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    The Crew Cuts and Rudy Vallee

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      S3production

    The Crew-Cuts Sh-Boom / I Spoke Too Soon

    Rudy Vallee & Connecticut Yankees A little kiss each morning

    I’ll be reminded of you

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     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    The Crew-Cuts ‎– Sh-Boom / I Spoke Too Soon

    Label: Mercury ‎– 70404

    Format: Shellac, 10", 78 RPM 

    Released: 1954

    Genre: Rock

    Style: Rock & Roll

    A: Sh-Boom

    Written By – Feaster, McRae, Keyes, Edwards

    B: I Spoke Too Soon

    Written By – Sims, Kosloff

    Record Company – Mercury Records

    Published By – Progressive Music

    Published By – Weiss & Barry Inc.

    Orchestra [With] – David Carroll &His Orchestra

    Vocals – The Crew-Cuts

    Canadian vocal quartet comprised of Rudi Maugeri (January 21, 1931 - May 7, 2004) (baritone), John Perkins (born August 28, 1931) (lead), Ray Perkins (born November 28, 1932) (bass), and Pat Barrett (born September 15, 1933) (1st or high tenor). The group named themselves after the crew cut haircut, one of the first connections made between pop music and hairstyle.

    22193A Rudy Vallee Connecticut Yankees A little kiss each morning

    Victor records 57124=5 11/6/1929

    Harry Woods

    Radio Pictures Vagabond Lover

    22193B Rudy Vallee Connecticut Yankees I’ll be reminded of you

    57125=1 10/28/1929 Composers Ed Heyman-Ken Smith 

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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 7: The Mad Bomber

    in Comedy

    **Yawn.... yawn** When Paul wakes up in a dumpy hotel, it comes to his realization that our boy Keyes has been missing for days now. Ever since the boys night out when Captain Hiltz busted his door down for egging his house. Paul takes it upon himself to gather the team and go looking for Jimmyjong. Wait, hold the phone here people, the fate of Keyes being found is left in the hands of Paul and Arthur? Lord help us, we might as well call it a series right now. Throw on your square necklace and fasten your velcro shoes because were going looking for Keyes. Enjoy!



    Special Guest Voices include Scott and Jeremiah of the Lost At Home Podcast and Mallory Presley of the Heels and Headshots Podcast as Bethany

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    Interview w/LeaRae Keyes of the Nurse Entrepreneur Network

    in Health

    LeaRae Keyes, RN, BSN, PHN, CCM is the founder and Executive Director of the www.Nurse-Entrepreneur-Network.com. 
    As the Executive Director of this site she provides a vast library of resources for starting and building a nurse entrepreneur business. 
    LeaRae Keyes won a national sales award within her first six months of working in sales by applying the nursing process to sales. 
    She was an intrapreneur (an entrepreneur within a company, starting new divisions) at several companies before venturing out on her own. 
    LeaRae Keyes has owned her own case management and life care planning business since 1998. 
    From her nursing, sales, and marketing background LeaRae Keyes is able to provide valuable, practical, implementable information on the Nurse Entrepreneur Network website.

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    Violet ReikiRadio - Reiki Review For All

    in Health

    Reiki is universal life force energy. It is an intelligent energy of love and wholeness. It understands the cause of problems and what healing is necessary. The Reiki energy has a wisdom of its own, healing and balancing all aspects of a person's mind, body, emotions and spirit.  And, Reiki is much much more. 

    Tonight we will discuss "All Things Reiki". 

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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 6: Hakuna Matata

    in Comedy

    For James' next role, he will now be starring as the invisible man. Well invisible to BC Baxter anyways now that he gone done mess up. Keyes' is finding out everyone in the film industry is 3 clicks to the left of normal, and not just the directors and film actors. After finding himself a peeping tom to some crazy circle of life sex-capade involving Julianne and Sheldrake, Jimmyjong encounters Jane (voiced by Lang Parker of www.langcomedy.com), a paparazzi for TPC (Taking Pictures of Celebrities). Maybe this is the fresh new contact needs to solve this seasons case, or maybe it will just end up getting him laid. Either way, I chalk it up as a good score in my books. Anywho, throw on your Simba costume and fight your once trusted uncle turned evil in this episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt.





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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 5: Cutting Room Floor

    in Comedy

    James Keyes finds himself fedora in hand as he unwillfully accepts Julianne's case to find out who sent her the letter form her dead fiancee. After an awkward exchange, Keyes' agrees to accompany Ms. Goode to her film shooting and gets his first lesson in the art of the moving picture. Thankfully, famous director BC Baxter (voiced by Johnny Bell of the Johnny B Show 102.5 The Bone, Tampa) is there to help him through it. But could there be something that BC Baxter is hiding? Perhaps he is at the center of a conspiracy that ultimately alludes Keyes' to his deception and puts him hot on the trail. Hell, I don't know, I don't listen to this crap either. But that goes opposite for you fine listener, because it's hip to be square. Grab your freshly popped popcorn and throw on the 3D glasses, because this episode is coming at ya!

    A very special Thank You to Johnny Bell of the Johnny B Show 102.5 The Bone for committing you're amazing talent to our production. 






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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 4: Guys Night Out

    in Comedy

    This episode follows Keyes biggest challenge yet, living with his old BHPD partner, Paul Went. After getting near the point of a mental breakdown, Keyes agrees to go out for a night on the town with all the guys, which leads to a questionably sober disaster of an evening. Pop the Tylenol and mix yourself a bloody mary, because you're sure to feel this one in the morning. Enjoy this week's episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt.

    In loving memory of Patricia Vivien. 





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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 2: The Proposal

    in Comedy

    Well, now Keyes has gone and done it. It looks like all the meddling around in the O'Reilly case, all the going behind the BHPD's business landed Ol' Jimmy in the slammer. He better watch himseld though, because he may just run into a familiar... friend. After being bailed out, James receivines an interesting oppurtunity to go meet with famous actress, Julianne Goode, in the flesh, at her luxurious mansion. She wines and dines him, and then drops a proprosal in his lap that lays the ground work for the entire case. Listen and find out if James Keyes accepts or respectfully declines, in this week's episode of Dopple Avenue Hurt.




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    Violet ReikiRadio - Special Guest Raven Keyes, Reiki Master Teacher, Author

    in Health

    Raven Keyes is a Reiki master teacher, certified hypnotherapist and guided meditation maven. She was the first to bring Reiki into the operating room of Dr. Mehmet C. Oz. She is presently working with Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, providing Reiki to his patients before, during and after surgeries. In the world of professional sports, Raven has introduced Reiki to athletes in the NFL and NBA.  Featured in national magazines such as “Vogue” and “W,” she was named “Best Reiki Master in New York” by New York Magazine and was televised as “New Yorker of the Week” on NY-1 for providing volunteer Reiki services for 8 ½ months after 9/11. Her award winning wining book “The Healing Power of Reiki” is an Amazon Best Seller. Her new book, “The Healing Light of Angels” released on March 8th, 2015 provides deeper insight into the ways in which angels have supported her Reiki work in medicine and beyond.

    Author of: The Healing Power of Reiki - Foreword by Dr. Oz
    REIKI DURING SURGERY Every Patient Deserves It!

    Violet ReikiRadio is sponsored by Violet Rose Reiki



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    Case 2: The Red Letter - Part 1: A Broken Heart

    in Comedy

    In this epic return of James Keyes, he awakes in a hospital just days after being shot in the chest by Desmond Grant. Feeling defeated, he is eager to return to work and begin looking for Grant once more, but this time, for payback. Yet something distracts him from his plot of revenge, and that something is a new case. The Case of the Red Letter. A former actress legend, Julianne Goode, receives a letter from a fiancee that has long since passed, and she can only trust one man, one Private Investigator to solve it, and that one man, is James Keyes. Dust off that old fedora and plug those earbuds in, because it is a brand new season with a whole new case of Dopple Avenue Hurt. 




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    Voices by: Kyle Appleyard, Amy Laureigh, Jose Caraballo, Jonathan Maas, Julia WD Harrison, John Lasaveth, Hope Ennis, Chris Gore, Amber Simpson, Nicholas Englehardt, and Brian Messick.



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    Dr Alan Keyes joins Host Kevin Hunter on The Business Forum Show

    in Business

    Known as one of the greatest orators of our time, Dr. Alan Keyes has long been recognized for his leadership within the conservative movement. His eloquent advocacy of our Constitutional Republic and championing of pro-life principles underscore Alan's recognition and respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. Alan Keyes is an unwavering defender of the American people's sovereignty through focus on securing our borders; abolishing federal income tax; reigning in the rogue Federal Judiciary; and building banking and financial systems that halt the looting of America's wealth and income. Dr Keyes proudly served as a high-level diplomat during Ronald Reagan's presidency, including time as ambassador to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and a assistant secretary of state for international organizations. Keyes also hosted a radio talk show, The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake-Up Call, and a television commentary show on the MSNBC cable network, Alan Keyes Is Making Sense. President Reagan spoke of Keyes's time as an ambassador, saying that he "did such an extraordinary job ... defending our country against the forces of anti-Americanism." Reagan continued, "I've never known a more stout-hearted defender of a strong America than Alan Keyes.