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  • 01:28

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings December 17th 2015

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    The Republicans debated on CNN again! Who won, according the Frank Luntz, Trump. If a hospital buys a liter bag on saline for 8 bucks and bills you $90, how are they broke??? Could it be that Obamacare is the main part of the problem? Why did the OB wing in our hospital shut down? Why do you have to travel to Winchester to give birth to your baby? In the second hour we will cover this question, would you fly to Afghanistan and fight with the Kurds against ISIS? And yes they would be happy to have you.A beautiful gal with 3 kids from NC did! Maybe Tracking Point would donate a sniper rifle to you?

  • 01:36

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings December 10th 2015

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    Is the over crowding of our own design? Are we spending wisely considering the fact the last "expert" panel found no new options? Does the School Board think it's own citizens isn't smart enough? Why is there still a leaking situation from the dump? Did Mr Ferguson make a pitch to have a county wide paid Fire and Rescue? Was that  code for a county takeover?  9 men received 10 year service commendations in the fire and resuce department. Nice speech from Mr Ferguson to present in his final act to his son David for 15 years as fire Marshall. Will the board decide to FINALLY help out the senior citizens with long deserved tax breaks. How can 72 people on the no fly list be working for DHS? Socail servies uses interns from the Universities, why not use them for the over crowding issues?

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings December 3rd 2015

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    Real esate assessments are out, they are already doing adjustments, why is the County office still clueless about revenue changes? The school board already spend 22K on a study that was worthless, now they want another 100K to do another? Boy oh boy do they know how to spend your money! Is your money safe in the bank, are you ready for a cashless society? What can you do to unplug from that system? Are we seeing the death of the dollar as the global currency?

  • 01:26

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings November 19th 2015

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    Ethics violation by County Supervisor Helsley. Revenue department changes P.O.Box, was the public properly notified. Why were two businesses fined $2000 and the other $14,000 for late payment even though they were postmarked before due date? Dollar general in Toms Brook, I thought they wanted it to stay "small towny"? Senior citizen real estate relief changes. Election reuslts are finalized, no new winners.Who can Trump Trump?

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    Shenandoah County Forum for Constitutional Offices

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    All the candidates who are running that were not part of the other 3 forums. These would be county wide seats

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings November 12th 2015

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    Do you know ways to help reduce the county budget. Ferdinand has some ideas. A newly re-elected candidate violated the 50' rule and was caught talking to voters at the roadside polling station. Why do we need to sign contracts for students we never had? Who will the next chairman of the board of Supervisors. It is that time of the year again. Yes those 501c3's come out of the wood work trying to separate you from your hard earned money. Who are the worst at what they do?

  • 01:27

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings November 5th 2015 Election results!

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    Who won and who lost. Is it possible for a candidate to win but the citizens of the District lose? Did anyone think the sitting incumbent Chairman could lose? Did a bunch of Democrats vote for sheriff but not for any other seat in Frederick County? Who violated the election laws on election day? Do you think that Sheriff should even have a political affiliation? What if?

  • 01:49

    Shenandoah Valley Happenings October 8th 2015

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    Ferdinand talks about the 2 forums put on by the local agencies. Both incumbent board members told the common untruth by misleading tax increases. Theme of schools, we NEED more money!

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    Shenandoah Valley Happenings Oct 22nd 2015, Benghazi hearings, Convention of Sta

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    WHy is a lobbyist from DC getting involved in local elections? If you knew the whole story, would you still re elect them? Did Helsley say if the real estate assessments go down we HAVE to raise taxes? What is a Convention of the States?

  • 01:21

    Leah Rogers Author of Game Over The Story of a Sex Trafficking Victim

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    The Beautiful Butterfly Show Welcomes Author Leah Rogers!!

    Leah was raised in a hostile environment where her mother was at the time a heavy drug user and regularly physically abused by men in front of her children.  After being awarded to the state, she found herself running away on numerous occasions.  Leah began stripping to maintain a living for her daughter. It was there that she'd met her boyfriend that monthes later exposed himself as a pimp.  

    Leah worked as a prostitute and "Bottom girl" around the United States, mainly California, Scottsdale, Arizona, Washington, D.C and Texas for almost Three years, while being beaten brutally by her pimp even after she became pregnant with his son. 

    On May 13th, 2011 Leah was arrested with her pimp, when her pimp was discovered recruiting two under age girls, who were Undercover FBI Agents.  After being tried as a suspect and signing a plea for seven years, Leah was given a second chance to prove her innocent about her involvement with her pimp.  

    After turning her life around for the better, on March 4th, 2015 she shared her story with CBS News titled "A Better Arizona" broadcasted locally on television.  After this airing, Leah began to get anxious about saving other women who were still in the game and created a video for her Facebook channel.  Leah is now known around the world for her video traveling through social media at just under one million views. 

    Leah's dream has always been to sell high valued real estate, but has dedicated her time to finish the mission to save other women by educating the community, churches, legislature and schools, to prevent this tragedy from happening to their loved ones.  


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    Grammy Winner Joanne Shenandoah and Leah Shenandoah on Native Trailblazers

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    She:kon and Thanks for joining Native Trailblazers!  The award-winning Native online radio show. Listen in Every Friday at 7pm EST with hosts Vincent and Delores! Join us live in our chat room - Here's How  

    Please join us in celebrating world famous musical artists Joanne Shenandoah and Leah Shenandoah! 

    Joanne Shenandoah is a Grammy Award winner - we'll be talking about her latest album 'Nature Dance' 

    Leah Shenandoah is also an award-winning artist - we'll be discussing her album Spektre

    Check out our website & Sign up for our mailing list: www.NativeTrailblazers.com  


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