The Bully the Bullies Show - Lee Camp

    in Comedy

    Lee Camp is a stand-up comedian, writer, and activist. He's a contributor to The Onion and has performed stand-up comedy at events featuring Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Al Gore. You can watch his stand-up HERE. He was recently on Showtime's series "The Green Room with Paul Provenza"watch here. He's done comedic commentary on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," BBC's "Newsnight," PBS, E! network, SpikeTV, MTV, and ABC's "Good Morning America." He's featured in the new bestseller "Satiristas!" with the likes of George Carlin, Bill Maher, and Stephen Colbert. Lee also provided a catharsis for millions of people when he went live on Fox News and called the network a "parade of propaganda and a festival of ignorance." Check out his popular web series Moment of Clarity and the Moment of Clarity book and podcast at www.LeeCamp.net.

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    Our Guest This Week -- Lee Camp

    in Politics Progressive

    This week our special guest is political comedian and activist Lee Camp. His comedy has been featured on Showtime, BBC and The Onion. His video series, "Moment of Clarity" has gone viral. He is the author of the book "Moment of Clarity" and has an album coming out entitled "Pepper Spray the Tears Away".
    Camp's comedy stands in the grand tradition of Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. It's bold, brash, funny and most importantly, the truth.

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    It's a Throwback Thursday with Civil Chat with Lee

    in Politics Progressive

    Civil Chat with Lee looks at:

    1. The continual bizzaro world of the GOP in the P5+1 hearing. 

    2. Sarah Palin rambles on the Bildo O' Reilly about Planned Parenthood

    3. University Cop who killed motorist pleads not guilty 

    4. Democrat presidential nominees seek AFL-CIO support 

    5. Bernie soars in the polls. 

    6. And whatever YOU want to talk about. 

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    NFL Training Camp 2015

    in Rock Music

    Wow I can't believe that this weeks show is officially the 1 year anniversay of my very first broadcast of "Hard Rock N Sports". The first episode was a NFL Training camp preview show, so Joe and I decided that this is the best way to celebrate our anniversary was to do that same exact show this week.

    I will have my ususal panel of "experts" on the show to break down different teams. We will analyze each teams key additions and losses  (Free agents) and break down their off-seasons and discuss each teams expectations for the season. We will have our first "repeat" Celebrity guest as Red Ragon Cartel Bass Player, Anthony Esposito makes his second appearance on the show. While we will discuss what Jake E Lee and the band are up to, Anthony is also a big Sports fan and a huge NY Jets fan. so Anthony and I will discuss the Jets and I will ask him his expectations for his team for the season.

    We will have our usual segments (CD Review & TWIBH) this week so please tune in to catch those as well. 

    A-rod continues to astound with his comeback season which is driving the Yankees to start pulling away from the rest of the division. The Mets made some big moves this week bringing some lineup and bull pen help and I don't think they are finished yet. So we will take a look at thier moves and see where these moves puts them in the race for the division / wild card race.

    Finally, Roy Jones and I will discuss last weeks Hall of Fame Inductions. I want Roy's take on whether all of this years inductees were "deserving" of the honor. I will also put Roy on the spot and ask him, of all the eligible candiates for next year, who will possibly be enshrined next.

    Lots to talk about and much to discuss, I am hoping that you will all tune in 

    Keep on Rockin!!!





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    GirlSpeak w/ Nikeema Lee

    in Self Help

    In this episode of Love Yourself Radio, special guest "Dr." Nikeema Lee, author and intimatcy coach talks about her journey from pain to peace, and how she transformed her trauma into a platform to help women redefine their sexuality. Call in with your questions and comments @ (929) 477-1774.