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    Can We Praise Him w. Trinisa Pitts

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    Latara Bussey I would like to say that she TRADED IN HER LIFE for the FAB NEW ONE. A woman that has been there done that and now wants to travel the path that God has set out for her.

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    Talking with Michael Angelo the Producer of Imprisoned By Love

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    Michael Angelo, the CEO of Mangelo Productions, is an award winning filmmaker. He has been all over, but calls Los Angeles and Atlanta home for now as he travels in between the two cities constantly.   He is an honest and hardworking filmmaker who is committed to making my company successful.  Also, he is a BIG ANIMAL LOVER who believes that in order to be successful in the film industry, he has to create positive relationships with his counter parts.

    Imprisoned by Love is loosely based on a true story and is a 3 Time Award Winning Movie – “The Best Film” from The People’s Film Festival in Manhattan, NY, “The Best Honorable Mention” from The Mount Vernon New York Film Festival, and “The Best Actress” from the Georgia Latino Film Festival.

    This movie was written and directed by Michael Angelo
    Cinematography by  Eugene Bussey
    Musical scoring by Kynne, David Obaniya

    How to purchase:
    Order movie and watch trailer from Maverick Entertainment at: Imprisoned by Love | Maverick Entertainment 

    Objective for the movie: 
    We are trying to use this movie to help bring awareness and an end to domestic violence. If this movie can save just one woman, then we feel like we are doing what we set out to do with this film. We are so proud of all of the accolades and positive feedback that we have gotten from this film


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    Richmond Watch! Countdown To NSD!

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    Join @awdarago & @leecrowe as they take you into NSD!  Drew Richmond, the return of Bruce, OC talk, Azzanni rumors, and it's Super Bowl Sunday!  Call us thoughts or questions 929-477-3322!  

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    LaTara Thompkins - Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center

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    LaTara Thompkins is the Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center for the Performing Arts.   LaTara founded this organization to address the concern and need to provide productive activities for youth in the community to help transform their free time from a threat to their safety and security into opportunities to participate in enriching, life-changing programs. 


    LaTara is the product of a family of singers, musicians, and performers.  As with many singers, LaTara got her start in performing by singing with the church choir.  Her involvement as a youth and young singer allowed opportunities that developed her as a leader and songstress.  Her vocal training has allowed her opportunities to perform as a lead soloist and performer.  She has recorded with local gospel artists and is a founding member of the local gospel group, “Devotion.”  She continues to use her vocal talent to train and develop young singers.


    As the Founder of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her creativity to implement programs and opportunities for youth to get formal training in a variety of artistic disciplines.  She oversees a strong, artistic team and has successfully produced several outstanding theatrical productions.  Through the programs of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her gifts to Nurture Inspire and Affirm all of the children that are blessed to cross her path.


  • Checkerboard Radio Sunday 12/21

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    Join @AwDarago and @LeeCrowe as they discuss all things #Vols.  As always we will be taking your calls!  Mass 2014 defections, Kamara, Bussey, bowl talk, and anything you want to talk about are all on the table!



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    Lessons For My Divorced Sisters

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    Divorce is reality. You can't run from the truth of it and when you or your friends are going through, you cannot place shame to it. The key is to heal through it. But how? LaTara has been divorced now for over a year so she knows the story of divorce well. Tonight she and Tony dig deep into how one gets to this point, the pain of making the decision, the freedom of finding yourself in the midst of the pain, how to deal with friends who place shame and those who disappear, and so much more. It will be an hour of talk that will free not only the divorced woman but every woman. It is the goal with this show to not just help our divorced sisters; but to show their support circle how to actually help and not hurt her during the process. 

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    Divorce: The End or a New Beginning?

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    Today, we're chatting with LaTara Bussey, a powerful entrepreneur with vision and inspiration to go around. We're chatting about starting over after divorce and healing from the emotional scars left behind after a marriage is broken. The loss of a relationship doesn't have to be the loss of dreams and esteem.

    LaTara V. Bussey is a multi-passionate woman, entrepreneur, speaker, author, and radio show host. Ms. Bussey is the CEO and Head Visionary at Woman 180 Life Design Services, a transforming brand that offers life coaching, business consulting, and enhanced living options, with a goal of helping women entrepreneurs live a life of unique design. With certifications as both a Life Coach and Relationship Marketing Expert, LaTara assist women entrepreneurs with encouraging,  practical, and relevant, insight and strategies for life and business transformation. She is known to many as the “BIG PICTURE” visionary with a transparent way of helping women become emotionally free, faithfully obedient to their call, and clear about next steps. LaTara works with women to help them create authentic stories, elevate their thinking, and transform their lives and their business. She lives her life with the personal mission of being on purpose for purpose every day and it is her goal to help others so the same.

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    Oh The Issues We Have! How to Deal With YOUR Mess!

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    It is time to deal with your mess! Intimate Conversations with Tony and LaTara will help you deal with your mess!! We all have issues and seeing them for what they are is just the start. How do you accept and deal with them? What does God say about your mess? How does your mess affect your life? How does your mess inhibit your ability to love? 

    Do not miss this episode! 

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    Intimate Conversations with Tony and LaTara

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    In this first episode meet your hosts Tony Robinson and LaTara V. Bussey, two power house coaches, speakers, authors, and ministers with a heart to see women free from the emotional, mental, and spiritual bondage that keeps them from living freely authentic in Christ! Hear their stories, connect with their message, and learn how they will be helping you create your authentic story every week. 

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    Tina Michelle Talks to LaTara Bussey Ham-Ying about Biblical Success Part 1

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    Here is a bio:

    LaTara Ham-Ying is one of God's Transformation Agents who works with individuals to help them succeed in life, business, and everything in bewteen. She is a wife, a mother who homeschools, a lifestyle coach, online marketing consultant, Blogger, minister and facilitator of God's Word with an emphasis on helping women change their mind for a complete existence in Christ - mind, body, and spirit!

    My sites:


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    How To Get Your ROAR Back Part 2- The Power of Your Voice

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    Tony and LaTara are back for part 2 of How To Get Your Roar Back. This week we are looking at the power of your voice, a misquoted scripture, and why your ROAR heals wounds and opens doors of opportunity! You do not want to miss this show!

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