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    Apologies. Here's the story. I got home today to find that Jim wasn't feeling well. I decided to do the show myself. In my hurry to put things together in less than an hour, I forgot to change the default of the show from 15 minutes to 120 minutes. I'm sick too and not all with it. Anyway, so what I'm going to do is to do the show Sunday Night at the same time. BlogTalk won't allow me to do it again tonight. 

    So on Sunday the 19th, I'll be talking about the Olsteen's, FEMA camps and the coming pandemics and how the LBGT agenda and the Islamic agenda is alike. Please listen in tomorrow, Sunday, for the show. And again, a thousand I'm sorry's. The Hosea show will still air next Saturday.

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    GOCC Dallas "The Elect" Exposing The LBGT Agenda pt 3

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    Welcome to GOCC Dallas "The Elect" radio talk show.  In the Last Two episodes we have begun to expose the truth behind the LBGT agenda.  We uncovered what The US Government is allowing to take place in the world by allowing same sex marriage across the nation, giving individuals rights to change their natural orgin through sex changes, allowing adult men to have relations with young boys and so much more.  Today's episode we will complete by exposing the remainder agenda of The LBGT Movement and what it means for the citizens of America.  How will this affect those who stand for what is Right according to the bible, and what should we do According to The Most High.  Stay tuned in as we unveil what is upcoming in the US judicial systems.  The question we would like for you to ponder over is..... After you know what's about to take place, what are you going to do? Are you going to stand for What is right or are you going to just let your voice go unheard?

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    The Hidden Hand of Mass Confusion

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    We are going to examine why Black movements and culture are compromised and undermined historically.Why are we in this state of confusion?There is no plan,agenda,organizing,program or vision laid out for us.We are like sheep easily led by anyone with a loud voice who seem half way intelligent.We want to discuss the trivializing and devaluing of Black movements.I say this because even Black people do not take themselves seriously.The White man owns America.Donald Trump is America.America is a White land.America will never let us have power.Because they do not trust us.White people are not stupid.

    Just who are #blacklivesmatter?Why are some factions pushing the Queer Agenda?Do they think Black people are stupid?These people have invaded the legitimate anger over Trevon Martin and co oped their movement with Black Nationalist without our consent.Let me give you a background ten years ago I was attacked by the LBGT movement just for not agreeing with their political stance on issues.Back then they openly attacked nationalist  Paternalistic,Masculine,oppressive of women and antiquated.I ask you this,what is the sudden change?They have not changed.They are latching on to the nationalist energy to get a free ride.I along with Straightblackpride are on to them.If you can sell your agenda fine,BUT DO NOT THINK I HAVE TO SUPPORT IT BECAUSE WE ARE BOTH GRIEVING OVER TREVON MARTIN......A FIRE AND BRIMESTONE SERMON FROM THE KALAGENESIS TONIGHT

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    SPECIAL LOVE: Meet Madison Alexis, Shares Her LBGT Journey, From Male to Female

    in Relationships

    MADAM COACH.will air a BONUS pre-recorded show this Saturday, February 14th at 5:30 pm CST about SPECIAL SOUL-LOVE to be "True Thy Self." Her guest will be MADISON ALEXIS, a Transgendered Woman, talking about her journey, her family,and the reason she wanted to share her experiences with all of us and those in the LBGT communtiy who find themselves at the same crossroad. She feels her calling to be a "role model" to support others transitioning through the stages as a transgendered person. 

    Don't miss this show. However, if your do after the live show a podcast will be posted my FB page.



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    Pandoras Box

    in Entertainment

    Fabian and Vayy gives us the the inside scoop and 411 on the body they where born in along with a break down of the transgendered lifestyle. We have real world questions from the people on social media. This is a SIZZLING HOT show dont miss it!!

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    GOCC Dallas "The Elect" Exposing The LBGT Agenda pt 4

    in Education

    The LGBT movement is being promoted as a civil rights movement.  Is the the Truth or is the Truth really something sinister?

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    Understanding Transgenderism and LGBT

    in Health

    8p ET/7p CT Wednesday, December 9, 2015: Dial 347-850-8486 to discover little-known truths about transgenderism. Some individuals identify themselves as the opposite of their gender at birth and make every effort to identify themselves as the "correct" gender.  There are many, many individuals that fit the description for transgenderism, lesbian, gay,  and/or bisexual.

    The transgender community is filled with diversity.  People from various racial, cultural, and socio-economic background make-up the transgender/LGBT community.  However respect, understanding, and equal-opportunity from society-at-large are the common goals that this particular marginalized community seeks to achieve. 

    Root Cause Radio interviews Dr. Maxwell Nartey, founder of Symtometry, on December 9th to share scientific facts that will help to dispel the myths about people in the transgender or LGBT community.  Dr. Nartey will share: 

    whether there is a root cause for individuals to be transgender
    whether there are unique health challenges in the LGBT community
    why it is important to express kindness & respect to people who are different

       Access this show and all podcasts at www.RootCauseRadio.com.

    Root Cause Radio ~ Sharing the Secrets of Optimal Health


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    Refutation OF Muslims Who Support LBGT

    in Religion

    DeenOverDunya Show Hosted By Saiful-Haqq

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    Gender Journeys Part 1 ~ Introduction

    in Spirituality

    I am almost at a loss for how to begin this...there are so many things I want you to know!

    I want you to know that even though all people have marriage equality in all states they are still able to be denied jobs, housing and basic needs.

    40% of homeless youth are LGBT...and the #1 reason they are on the streets is family rejection.

    The suicide attempt rate for Trans is 41% as opposed to 1.6% for the general population.

    Simply put, we have brothers and sisters amongst us who live their lives in pain, misunderstood and shunned. These are our children, our family, our future. How can we continue to deny love to those who need it so much? We don't need to change them. We don't need to pretend they are not there. We don't need to save them.

    For they are Perfect, Whole and Complete as they stand. They are one of God's Creatures just like you and I. Come learn with us how to be better allies to those that still need help in the fight for Human Equality...

    For the full shows and all the upcoming archives you can go to: