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  • 02:50

    Late night zone out special edition

    in Wrestling

    Join in tonight on this special edition of the Zone out

    Pun returns tonight in rare form as he had a wake up call recently

    Tonight he will shed some light on the situation. Along with his wonderful Co host Tankgrrrrl

    When someone welcomes back old pun........its their funeral 

    Join us tonight after DMW....


    Make sure U R Ready as light will be shed on this situation tonight.

    This is a I c and ooc show. Be prepared for a zone out from the days of old

  • 01:43

    Late Night Leos Seventh Anniversary with Bryan Summerford of Zoo Guy Geckos

    in Pets


    Tonight we briefly look back on seven years of LNL. We are joined by the famous zoo keeper Bryan Summerford of Zoo Guy Geckos. Bryan has been working on some amazing leopard gecko projects as well as other species, not to mention the dozens of highly exotic animals he cares for at the Zoo. 

    Late Night Leos and its affiliates are not responsible for guest or caller's explicit language or opinions. 


  • 01:54

    late night zone out

    in Entertainment

    fly by night show 

  • 02:07

    Late NIght Zone Out hosted by Pun

    in Wrestling

    Pun is back on his own station, this time he is a co owner of DPIW so let the crazys come. 

    As always this is a ic ooc show, unlike like so many others I will catagorize it the way it should be

    This is the fisrt show since returning to his own network and he has quite a bit to talk about tonight,

    Pun welcomes a special Mystery guest from his past

    People going to new found lows, and why it grinds my gears

    The lost art of backing up your mouth

    Conflict of interest...wanna touch on this from my last show

    what to expect from this station in the near future

    Pun discusses whats in store for DPIW

    its christmas time so come with your worst gift ever ideas ...be more creative than a lame holiday sweater please

    Gang attacks and the solo mate 

    HOw lame call out scenes have gotten 


    Come in and discuss these topics tonight or bring something to discuss to  the table tonight, as always anyone can call in and join the insanity



  • 02:08

    Late NIght zone out xmas eve and x mas edition

    in Wrestling

    Merry Christmas eve and well Merry Christmas Pun brings in Christmas with the late night zone out 

    Tonights topics

    The grinches of WU

    Naughty and nice list

    Parasites and how to elimiate the lice

    why do we let some people repeat the same mistakes....broken record syndrome

    why a certian wu ranking scene is utter bullshit

    What to expect in the future

    DPIW Update

    SICK shout out

    pun discusses bringing back douche of the week

    What what the best worst and funnest momments of the year in WU 

    New Moves and as always the critics

    and anything else anyone wants to bring to the show and talk about 

    this show allows anyone to call in we wont put you on hold, and freedom to speak so come in join the fun and merry christmas




  • 02:16

    Ewa radio late night zone out with special guest terrell the truth jonson

    in Wrestling

    Join in tonight as terrell the truth Jonson joins in to hang out on the zone out. Who knows what will happen


    Tonight's topics

    EWA re launch progress

    From the doctors desk. Keep it classy

    Five in five with truth. If he shows up

    What are your favorite special events

    Pun in the singles pool

    Should douche of the week become the hall of douche

    What is lacking out there...

    Advancements in pot

    When keeping itbreal goes wrong......gunslinger 

    Top five hottest companies of January

    Mental breakdowns and why you should keep them off the feed

    New items in the store

    Ewa Radio announces its plans for 420

    Memory of his first show and how he knows how long he has been on air. 

    Anything terrell or any of his usual Co hosts have to say

    If you want anything promoted contact pun he will do his best to help out your 

    Anything you want to talk about bring it to the show. Better yet call in and join the conversation. Just know I don't play favorites and any comments could welcome someone to call in AMD oppose. Just saying. 





  • 02:09

    Late Night Zone Out with Punisher the Psychologist

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight as the late night talk  show hosted by Punisher the Psychologist returns tonight at Eleven pm est

    Word of the night- Interjection

    Tonights Special guests for inteview by pun

    Mrs Bubblez


    I am sure Punisher has lots he can ask these two. Do note this is not an ooc interview he is interviewing thier characters to let people know about thier WU personalities

    Pun has a couple of topics to talk about tonight 

    Why do some people feel the need to speak on others behalfs

    Putting noses where it doesnt belong what happens to you

    where did the fun go?????????


    Join us tonight skype or call in 



  • 02:00

    Late Night with Chemjobber and friends: November 27, 11 PM Eastern

    in Science

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of Chemjobber Late Night, a two-hour call-in show with Chemjobber and friends. Episode starts 11 PM Eastern, November 27, 2015. 

  • 03:02

    Late Night With Joeygiggles and The Vulcan

    in Radio

    I'm proud to announce my partnership with the great Brain Injury Radio Team on Blogtalkradio... I will be doing a show there called Late Night with Joeygiggles every Saturday Night 10-1 am EST... featuring Kimmy Simonsen --- the vulcan co-host

    Please join me for great guests, lots of jokes and fun... and of course the great knowledge and information to get from WIRN Internet Radio... 

    Blogtalkradio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braininjuryradio

    Call in number: 1-424-243-9540

    Call in anytime for questions and comments... Invite youre friends it will be a great show form the mind of yours truly Joeygiggles

  • 00:41

    Late Night Miscellanies

    in Lifestyle

    Good early morning... join me on this peculiar night while I talk about some stuff.

  • 01:00

    More late night with CJ

    in Science

    Call in now!!!!