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    Think & Grow Rich: Overcome Procrastination to Succeed

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    The Compassionate Capitalist show with host Karen Rands, continues the Think & Grow Richer Series with the topic of Procrastination...how it is a success killer and strategies to overcome it.  Our special guest is Kristopher B Jones.  Clearly a man who has conquered procrastination on his journey to success. Kris is the former President and CEO of Pepperjam, a full-service internet marketing agency and affiliate network he founded in 1999 and sold to eBay Enterprise (NASDAQ – EBAY). Since leaving Pepperjam 2010, Kris founded an early stage technology investment fund called KBJ Capital, which includes portfolio companies Highlighter.com, French Girls App (pix posted), Yumm.com, and Internet Media Labs to name a few.  He is a best-selling author and sought-after speaker.  To learn more about Kris, visit http://krisjones.com and follow him on twitter @krisjonescom.

    Over 70 yrs ago, Napolean Hill described procrastination as the hidden killer standing in the shadow of every human being waiting to spoil one's chances of success.  Failures come from the attitude and behavior of waiting for the "time to be right" or as we have discussed the underlying causes of lack of belief in the ability to reach a goal, and burning desire to overcome a fear of failure.  Kris will share his insights and experiences in overcoming procrastination to achieve his admirable success early on, and which he continues to build upon.

    Learn more about Karen Rands and her company that educates Investors and Entrepreneurs to a common end of bringing innovation to market, creating jobs, and creating wealth - Compassionate Capitalism http://kugarandholdings.com   

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    Think & Grow Richer - Why Leaders Fail

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    The Compassionate Capitalist Show, hosted by Karen Rands, digresses from the regular outline of each of the chapters in Napolean Hill's historic best selling original novel Think & Grow Rich to focus on Leadership.  Within his chapter on Step 6 Toward Riches: Organized Planning, Hill focuses a great deal on Leadership.   He spends time discussing the Origin of Leadership, the Eleven Secrets of Leadership, and what causes a Leader to fail.   

    Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an active investor mentoring entrepreneurs, understanding and mastering leadership within a growing organization is critical to the success of the company long term. A dysfunctional leader in a company, depending on their shortfall, can lead to a corporate culture of inefficiency, fear, and/or selfishness that will directly impacts the company's ability to create maximum profit and sustained growth.  Without profit and sustained growth, the company becomes an under performing company and does not realize its true potential in the market leading to less than ideal outcomes for an exit and return on investment. 

    In this 30 min broadcast, Karen will explore this topic of Leadership drawing from Napolean Hill's writings and her own industry experience from working with hundreds of CEOs over the years. 

    To gain access to the full Think & Grow Rich series and the supplemental materials visit:  http://entrepreneurblogspace.com/think-grow-rich 

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    Think & Grow Richer: Organized Planning – laying the foundation for success

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    Step 6- Think & Grow Rich - Organized Planning...creating the road map to your dreams.  You will not succeed in your endeavor to increase your wealth and mark your place in the world as a successful business man or women if you don't BELIEVE you can achieve that goal, nor if you don't create a ROAD MAP to get to your destination 

    In this segment on the Compassionate Capitalist radio show, Karen Rands will be joined by Burke Franklin. Burke Franklin invented business planning software in 1988 with the introduction of his best-selling BizPlanBuilder® business plan software template. He is the creator of JIAN (jee’on -- a zen word meaning "the master of every art"), the company behind an entire suite of successful business productivity software apps & templates for launching, building and succeeding in business.

    Karen and Burke will talk about the differences in planning your day, your strategy, your access to capital, and the growth of your business...all with the specific intent of taking the necessary steps forward to not only put you on the path to success, but ensure you reach your destination.  Too often, entrepreneurs think they have a plan...but it is in their head.  Or they get started with a traditional plan, and never use it again until they need to get money from a bank or investor.   In this segment you will learn why you need Organized Planning to - THINK and GROW RICH. 

    To Learn More about JIAN and the amazing business planning and organization tools developed for entrepreneurs click here

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    Think & Grow Richer - Specialized Knowledge - Building Teams, Being a Leader

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    Compassionated Capitalist Radio Show: Think & Grow Rich series. We will focus on the need for Specialized Knowledge to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.  An entrepreneur may be inspired and have a vision of the future - success from delivering to the marketplace something that is needed.  One of the steps outlined by Napoleon Hill was to gather Specialized Knowledge to accomplish your objective. 

    Dr. Jeffrey Magee will join host, Karen Rands, as the special guest to discuss the fine art of building teams that work together toward a common goal and becoming the leader that can lead high performance teams. Dr. Magee has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.” Jeff is the Author of more than 20 books, two college text books, four best sellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine (www.ProfessionalPerformanceMagazine.com), former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio (http://www.catalystbusinessradio.com/index.php), and Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.  www.JeffreyMagee.com. He will share insights and his experience in guiding companies of all sizes on how to build winning teams and a leadership culture. 

    To learn more about Karen Rands, visit http://launchfn.com and visit our new virtual environment for investors and companies - http://kugarand.com

    Get access to blog articles for all Think & Grow Rich episodes at http://entrepreneurblogspace.com/think-grow-rich

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    Think & Grow Richer: Master Your Destiny

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    This episode of the Compassionate Capitalist's Think & Grow Rich series will focus on AutoSuggestion, see yourself where you will be, and you can achieve it. Napolean Hill put Autosuggestion as the 3rd step toward riches.   Autosuggestion is touched on in the initial discussion of Thoughts as Things and in Step 2 - Faith.  Napolean Hill thought it was so integral the idea that a person could "think and grow rich" that is addressed within every lesson, but specifially within the 3rd chapter. In this segment we will explore the concept in greater detail. 

    The idea that man is the master of his destiny is accepted by most, but why or how can man be master of his destiny?  It is in the power of the mind.   What one believes he might achieve or not achieve, becomes the reality.  From the time we were little, we were told about Thomas the Train --- I think I can, I think I can....and Thomas does climb that hill.  Somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of that simple premise.   The intent of this segment is to reignite the belief that you can achieve anything you want if you are willing to train your subconscious mind to believe that you can. 

    To learn more about how LAUNCHfn uses these principles to teach entrepreneurs how to raise seed capital to start their business, please complete this form and sign up for a free consultation.  http://launchfn.com/consultation.html. 

    Read more about this and other topics related to Think & Grow Rich in the blog article: http://entrepreneurblogspace.com/think-grow-rich/

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    Compassionate Capital Show - the World is Flat and that means Competition

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    Karen Rands returns with her Compassionate Capitalist radio show to discuss how a global market impacts entrepreneurs & investors when it comes to predicting the success of an early stage company.    The best selling book "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, set forth the premise that business leaders should view the world as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity.  Although books is a decade old, the idea is relevant in todays world just as much back then. 

    In this episode, Karen will explore what this means to entrepreneurs and investors when it comes to launching and growing a company.   The ying/yang of a "flat world" is competition & collaboration.  When it comes to bringing innovation to market it is easy to think that a company has "no competition".   This is rarely the case.   The competition may be indirect, shifting the staus quo, or simply in another part of the world that neither the entrepreneur or investor knows about.  Not anticipating the existence of competition creates a false sense of safety.  Likewise, identifying potential collaboration partners can strengthen a company before they are faced with direct competition to remain in a place of dominance. 


  • Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show - Why Does a High Net Worth person Invest

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    This segment of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show will explore the factors that motivate a High Net Worth person to invest in a private company.   During this half your show, you will learn about the emotional and psychological triggers that can cause an investor to invest by purchasing a portion of a private company or to reject the opportunity. 

    Entrepreneurs will benefit by understanding what the motivations are and therefore what they need to do or change to increase their odds of attracting investment. 

    Investors will benefit by understanding their emotional triggers and balancing those motivators with objective critieria to help decrease the likelihood of making too risky of an investment. 

    Karen Rands has worked with entrepreneurs regarding attracting capital for over a decade.  She has spent countless hours with investors discussing what caused them to invest and what did they learn from the investments that made money and those that did not.  She will share some of those insights during this show. 

    To connect with Karen and to sign up for valuable insights and information specific to entrepreneurs and investors, you can contact here at LAUNCHfn.com 

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    CrowdFunding - getting on that band wagon

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    Crowd funding here, Crowd funding there, Crowd funding seems to be everywhere.   But what does it mean today and what does will it mean to the entreprenuers out there trying to raise capital? 
    The celebratory feeling Entrepreneurs had when the Jobs Act passed in 2012 has turned to one of a jilted bride left at the alter.  All the promise and commitment of a great future, but left in the cold to wonder what could have been. 
    The SEC is the regulatory body for all investment transactions.  They have valid concerns that if they move to quickly and approve regulations without thinking through the ripple effects they could lead to another economic collapse like the housing bubble, or the dot.com bubble, or the S&L bail out... each of which was allowed to happen by a regulatory changed voted in by congress but not managed properly by the SEC.
    Tune in to get an update from the Compassionate Capitalist, Karen Rands, as she tries to cut through the noise to give you clarity on what you can be doing now to position yourself for success in these uncertain times, and what you can likely expect relative to crowdfunding regulation this year.
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    LAUNCHfn Client Named #17 on top 20 companies to watch by Forbes

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    Compassionate Capitalist, Karen Rands, will intervew 3 incredible entrepreneurs with exciting companies that are on a high growth path. The first has been named one of Forbes Magazines top 20 companies to watch. As the only company that is pre-revenue, ServusExchange with the award winning, popular SaaS solution for building contrators, My Online Toolbox, was chosen after a rigorous application and review process. We will hear CEO Brian Javeline discuss the history and exciting future of this dynamic company.
    Following this segment, Karen will interview two of the companies seleted to participate in the upcoming NBAI Angel Investor Event in Atlanta on Nov 11th. B.Lloyd's is an excellent example of how company with decades track record with one signature product, and within just a few years under new management and vision expand to over 20 varied products, national distribution, endorsement and partnering with nationally recognized TV celebrity and industry expert, and private lable for added market reach.
    Closing out the show we will hear from an enthusiastic lady CEO who is defying the odds of social community and membership sites by effectively monetizing through membership and providing value in offline and online communities. Lady's Luck Club is rapidly penetrating the market and gaining momentum with its unique approach and appeal in the marketplace for single women.
    Investors interested in these companies can get more information through the Contact us Page at http://www.launchfn.com. Also investors are encouraged to attend on the 11th to hear the full stories of these companies and how they can get involved in their growth and wealth creation.

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    New Carbon Economics - Find out what it means to You

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    Karen Rands once again brings our audience of investors and entrepreneurs the latest news Carbon Credits.
    Black carbon plays a much bigger role in global warming than many scientists previously thought. Black Carbon is produced as a by product from the CO2 that is emitted when any thing is burned. 
    When there is one environmental factor that has potential to impede sustainability across the board for all business and community, there is a profound economic impact as a result.  Decline in business viability and quality life hurts the economy.  Yet when there is an innovation that changes the way things are done so as to no longer produces the same amount of the bad Black Carbon, or even produces the opposite effect, and that  can be measured, a financial value can be placed on that. 
    When something can be measured and valued, it becomes the subject of trade and finance - an economy.  That is New Carbon Economics, and we are the threshold of profound shifts and potentially the start of the bubble Karen and Ian talked about nearly 3 years ago.
    Tune in to hear the latest - the money that is available, the growth of the free market, and how entrepreneurs can find out if the qualify for this type of value add to their business model.
    Learn more about New Carbon Economics on Facebook
    Show 1:   Carbon Credits - Will a Futures Exchange be the Next Bubble for Investors? Show 2:  Monetizing Black Carbon - Karen Rands - Ian Adlington

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    How To Raise The Capital For Your Start-Up Company

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    Excited entrepreneurs have a great idea that they believe will take the market by storm.  They pitch it to investors.  The have meeting after meeting, yet the investors are polite, but never pull the check book out. Where's the money?

    Other entrepreneurs seem to be "lucky"--they meet with a few investors and they seem to get momentum and easily raise $500,000 to a Million - or so it seems.   What  can an entrepreneur do to be the "lucky" one in scenario two?
    Karen Rands, the founder of Kugarand Holdings, and the  LAUNCHfn (Launch Funding Network) Access to Capital System, has spent over a decade with entrepreneurs and investors advising, analysing, and connecting. She is a leading expert in what motivates investors to invest and what entrepreneurs can do to increase their "luck" in finding the capital they need to launch and grow their business.
    Karen Rands will explain the "art and science" behind attracting angel investor capital for early stage entrepreneurs.  She will explain why Luck has very little to do with a successful capital campaign and what entrepreneurs can do to attract capital in today's economic and regulatory climate.

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