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    Birthing While Black 10 - Latinas Speak - Miriam Perez & Grace Roman!

    in Women

    Birthing While Black Continues with LATINA birthworkers! . Please join producer/host Denise Bolds with special guests Miriam Zolia Perez and Grace Roman! The discussion about Latinas and maternal health breaks myths and stigmas!

    Miriam Zoila Pérez is a queer Cuban-American writer and activist focused on race, health and gender. Pérez is the gender columnist for Colorlines, and is the founder of Radical Doula, a blog that covers the intersections of birth activism and social justice from a doula’s perspective. She is the author of the self-published Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full-Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support, which has sold over 1700 copies. Pérez worked in the reproductive justice movement for eight years, both online and off, including more than six years working with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

    Grace Roman is a Latina full spectrum doula and placenta encapsulator in the Bronx, NY. She can be reached on facebook as https://www.facebook.com/BronxPaleoBronxDoula

    Denise Bolds MSW: Certified birth doula (BOLD DOULA), owner of Bold Selah, LLC she is Bold Doula. Reach Denise Bolds: 845-797-4177 http://www,BoldDoula.com 


  • Radio Latinas Profesionales en Blog Talk Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz y Blanca Cecilia Carrero presentan la vision y mision de www.latinasprofesionales.com

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    ¿Está siguiendo al Cordero?

    in The Bible

    Religosamente, un cordero representaba inocencia, pureza, y mansedumbre. Filosofías y religiones enteras han sido desarolladas trás del simbolismo de un cordero.   ¿Qué significa segir al Cordero?  ¿Cuales son los requisitos?  ¿Se trata de volver a una granja?  ¿Se trata de seguir a una nueva filosofía?  ¿Qué o quién es el verdadero Cordero que debemos seguir?  En el programa de hoy, vamos a investigar en La Biblia Santa lo que significa seguir al Cordero y quién es el verdadero Cordero.

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    Latinas in Business with Lisa Hellebo

    in Goals

    Join Lisa as she speaks with entrepreneurs from across the country discuss entrepreneurship from a Latina perspective.  Follow the conversation @your15minradio.

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    Black Men Talk Radio ~ Show 16

    in Higher Education

    Host Dee Elvine and Michael Lucas will be tearing hoteps, simps, manginas, and scared to death negros a new one on tonight's show. Tell friends and don't miss it. 7:00 PM CST

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    What Difference Can Women Presidents Make? (Any country)

    in Business



    Leticia Bentley, The Moab Valley Multicultural Center

    Maria G. Hernandez, Ph.D., consultant

    Thelma T. Reyna, Ph.D., author


    Leticia Bentley

    Leticia Bentley is a native of México. She taught school there until she married and moved to Moab, Utah in 1985. She taught both Spanish and English as a Second Language for the Grand County School District.  

    Maria Hernandez, Ph.D.

    Dr. Maria Hernandez has consulted to senior executives, elected officials and leaders in the nonprofit sector on a wide range of issues including organizational change, talent optimization, and cultural competent healthcare. 

    Thelma T. Reyna, Award-winning writer and poet

    ?Thelma T. Reyna is author of The Heavens Weep for Us and Other Stories (2009), which won four national awards. Her two poetry chapbooks--Breath & Bone (2011) and Hearts in Common (2013)--were published by Finishing Line Press. Her new book, a collection of unpublished and selected poetry, is titled Rising, Falling, All of Us will be issued in early summer 2014.


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    El Crecimiento Espiritual (pt.2)

    in The Bible

    Muchas personas profesan que están el camino hacía el crecimento  espiritual.  Por tales personas usualmente se relacionen su crecimiento con un libro de auto estima,  una filosifia o un movimiento social.  ¿De qué se trata el crecimiento spiritual? ¿Se trata de adherirse a una filosifia o doctrina en nuestra socieadad? ¿Cómo podemos notar verdaderamente si estamos creciendo espiritualmente?   En la programacción de hoy, vamos a investigar en La Biblia Santa el concepto del crecimiento spiritual y algunos de sus components.

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    Evening Erotica with Lady K Episode 4

    in Entertainment


    1. How many guys are willing to be open sexually in the bedroom? Are guys more reserved than women in the bedroom?

    2. What's your longest Friends With Benefits situation? Did someone develop feelings? Multiple FWB ok or not?

    3. Would you have sex while on your period?

    4. Stereotypes....do Black guys have bigger penises? Do White guys have smaller ones but give better head? Do Asian women really have small vaginas? Are Latinos more passionate?

    Guest Call-In Number: (713) 955-0646

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    Call from a quiet place as all of your background noise will distort the audio.
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    Slavery abolition in the 21st century

    in Lifestyle

    If you though slavery was abolished in the 1800's then, you have another thing coming. In the 21st Century, right here in the Grand United States of America we have a slavery problem of mass proportions... We call it The Prison Industrialization Complex and it affects Blacks, White, Latinos and those without means to have an attorney represent them in cases all across this country. With the prison systems going toward privatization fill quotas and sentences are “creative” to say the least. Hence, the “New Slaves.”

    Join us and our special co-host Max Parthas of the New Abolitionists Radio station on Black Talk Radio Network, as we delve into this topic head on.

    Max comes to us with many years of hands on experience and from the trenches of today’s topics of race, politics and the Prison Industrialization Complex.  He is a husband, father, friend and prolific poet. You may remember him from a previous show on Howelegant and Toi talks on the Mask of Racism.

    With the upcoming elections, the status of race relations and equality in America, you can expect that we will have a powerful conversation on this subject and those that directly relate to slavery and it’s metamorphosis in the United State of America!

    Come prepared to learn, be challenged and called to task by our dynamic co-host of the evening! You will not be disappointed. 

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    #MigraMap, #FlintWaterCrisis and Rick Najera

    in News

    The Obama administration has resumed conducting raids and detaining families as part of an effort to deport Central Americans who have fled violence in their home countries. At least 121 people have been detained so far. In an effort to gather some of those stories and also share other underreported stories, Latino Rebels created #MigraMap—a crowdsourced data journalism tool. Christina Saenz-Alcantara will join us to give us more insight and an update on the map. She will also share the latest about #FlintWaterCrisis.

    Later in the show Rick Najera will join us. Najera is an award-winning author and also writes for Hulu’s original series, East Los High. Rick will be speaking to us his latest involvement with the CBS Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase 2016.

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    Nuestra Oportunidad Final.

    in The Bible

    Hoy en día muchas personas no reciben una segunda oportunidad.  En otros casos las oportunidades que algunos reciben, no las aprovechan.  ¿Qué tal nuestra oportunidad por la salvación?  ¿Cuántos de nosotros aprovecharemos  la oportunidad de entrar en el reino de Dios? ¿Cuántos de nosotros rechazaremos nuestra oportunidad final de mejorarnos en justicia por ser servidores de Cristo?  En el programa de hoy, vamos a investigar estas preguntas en La Biblia Santa.