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    Join Dr. Carol Soloway and Dr. Cheryl Cottle in the Learning Circle.

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    Join Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her guest Dr. Carol Soloway. They will be aired on Women in Business Radio at 11:00 am EST. The show is about utilizing a Learning Circle where a group of expert entrepreneurs share their knowledge and experience that they have gained as business women with women entrepreneurs less experienced.

    In this learning circle, "it is my hope that novice entrepreneurs do not have to create the wheel" says Dr. Cottle. "They can simply polish the ones that you provide them with." she concludes. She strongly believes  that "some times, yes trial-and-error is great but observation and shared experiences can help us save a lot of time in gathering the knowledge that we need to take our business further."

    Dr. Carol Soloway is a business woman for over 30 years, and she is therfore in my mind a professional business woman and an experienced and expert entrepreneur. Dr. Cottle our Host, is an Educator and Social Media Expert. Dr. Cheryl Cottle brings to these roles her years of academic training and her research experience in online forum for teaching and learning. She strongly believes that with the advent of social media, women, small business owners have the world to explore. She believes that the world has opened up to create a global online marketing reach; providing us with new resources, raw material, manufacturing sources, virtual assistant, products and viral classrooms, to share some.

    The call in number is 310-982-4237

    Host: Dr. Cheryl Cottle

    Email: drccottle@gmail.com

    Guest: Dr. Carol Soloway - -  wesite: www.sexhappensan novel.com

    Sponsor: Crafted Spaces

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    SED 583 - Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Free-Choice Learning Module 5

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    This is the final radio show of the term.  We do not have a guest speaker so that Lena, Michelle and I can be available to answer questions about final projects and any concepts in the course you would still like to discuss/clarify/share your experience with.  If there is time I (as well as Michelle and Lena) can also talk about some of the work we're engaged in outside of teaching though all strongly connected to socio-culturaI dimensions of learning. If there are particular projects that piqued your interest please let me/us know.

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    SOUL CIRCLE with Laura & Rose THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Spirit Communication

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Soul Circle with Laura & Rose!   Insightful conversation about all things metaphysical and LIVE on-air readings. 

    Click HERE to learn more about Rose.

    Click HERE to learn more about Laura

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    3/4/15 #16. Spiritual Supporters: Who's on Your Team on the Other Side?

    in Spirituality

    Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Animal Guides - let's talk about your spirit crew and how they came to be!


    Sarah Petruno, Shamana and Amanda Linette Meder, Psychic Medium


    Spirit Consulting - Amanda

    Spring Cleaning Chakra Special - Sarah


    Learning to Trust Spiritual Experiences

    Starter's Guide to the Blog

    Donate to the show:  

    This show operates entirely on your donations. Help us keep it going by heading over to www.sarahpetrunoshamanism.com or www.amandalinettemeder.com, and follow the links to contribute.


    Your intuitive and paranormal questions are answered on-air.

    Submit to the Mailbag

    Would you like the opportunity to work one-on-one with your hosts?

    Work with Sarah

    Work with Amanda

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    Time 2 Love with Lydia Pellow -Learning New Things

    in Motivation

    Are you closed to learning new things? We'll talk about opening up to learning. If you don't learn something right away, do you give up on it? What are you missing by this behavior. Do you feel stupid when you don't learn something immediately, does this bring up painful memories?What if you really struggle does that mean you can never be good at it? Last week I learned some new things and it has helped me to feel energized and alive!
    Let's talk about learning and how vulnerable it makes us feel to not know everything/

    Lydia is your lighthouse of love, teaching, motivating and guiding you on your journey to loving.....YOURSELF. Tune in online or you can call to listen (347)989-0124. Be BRAVE and press 1 to comment or ask a question.

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    PTRN Presents - Nature Magic w/Selena Fox and Circle Talk

    in Spirituality


    7 PM CST - Nature Magic with Selena Fox:  Full Moon Magic - Join Rev. Selena Fox for a discussion on ritual ways to attune to and work with the powers of Full Moon time for healing, wellness and spiritual wisdom.

    8 PM CST - Circle Talk with Jeanet and David Ewing:  TBD - Join Circle Ministers Jeanet and David Ewing for a discussion on Herb Magic!  While some of us are still in the grips of Winter, we'll talk about growing and using herbs for magical purposes.


    Music for PTRN open and close provided by SJ Tucker, For more music and information, please visit http://sjtucker.com/


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    Learning from our History

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    past and present events have shown we haven't learned from our histroy

    how did we get here facing the problems we're facing and what lession can we learn from histroy in finding solutiions

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    Executive Director Helen Soule is our guest.

    www.p21.org  @p21centskills

    Presented by LEGO EDUCATION

    www.legoeducation.us  @lego_education

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    The Weekly Read, Will It Go Around in Circles?

    in Current Events

    Free Range Parenting, epileptic sky divers, "delivert" men who "ain't gay no more"!  Lawd give me SKRINT!  We cannot make this stuff up.  America, what is going on on this planet?!?!?  Bibi Netanyahu is here and cuttin' up too?  I can't make sense of it, maybe Kamal can assist me in trying?  

    Focusing on the major and sometimes overlooked topics affecting us in America today, the Nitelifer Circle of Sanity examines what is going on in Baltimore MD, Seattle WA, and all parts of the country in between.  The “Media” is or isn't talking about it, but regardless, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity is! We hope to enlighten and educate while delivering the seriousness of the issues with sarcasm and humor.  Whether it is politics or social issues, The Nitelifer Circle of Sanity will be there.

    Call in to join us (347) 205-9763 or just click the link to listen in

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    Learning Well Radio with guest Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer 3.3.15

    in Spirituality

    Host Elise Marquam Jahns will have a conversation with Dr. Mary Jo Kreitzer.  Dr. Krietzer is the founder and director of the Center for Spirituality and Healing at the University of Minnesota.  She is a professor of nursing, and co-leads the Doctorate in Nursing speciality in integrative health and healing.  

    Dr. Kreitzer will discuss the history and vision for the future of integrative health in health care.

    Discover Integrative Health classes at Normandale Community College.

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    King Connect test Run

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    Short 15min chat to chop it up and let the 4 Kings chop it up

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