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    Butterfly Evolution welcomes organizer Corrie Bornds, "Where Do We Go From Here" Black History Program amd Pastor Jessie Summerville for a powering discussion.  We will join together to discuss the vision and mission for the Where Do We Go From Here Black History Program. 

    This event will challenge you from a different perspective. Corrie Bornds is known for his powerful but significant statement. 

    "Black People" are waiting for an apology, but it will never happen.  The “I’m sorry or The Hallmark Card with compensation” IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Black People must view the effects of slavery from a “DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE” 

    How to understanding, unite and learn to love. 

    How to STOP being SLAVES in 2016

    Butterfly Evolution welcomes the organizer and presenters of "Where Do We Go From Here" Monday Feb. 22nd @ 8PM CST.  Listen comment 818-691-7406 

    Attend the Event:  Saturday Feb. 27th 3 PM at New Hope Christian Life Center 1525 Wooten ST Covington TN 38019

    Corrie Bornds Organizer & Presenter

    Brandon Gaitor B4 Foundation Breaking Barriers Building Bridges

    Knowledge Nick The Hip Hop Perspective

    Lawerence New Era Crosier & Courtney Shaw 901-Evolution & Subliminal Thought

    Tammy Gaitor (Butterfly Evolution – 901-Butteflies & Gaitor Consulting

    Val Lott Poetic Youth Activist

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    The MMA Fast Lane with two of Bellator's Rising Stars

    in MMA

    The MMA Fast Lane will be joined tonight by two up and coming stars in Bellator. Garrett Gross will join us to discuss his victory at Bellator 145, what its like to train at American Top Team in Cocnut Creek, FL, and what his future plans are. Emmanuel Sanchez the budding featherweight will talk about his upcoming bout with Daniel Pineda, a look back at his war with Justin Lawerence, and more. A big thank you to fightbookmma.com, Fighting for Autism, and Scrap Soldier Clothing and Fight Gear.

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    Bill Chitwood, M.D. Writer/Producer/Director and Consultant

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    In this episode of the Community Reinvestment Show with talk with Lawerence County, Alabama naitive William Shelton (Bill) Chitwood, M.D. His Curriculum Vitae is too extensive to put in this summary. In this show we're going to cover as much as it that we possibly can especially areas where I have a special interest such as psychology/psychiatry. Dr. Chitwood and I recently were guest speakers at the Medical Cannabis Advocates of Alabama Rally at the Alabama State Capital. Many were shocked when they learned that he doesn't smoke and ask him why he does this activism. He says, "It's easy--not only does cannabis work well for some conditions (thus sayeth the data), but the entire War on Drugs is insane,and doing much more harm to the Republic than the drugs themselves. Also, now that he's retired from medicine , he can say what many doctors think, but can't say for fear of losing their licenses and livelihoods. Somebody needs to say it so why not Bill Chitwood, M.D. He's got lots of opinions and leans conservatarian/ contrarian, and while we man not always agree, we'll have fun going 'round and round' with our sometimes opposing views. He did Residency in Child Adolescent and Family Psychiatry at the University of South Alabama Hospitals and Clinics in Mobile, Alabama. Mr. Chitwood also did a Residency  in General Psychiatry at the University of Alabama Birmingham. He's also a 1985 graduate of Auburn University, 1988 & 1991 graduate of University of South Alabama. He's now retired and is also a well established Writer/Producer/Director/Consultant in Media Production.

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    Take Action Get Profits Radio

    in Business

    Take Action Get Profits Radio with Host Michele Scism and her Guest Sandy Lawrence and Karen Lynn Maher:

    Sandy Lawrence - PR Strategist, #17 Houston's Top Social Influencers, International Speaker, Author and PR Coach.
    Sandy has been a Business owner for 13 years.

    Karen Lynn Maher - LegacyONE Authors is a self-publishing consulting company that leads business experts to increase their credibility, visibility and profits through authorship. Our greatest strength is helping authors create an engaging manuscript that reflects their professional knowledge and expertise—their ExpertBook™. Often, prospective authors seek guidance about how to get their book published, even before writing their first word. Publishing is the easy part—and final phase—of creating a book. We direct authors to focus on the most important and often overlooked aspect of beginning to write—planning.

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    Interview with Mike Denney

    in Music

    MIKE DENNEY is President of MDM Recordings Inc., an independent recording company founded in 2008 and located in Toronto. One of his biggest dreams for his artists is to help enhance their success by securing them international recognition, and he has made this goal a priority. “My mission is to support, help nurture and grow the careers of the numerous artists that I work with on a day in and day out basis. I want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, while achieving mine with theirs.”

    A 25 year veteran of the music industry, Mike believes that being passionate and success-driven about music (or anything that you do) supersedes wanting a large pay check and material advances. “I have always been very driven to succeed. Years ago it was material things, now it’s a passion for what I do.”

    What he looks for in new artists is simple, “I want to represent talent that can really play and perform from their core, their true soul,” he explains. “I want artists that are hard-working and driven by the music, inspired to constantly perfect their craft. To me this is the true definition of talent.”

    Announced in July 2015, in a country-wide reveal, 2015 marks another outstanding year for MDM Recordings and its artists, with a total of sixteen CCMA nominations, across 15 categories.

    Substantiating her claim to the modern day Shania Twain status, Jess Moskaluke (an MDM artist and current CCMA Female Artist of the Year) continues her success streak with 2015 CCMA Female Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year nominations.

    Tune in to hear Mike chat with about all the latest news in the MDM world!

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    Author Harel Lawrence !

    in Writing

    Childrens book author Harel Lawerence talks about his Christian books for children!

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    GRIDIRONSTUDS SHOW 4/20/15: NFL, College Football and Pro Sports Talk

    in Sports

    Call in # (347) 633-9365

    Chad Wilson and Emil Calomino discuss the latest in the world of college and NFL football + pro sports topics including:

    - Ohio St. spring game attendance
    - Why college coaches don't name starting QB during spring ball
    - Tim Tebow is a Philadelphia Eagle
    - Lawerence Phillips
    - and much more

    Listen live at 10 AM est. and Call

    Phone # (347) 633-9365
    Twitter: @GridironStuds
    Email: cwilson@gridironstuds.com
    Instagram: @GridironStuds



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    Comedian Hope Flood Returns

    in Entertainment

    One of our favorite comedians is back as Hope Flood returns to the show.

    Flood is an accompished stand-up with mulitple awards and appeared on everything from "Def Comedy Jam" to "Martin lawerence Presents First Amendment Stand-up".

    Flood started his "Comcis Rock" convention to groom newer stand-ups into the buisness and network with other professionals.

    We will catch up woth Flood about what she has been up to since we last spoke and the upcoming convention. 

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    Episode 7: Phillies first full week

    in Sports

    Yes, baseball is back in swing and the Phillies are not so bad........  Yet, 3-4 after 7 games.  Flyers season ended quietly, the Sixers are 2 games from done we'll go over the chances of getting the first round picks that they could get.  Review Eagles Draft again.  The Masters happened, Lawerence Phillips finally killed a guy, Aaron Hernandez trial is almost over.  New top 5 list.

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    Live:Norman Humble Lion Lawerence-Unscrupulous Promoters & Reggae Industry ills

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    Norman Lawrence also known as Humble Lion is a radio personality and advertising consultant with a career spanning over twenty five years. Norman who is from the cool hills of Mandeville Jamaica was inspired by two of his older brothers. Michael Lawrence was a part of Mystic Generation band and did a lot of work with the then fledgling careers of Garnett Silk, Everton Blender, Uton Green, General Degree and much more. Charles Lawrence who was raised by his Mom in Port Antonio was the owner of the now defunct foundation sound system Taurus International. Norman volunteered to spend every summer in Portland because he was fascinated with the sound system and the various dances that it played at.Norman was also highly influenced by top radio personalities in Jamaica like Jeff “Free I” Dixon and Barry “Barry G” Gordon from as far back as he can remember and always knew he would have a career in radio. In 1987 he migrated with his family to South Florida but relocated to NY in 1989. In NY he was influenced by people like Ken Williams and Clinton Lindsay. It was actually Clinton Lindsay who gave Norman his first opportunity on radio on WNWK 105.9fm. Although the show aired 3-6am on Wednesday mornings, he saw it as a great opportunity to be on radio in the city that never sleeps. The show was dubbed “Reggae Alert” and was co-hosted by Veniece “Dub Wonder” Fung Chung. Norman known as Larro Dread back then worked at Dub Wonder Records in Queens NY and met Clinton through Veniece who was the owner.In 1993 Norman moved to Philadelphia where he did the “Conscious Party” on WPEB 88.1fm Sunday nights between 6-10pm. It was while doing this show he received the name Humble Lion from the community which describes his two distinct natures. Always very quiet and unassuming, but as they say “don’t wake the sleeping lion”. Norman also philosophized this as the two natures of Christ.

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    A Different Identity

    in Entertainment

    Join Lawrence and Pam on “A Different Identity” on Monday evenings at 8pm as they give the male and female perspective to help you make better decisions because we all know “when you know better you do better”.