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    Restart or Recycle?

    in Self Help

    Join us for the last show of 2014 as we discuss the importance of not repeating the past if you want a different future. Will you restart or recycle in 2015

  • Freedoms Last Stand with Sabrina and Dennis

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Sabrina and Dennis for Freedoms Last Stand on Saturday at 9 pm PT/10 pm MT/11 pm CT/12 am (Sunday) ET. These talk-radio veterans produce an entertaining and informative show, covering true constitutional-conservative issues, politics, current events, news, culture, Christianity, family values and more.

  • Daily Gogetemism #86 In Support Of Criminal Behavior

    in Friends

    How many of us have ever dealt with a lover, friend or family member that we knew was into a lot of illegal activity but we looked the other way at would they did or sometimes even offered our moral suoort?

    How many of us have put money on the books of a person that was in jail even though we knew that they were going to do the same stuff when they get out?


    in Entertainment

    Join me as I meander through news, thoughts, commentaries, just about anything and everything.  The show is about what I think, how I think, and what you think and how you think too.  The show has a drift as it takes on a life of its own.

  • the Detectors Radio Network I was stopped by the police

    in Radio

    Yes it took to of them in Bolingbrook illinois yep the police to bring me to justice as i had a screw missing on my plate then tge twist came for another ticket for my plate light not working one hour two officers whike in the areathere are isi cells lurking what is  the priority a minority  money stop to further denied blacks from the right to travel or listen and lets takjabout thus now.callers 718-508-9513 

  • Charlie Zelenoff Violently TKO's MMA Heavyweight Last Night On Video 0:39

    in Sports


    0:11 and 0:39 BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Wow Im the Greatest 60 Title Defenses Now In the Underground. Im 71-0 Now with 44 KO's I made him quit when I hit him with that right hook 

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    Grounded in the Word with Jacob Prasch

    in Religion

    Join us as Jacob discusses the importance of Hannukah and what it means for believers in these last days. This is part 3 of a 3 part study.

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    xR0yal TALK EPISODE 13 W/LOKIxR0yal

    in Comedy

    xR0yal Talk A Free Forum Show where there is nothing that is off limits

    Call in, We are waiting to hear from you!!!!

    xR0yal here every night!

    No topic is off limits!!!

    Call in- speak on anything you would like

    Current events

    News in your area

    Favorite song

    Doesnt matter!

    We want to hear from you!!!!

    Nothing is off limits!!!!

    Talk about anything you would like we would love to hear from you


    HOST- LOKIxR0yal


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    The Vicious Truth

    in Sports

    Last show of the year! Last Chance to get crap off your chest!

  • Last Week of NFL Regular Season!

    in Sports

    After Christmas break, and lots of food and drink, Felix and Annie are back to talk lots of NFL.  Week 17 is here, and there are tons of good match-ups with the playoffs on the line.  The Pats are sitting in great shape though with the number 1 seed in the AFC, so we'll talk about how they got to this point after such a horrible start, the Bills game on Sunday, and potential playoff opponents.  We'll focus mostly on football, but may get into some Bruins and the mess they are in along with when the Red Sox might decide to get some pitching.  And as always, there will be tangents, so call in with your thoughts!

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    2015 Predictions with No Ordinary Psychic Radio and guests

    in Spirituality

    Join No Ordinary Psychic Radio and Host Rubbizfire she discuss predictionsfor 2015. Taking call ins from guests such as Allie Cheslick, Angela Thomas  & Sharita Star and email submissions from past guests.

    While also making their very own predictions for 2015 and announcements for No Ordinary Psychic  Radio. Including news about new time starting January 2015.

    Sorry everyone NO FREE READINGS this evening.  Just predictions, announcements and laughter.

    Happy Early New Years Eve everyone. Thank you for being a fan, follower and a listener. Stay tuned for 2015 and the NEW YEAR we shall have awesome changes.




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