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  • 01:31

    Trick? or Treat?

    in Religion

    Tonight's episode of the ThinkTank will look at Halloween, but in a different way. For instance, whether your child trick or treats doesn't concern me. If you got dress up in a costume, I don't care. This will not be a discussion about demonic forces. My question tonight:Is it October 31st every Sunday in your church? Trust me it will be intteresting. Also, I will give my comments about the latest episode of False Preachers of LA. Call in 661-449-9951.

  • 01:45

    False Preacher Episode 2

    in Religion

    Continuing our discussion about the controversal Preachers Of LA reality show.  
    Join this discussion, call 661-449-9951.

  • 02:11

    False Preachers Of LA

    in Religion

    On this special edition of the Thursday ThinkTank. The CFR will be diseceting the priemere of the Oxygen network's new reality show, "Preachers Of LA." This panel discussion will dive in to all the happenings on this show and why its important to follow. If you want to join the panel call 6614499951. 

  • 01:27

    Thursday ThinkTank Open Mic

    in Religion

    With so much going on in the church world this week, I wanted to have an open discussion about anything. I have thoughts about the Lake Charles, Pastoral Appreciation month and the Preachers of LA. Also we will dive into news. join in the discussion 6614499951. Revolution!

  • 01:50

    Jesus Marketing

    in Religion

    Join the ThinkTank tonight with special guest host, Marcellus. We will deal with Jesus being the product and to market that product. Call in 661-449-9951. Now you know Marcellus is going to bring it. Don't miss it!

  • 02:00

    Jesus Marketing 2: Marketing Mega-Fest

    in Religion

    On this episode of the ThinkTank, we will continue our discussion about the product being Jesus. We will examine Mega-Fest 2013. I will be joined by OregonSistah who worked behind the scenes at Mega-Fest. she will offer her perspective about the marketing of Jesus. You are invited to call in 661-449-5591. 

  • 02:03

    Rethinking Church

    in Religion

    On this episode of the ThinkTank, I want to reevaluate my thoughts about church. I have started attending services recently and I want to share 5 ideas that would be able to make church better for its community.  Read the blog at www.ldrtruthseeker.com. Also, I will be joined by another Revolutionary,  Sis. Jackie, she will help us brainstorm more ideas. She will share her experiences of being homeless and how she is currently helping those who are in need. Join this brainstorming session. If you have any ideas that can improve the church experience, call 661-449-9951.

  • 01:36


    in Religion

    Okay let's  try this again. On this edition of the Think Tank, if you must Tithe here's what you should know.   Read the blog at www.ldrtruthseeker.com Call  in 6614499951. REVOLUTION!

  • 01:59

    Taking This To The Streets

    in Religion

    Tonight on the ThinkTank, we will take on the subject of Evangelism. This is the beginning of our mobilization movement. We are looking for strategies in taking our message to the people. We will be for way to energize the revolution. And we will look at ways to confront pastors who are exploiting their people. 
    Evangelism is the biblical foundation of mobilization. So when it comes to getting a biblical foundation on any topic, I had to call in the CFR's heavy hitters, Elgin and the Twins from Real Talk Radio. These brothers will help us look at evangelism from a biblical perspective. We will discuss the Great Commission, Discipleship, Conversion, and Reconciliation. Join in on this discussion, call 661-449-9951.
    The Church Folk Revolution is on the move and we are "Fired Up and Ready To Go!" 

  • 02:03

    Celebrate Freedom!

    in Religion

    Happy Independence Day!
    As we fire up the grills and set off the fireworks, I want to take some time to celebrate our freedom: our freedom in Jesus Christ. So call in with your stories of liberation from sin, people, and the institutional church. 661-449-9951. 

  • 02:15

    Behind The Bow-Tie and Bean Pies

    in Religion

    Today on the ThinkTank, we will tackle an area the CFR has yet to go. For over 80 years, the Nation Of Islam have been shaping the minds of black men, empowering them to becoming strong militants against their opressive white devils. Growing up a Pentecostal, I wasn't exposed to these bow tie wearing, bean pie eating, final call selling men. So, I have a lot of questions.  Luckily for us, CFR founder, TJ, grew up in the N.O.I. We are going to speak with the man formerly known as Tyrone X. He's going to share his experiences with the Nation, his insights on their doctrines, and where he sees the movement into the future.  Also, I found some recent information about the Nation that is very enticing and worth discussing. Plus, it wouldn't be CFR Radio if didn't talk about the pimpin' aspect of the Nation. I'm always excited to learn new things and today should be very informative.  'This is not a N.O.I. show, it's a show about the N.O.I.' as Tyrone X would say. As always your calls are welcomed and if you want to join the discussion call 661-449-9951.