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    Learn about the tax benefits from owning a business!

    in Entrepreneur

    I'll tell you about how to start a busniss for under $200! Also, teach how the rich get tax breaks for owning a business. You can too

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    Learn About - Missouri Aquarium Society Inc.

    in Hobbies

    Join us as we have a discussion with Ms Kathy Deutsch and Ms Holly Wise of MASI as we learn about this local fish club.


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    Turn On Your Radio...and learn about the ACH Radiothon!

    in Business

    Each year All Children's Hospital teams up with 103.5 in Tampa Bay to hold a Radiothon to raise awareness, and funds, for the incredible work done for children at All Children's Hospital.

    This year's Radiothon is December 4th and 5th and we're excited to have Stephanie Hall, one of the key leaders in the All Children's Foundation on our next show to highlight the amazing work that is done to pull off the event.

    Learn about the history of philanthropy...what it's like "behind-the-scenes" during the two day broadcast...and how you can listen it!

    Join us for the next #ACHradio show December 3rd at 12:30 eastern time!

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    Learn about "Do The Blue"

    in Entrepreneur

    We are interviewing Catherine Landry the initiator of "Do The Blue".

    It's always great to learn how great people are making the world a better place.

    Live today at 1:30mt 3:30 Est time


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    Learn About - Hope For Wildlife

    in Hobbies

    Ms. Hope Swinimer. from Oasis HD, will be joing us for a discussion about Hope for Wildlife.

    Toipics covered will include the protection, returning to the wild, and care of injured wildlife.




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    Learn About - Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society

    in Hobbies

    Join us as we learn about the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society with Ian Kanda the president.

    Discussion will be about the conventions and club activities.

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    Meet Patty DeDominic and learn about growing enterprises…

    in Women

    Entrepreneur, strategic adviser, supporter of women’s issues, Patty DeDominic is a force of nature. In 1979 she founded CT Engineering and PDQ Personnel Services, Inc. that grew into a power house staffing agency. In 2006, she sold her businesses to a privately held firm that is now over one billion dollars in annual sales nationally and one of the nation’s largest human resources/staffing firms.

    Patty was named Chief Executive Officer of the Year by the LA Business Journal and has received over twenty distinguished awards including recognition by the United States Department of Labor and other organizations as one of America’s finest employers; The Bank One Top Customer Service Award; The Artemis Award presented in Greece; and The President’s Award from Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) presented in Washington, DC. She was inducted into the Women’s Business Owners Hall of Fame over ten years ago.

    The non-profit world has been Patty’s special passion, and for over 20 years she has been a board member in the National Association of Women Business Owners and Chambers of Commerce, SCORE and leading nonprofit organizations like the Jane Goodall Institute and Direct Relief International. In 2007 she launched the International Women’s Festivals to celebrate women around the world in conjunction with International Women’s Day.

    Capitalizing on over two decades of successful experiences as an entrepreneur and board member, she currently operates DeDominic & Associates, a specialized business consulting firm that offers professional services to enterprise builders www.dedominic.com

    Other books by Patty include Land It, Job Hunting Tips for Prime of Lifers and Get It,Shortcuts to Job Success (for new grads).



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    Boost immunity- get and keep great skin -and learn about some really cool people

    in Health

    Lets talk about some shocking truths about not getting sick and having great skin.  Easy and natural ways to get and stay healthy, beautiful and awesome.   This show is for everyone, men - women - children!  

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    Learn about herbal remedies to help you in your life

    in Entertainment

    Hi angels,  Tonight I have an extrodinary speaker who has been studying herbal remedies.  She has a passion to help kids with attention and hyperactivity.  Also, she will share herbal remedies to help our mind and our body and natural herbs that  can be used for healing,energy and medicine.  This show will help you get or be on track to be the best you can be in the mind, body and spirit. Find out natural remedies to help you get there.

    The show starts at 8:30 east coast.

    The call in number to ask a question is 760 890 7143.

    We are broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/7223395. #BlogTalkRadio

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    What is Interactive Reiki? Tune in and Learn About This new Empowering Technique

    in Self Help

    Join me, Empowerment Coach, Andrea Lavallee, host of the Life Coach Show, as I introduce my new Reiki program called Interactive Reiki.  Plus a Special Announcement on my new upcoming Anthology Book.

    Reiki is a great way to raise your vibration and invite healing and relief pain there are many other means that can raise your vibration and invite healing, such as thinking positive thoughts, eating healthier, affirmations, visualization having a positive mindset and really feeling good about yourself; the list can go on and on.

    Interactive Reiki is combining Reiki with positive thoughts, affirmations and Empowerment coaching during the appointment, the client and Reiki practitioner discusses goals or intention prior to the start of the session, during the Reiki session the participant is giving key words based on my intuition and the location of where the work is being done.  This raises the vibration to a whole new level which brings on a greater healing process.

    Tune in and learn how this technique can bring on the healing, relief pain, help remove blocks, give insight and clarity.

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    Take Action Get Profits - Power Up For Profits & Learn About Couples In

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits with Michele Scism with her guest Kathleen Gage & Kelly Chisholm

    Kathleen Gage deplores boring keynotes. Hates listening to them. Hates giving them. It’s why when she spoke in front of the top brass at the United States Marine Corp, to showcase a program on spouse leadership she shined in a way they were willing to listen. Her attitude was then and is now, “I have something that’s going to make a difference for you and your people and I’m willing to step into my power to deliver it in a very inspiring way.” It’s this kind of “no nonsense common sense” talk that has led many people to consider her to be one of the most passionate speakers alive. Whether it’s talking to executives for Fortune 500 companies, or a small group of emerging entrepreneurs and every type of group in between, Kathleen brings her passion and energy to all audiences. Want some new energy or life into your group? Kathleen’s the one to call!  All subs

    Kelly Chisholm - is the owner and principle of Circle Coaching Group, a consultancy that specializes in helping couples and families in business together create prosperity through passionate partnerships. She combines her background as a Board Certified, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC),  Certified Relationship Specialist (CRS), her training in helping people to resolve their issues around money, her business acumen  and entrepreneurial skills, to the business coaching realm. Her advise and expertise has been featured in the Albuquerque Journal, Psychotherapy Finances, Yahoo, and numerous radio and television appearances.  Kelly received her coach training personally from Thomas Leonard, founder of Coachvile, co-founder of International Coaching Federation, and author of numerous publications on coaching. http://www.circlecoachinggroup.com

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