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    T.H.I.N.K. ABOUT IT!!

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    Do you T.H.I.N.K. before you Speak, Type or Text? Lauren Galley and Rebecca Moore are the hosts of this inspirational series dedicated to bringing awareness to our behavior on social media as well as in person! 
    Tonight's guest is Jacob Hopkins, child actor, known to audiences for his role as Alexander Drew on True Blood as the "kid looking" vampire.
    Listen as Jacob weighs in on how the use of T.H.I.N.K. can make a difference and learn a little more about his latest projects!
    Follow Jacob on twitter @HopkinsJacob5

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    Twitter 4 Teens

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    Lauren Galley, President of Girls Above Society and host of The Lauren Galley Show share the Twitter Expert Keith Keller of Australia. Keith's wealth of information regarding Twitter for Teens is packed full of quality expert advice. Follow Keith on Twiiter @KeithKeller and visit his website at www.globalsocialmediacoaching.com

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    Let's T.H.I.N.K.

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    Listen in as Lauren Galley, President of Girls above Society & Rebecca Moore, founder of T.H.I.N.K.  launch their new T.H.I.N.K. episodes of The Lauren Galley Show.  A new perspective, a fresh approach and a new way to THINK!!
    T.H.I.N.K. is an acronym that challenges you to ask yourself: Is what I am saying, texting or typing:
    T - True H - Helpful I - Important N - Necessary K - Kind?

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    Social Media for Teens: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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    Join Lauren Galley and Rebecca Moore as they continue the T.H.I.N.K. series on The Lauren Galley Show. Tonights guest is Dabney Porte. Dabney's experience with social media takes things up about 10 levels! Listen in as these girls expose the good and the ugly of social media for teens. Get 3 perspectives in one show - Teens - Parents - Business 


    With a focus on lifestyle and women empowerment, Dabney has received worldwide attention and is known for her passion in building relationships online and in person.

    Dabney is noted for connecting people across the globe. She inspires educates and supports her audience daily with her unique talents and irresistible personality.

    In 2011, Dabney caught the eye of veteran talk show host Ricki Lake. After forming an immediate online friendship, Ricki sought Dabney to build the first ever Social TV Community of its kind, The Friends of Ricki, for the new Ricki Lake Show

    Dabney brings SOCIAL to Individuals, the Entertainment Industry & Corporate America. As a lifestyle expert, community builder, business consultant, author & international speaker, Dabney specializes in the communication & creation of likability between consumers and brands and is a much-sought after speaker, guest, host, consultant and expert by a variety of individuals, corporations and media outlets.

    For more information visit www. dabneyporte.com 


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    So you T.H.I.N.K. you can Tweet?

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    Keith is a wealth of Global Social Media knowledge. He is also a popular speaker on the subject of Social Media (especially Twitter) and has appeared on numerous radio shows, teleseminars and webinars across the United States, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia as well as Australia.  His latest series of videos in collaboration with Lauren Galley, President of Girls Above Society gets teens tweeting with style and postive content. Follow the link below to listen in. A must listen for parents & teens. 


    Want to get found fast? Keith's your go to guy. His Get Found TV is THE place to get your social media soaring! Follow the link below for your free trial! 





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    Changing the World One Girl at a Time with Celebrity Teen Mentor Lauren Galley

    in Entertainment

    Our guest Lauren Galley shares insight on how we can build a healthy relationship with our teens while Instilling confidence & leadership skills with our host Dabney & all of her Social Media Girlfriends! 

    At 19, Lauren is a Teen Mentor, Authour, TV Host, Actress & the President of Girls Above Society.Lauren's tag line "Making a difference....One Girl at a Time" ignites a passion for charitable causes such as Boy & Girls Country, Susan B. Curtis Foundation, Communities in Schools & Cy-Hope located throughout the United States. Lauren's work extends to the economically challenged territories providing hope & change & her effort to bring an end to bullying has been officially recognized by Texas Gov Rick Perry.

    Lauren tells girls "BU ~ There's No One Else Like It!" Via her teen mentorship program,  Girls Above Society & her successful Girl Talk program for our younger girls, Lauren instills confidence & leadership skills in today’s media driven society as she empowers our future generation of women to become confident and empowered.

    We absolutely LOVE Laruen and know you will too! Join us LIVE on the Radio & in our nest on Twitter as YOU become a part of the conversation!  Simply follow/use the hashtag #SmGirlfriends & follow @LaurenMGalley & our host @DabneyPorte & join the Global Brilliance of our Social Media Girlfriends Community!

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    Lauren Galley Joins Susan J Sohn & Nicole Liboiron

    in Lifestyle

    Lauren Galley, Teen Mentor, Author, TV Host, Actress and President of Girls Above Society transitioned from her high school AP program to college at age 16 embarking on a journey driven to create an anchor of empowerment for teen girls. Launching Girls Above Society allows a platform of teen to teen mentorship as she instills confidence and leadership skills in today’s media driven society. Lauren hosts her own show “The Lauren Galley Show” and has been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Best Ever You Radio and Talented Teens in the UK. As a Huffington Post Teen writer, Lauren covers the pressures teens are face today. Her Free2BeYOU Series as a Youth Advocate for Free2Luv and serving as the Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine provides an extended platform reaching millions of teens.

    Lauren's "Girl Talk" program addresses issues relating to pressures affecting a generation affected by the wave of negative values. Helping teens feel good about themselves and empowering them to mentor their peers about the importance of self-acceptance holds the promise of improved lives for teens everywhere.

    Lauren's tag line "Making a difference-One Girl at a Time" ignites a passion for charitable causes such as Boy and Girls Country, Susan B. Curtis Foundation, Communities in Schools and Cy-Hope located throughout the United States. Lauren's work extends to the economically challenged territories providing hope and change. Lauren's effort to bring an end to bullying has been officially recognized by Texas Governor Rick Perry.

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    Dana Wendt - CEO of Golden Family Co. Talks JOUZGE & It's Effect on Teen Girls

    in Parents

    What GIRLS Need & What They Want 

    Our girls are bombarded by negative messages from the magazines they simply see on the shelves at the grocery store to the labels on the food they eat. This makes them think they have to be skinnier, prettier and sexier. While raising her daughter, who is now 16, Dana Wendt realized most food products for women, which teenaged girls see their mothers eat and want to emulate, reinforce the negative messages with weight management names and taglines. Can you believe 80 percent of 10-year-old girls are on a diet? A diet! Before their bodies have even hit puberty. And, by the time they become teenagers, more than half are unhappy with their bodies. That number increases to more than three-quarters by the time they are 18. These statistics, combined with Dana's experience, forced her to take a look at the industry and figure out how we can change the message. It became a call-to-action to create a great snack line for girls that ditches the crappy messages and crappy ingredients and instead reminds girls that they are amazing. That they have JOUZGE. Tonight, parents and teens will have the opportunity to learn valuable tools that will empower and inspire all girls to activate their Power To The Girl!  

    Meet Dana Wendt ~ CEO of Golden Family Company and Founder of JOUZGE. I am here because of a passion to remind my daughter and all girls that they are amazing; that they have JOUZGE. 

    Meet Becca Moore ~ Education Expert in Massillon, Ohio & Director of Education for Non-Profit Organization Girls Above Society. Becca's genuine voice empowers parents & girls to rise above the negatives teens face in today's society. 






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    What would Barbie look like as an Average Girl?

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    Nickolay Lamm 

    “As a digital artist who majored in marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, he comes up with a provocative idea or question, studies it, and then provides Internet aggregators [...] with visual content that they post on their sites. Those images in turn get picked up on media websites, spurring commentary [...] and gets the aggregators a mention.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    “I think my main value comes not from my graphic-design skills, but my thinking about an idea that will get media attention — and something that I care about — and executing my vision to get a cool visual.” – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    “I think he’s being responsible — he’s not making anything up here,” says Dr. Doug Harper, a professor specializing in visual sociology at Duquesne University. “He’s finding ways to present information — visual summaries, really. It’s at the immediate level.” – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    People often ask me, “How do you make something go viral?”

    I never try to make something viral for the sake of going viral, which is a very ambiguous term anyways. I try to make visuals which point out things which I feel are overlooked. Virality is just a side effect.

    I come up with a unique visual idea and work with artists and experts to bring my vision to life.

    I do lots of research. With each project, I say something new or elaborate on a subject in a way that’s never been done before. I consult with recognized professionals or use existing data. I direct each project through the whole process, working with talented artists to create flawless visuals.

    One of my biggest inspirations is Steve Jobs. I encourage everyone to see the “Secrets of Life,” a short Steve Jobs interview.


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    Who Do U Think U R?

    in Youth

    Lauren interviews 16 year old Kaitlyn Knippers, known as Kaitlyn K from Cypress, Texas. This sensational singer stepped up to the plate with over 1000 other students at Cy-Ranch High School and made a difference in stomping out Bullying with their famous dub step video. Kaitlyn's genuine soul makes her a great representative of her school and town inspiring others to go out and make a difference in this world. 
    Visit kaitlynk.com and download your copy of "Who do U Think U R?" for Free!


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    Take 5 - The Consequences of Student Sexting, Cyber-Bullying & Online Privacy

    in Youth

    Stephen J. Smith

    Director of Relationship Marketing for CBTS, is a former high school coach and teacher who also has over 25 years experience in the world of film, video and interactive media development. For the past 12 years he has worked exclusively in the telecommunications industry. He will provide an overview for parents and teens on the consequences of student sexting, cyber-bullying and online privacy — while also examining the technologies that enable but can also reduce these practices.  Steve also writes a quarterly blog  for parents entitled: 

    A Wired Family         

    www.awiredfamily.org http://www.awiredfamily.org>