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    The Willie Lawson Show - Fed-Up February

    in Politics Conservative

    Some of us can see spring from here and spring cleaning is right around the corner. But in order for spring cleaning to happen you must first get fed up with the clutter of fall and winter. And today my friends I am. I can not take the wanton stupity of people one more day without comment!

    Beyonce` and the Super Bowl 

    Open Primaries

    Vintage media led presidential debates

    Lack of focus on local elections

    Continued crappy GOP strategy

    The left's insertion of their agenda in every aspect of life.


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    www.theredriverchronicle.com Willie Lawson Show - Donald Trump

    in Politics Conservative

    Wow, after hundreds of programs, thousands of dirty looks, and insults from people I just met if I don't support Trump some say I am part of the "establishment?" After all of the heavy and intense critisim I have levied on the Republican party some will say if I don't get behind Donald Trump it was all for naught. The same people that have decided to not participate in the battle since 2008 can show up now and lable me as a Big Government Progressive?!? Really?  I have two words for you. Bite Me! 

    The Trump fevor is the same irrational nonesense that I heard come from the Obama camp in 2007. It is the ignore his past and just get caught up in the wonderful platitudes of the present. Lablel anyone that does not join you in your celeberty worship as the enemy, Sounds like Obama 2.0

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    The Willie Lawson Show - www.theredriverchronicle.com

    in Politics Conservative

    2016 may prove to be the most challenging year for those engaged in the battle to save the Republic. Are you ready for what it is going to take?  The presidential elections will be in Novemeber, but will there be anything to preside over by then?  Will conservatives be able to slow donwn the culture war and regain the attention of the youth of America or will political correctness destroy what is left of free speech? 

    Will the summer of 2016 look like the summer of 1968? Are we ready for revolution?

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    The Willie Lawson Show - www.newhomestpa.com

    in Politics Conservative

    Before we know it the Republicans will be in Cleveland deciding on the person they will put before the American voter for president of the United States. Until then there will be a great deal of rhetoric and fighting. Many things will be said concerning the candidates and their stands on numerous policies.  

    Will you be able to power through the nonsense and stay focused on the issues that are important to America. Will you stay focused on the more than 20 trillion dollar debt?  Will stay focused on the legislative roll back attempt of the second amendment? Are you ready to do whatever you can to ease the pain of the affordable care act? 

    Will you keep your eye on the prize?


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    SFFFA (Shannon Knowles, Commissioner)

    in Sports

    South Florida Flag Football Association (Shannon Knowles - Commissioner)

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    Lawson For Commission - UPDATE

    in Politics

    Today is the last day of the August reporting period. We are trying to get in as many contibutions tonight as possible. Contribute at www.lawsonforcommission.com 

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    Commissioner Show

    in Football

    Join me as  I will be discussing both the Legends of the Fall, and the NFFL2K.

    Recapping the week that was and the week that will be.

    I will also be talking everything fantasy from a commissioners standpoint, owner standpoint, and an outsider.

    Im going to be talking EVERYTHING that has gone down this week, and the last time I was on the air, as it relates to fantasy football and the leagues....

    Join me wont you??

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    The www.theredriverchronicle.com - Willie Lawson Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Syrian refugees, #blacklivesmatter, Chicago Police shooting, Donald Trump, Presidential front-runner, Thank you to our affiliate partner The Red River Chronicle Website www.theredriverchronicle.com for helping us produce this show. The River River Chronicle is the best conservative site on the web! 

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    Commissioner Show

    in Football

    Join me as I discuss the week that was,  Do we have a new owner in both leagues or am I back to square one? What is going on with FCFS vs. Blind Bidding? Illegal lineups, who is hot and who  is not? Commissoner news and nuggets and an update on the rulebook(s). As well, always taking calls from owners from the LOF and NFFL2K, and even owners outside the league as well!

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    Commissioner Show

    in Football

    The NFFL2K and LOF leagues have exploded with activity.. A transition tag offer was put in for a player in the NFFL2K league, a league first!!!! Don't forget the trades galore, a new owner who seems to be making waves allready..  Have you made moves in the league to keep up with the flurry of action in the leagues? Join me as I summarize the League(s) and the activity in them.. I will talk about what has happened in the leagues, and what else will be coming down the line in the future weeks and months for all owners, and yes trade rumors because I get to see them all!!!  Also, just so many other things that are on my mind at the moment. I want to hear from you,, Ill be taking calls, asking questions and listening to owners plans and blue prints to their season as well..

    There will be a ton to talk about..


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    DELATORRO McNEAL graces the Willie Lawson Show Stage

    in Motivation

    Delatorro McNeal is one of the top and highly sought out public speaker in the world. Most recently ranked one of the Best Motivational Speakers in the World, I have been transforming the lives of people for over 15 years. 

    Delatorro has delivered well over 3000 paid presentations to major corporations, professional associations, conventions, pro-sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences.
    Clients include: Johnson & Johnson, New York Life, JP Morgan Chase, Prudential, Accenture and a host of others. 

    Delatorro holds the prestigious CSP designation, placing me in the top 7% of paid professional speakers worldwide. Delatorro has been featured on national and worldwide television networks like FOX, ABC, NBC, BET, TBN, Daystar and Oxygen as well as syndicated radio shows all across America. And today he is my guest here on the Willie Lawson Show.