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    Crowdfunding For Your Surrogacy, Adoption or IVF Treatment

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    A full surrogacy journey is not inexpensive. Fortunately, with the advent of websites dedicated to crowdfunding, potential recipient parents are now able to post funding requests online and solicit donations from their friends, family, and others who assist with raising a portion of the funds necessary to complete the surrogacy process. One such website, krowdkidz.com, is exclusively dedicated to assisting those challenged with reproductive issues, and is a crowdfunding website created to provide a funraising platform for individuals embarking on surrogacy journeys, IVF treatments, or adoptions.
    Dawn will be speaking with Jeff Crump, founder of krowdkidz.com and how you can utlize crowdfunding to assist  you raise the balance of funds necessary to embark on a surrogacy journey. 

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    Traditional Surrogacy - Why Its Not a Good Idea!

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    On this episode of "The ABC's Of Surrogacy," Dawn Marmorstein will be discussing traditional surrogacy, which is a surrogacy arrangement where the surrogate mother plays the role of both surrogate mother and egg donor; the baby she carries is biologically related to the surrogate baby, in contrast to gestational surrogacy, where the surrogate mother carries an embryo created via IVF using the egg of a third-party egg donor and therefore has no biological connection to the surrgate baby.  
    Traditional surrogacy is currently quite controversial, and the courts in even the states with the most favorable rules for gestational surrogacy won't issue a pre-birth order naming the recipients as parents if the child was conceived via traditional surrogacy. Listen in as Dawn presents some  expert advice for those considering a traditional surrogacy journey.

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