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    Sexual Intellect: Are We Just Gonna F@!k? with LaShay Harvey

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    SATURDAY 3/29/2014
    "Sexual Intellect: Are we just gonna f@!k?"
    on No Chaser Radio is airing on BlogTalkRadio at 10PM EST.

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    Host: Lo Keys
    Guest Co-Host: LaShay Harvey http://www.lashayharvey.com/

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    Life. It's not as long as we think. Who we surround ourselves with determines a lot of what we experience. With that being said, I have some questions.

    The next question: Are we just gonna f@!k?

    No fanfare required. Just a simple question that only requires a simple YES or NO.

    Anything else is some other sh@t, don't you agree?

    Let's talk about it! 10PM EST Call (347) 202-0850


    Lo Keys aka MrNoChaser

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    Lo Keys AKA MrNoChaser,
    the Gentelman and the Wildcard

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    Fashion Boutique/Caterer Extraordinaire Tianna Thomas stops by Good Deeds

    in Motivation


    Tianna Lashay Thomas known as Tatianna 23yrs of age born on March,19,1991 originally from New Orleans now reside in Atlanta, Ga. Attended victory christian school and stephenson high school. Owner of fashion boutique "Beau Cauchemar" dog apparel boutique "Cuppycake Pooch Boutique" and Tatianna's Catering. Aspiring spiritual advisor and mother of a 4yr old daughter. My hobbies are reading books, dance(Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop etc.. i love to dance) , cooking, achieving goals, blogging, doing makeup, meditating, sketching, online shopping,listening to music, talking on the phone, helping others, picking up around the community, and playing with my cat. Testimony: The testimony i want to share with you and the world is about the death of my mother and how i was blessed beyond measures after.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: Slyce and Forever a Gangsta

    in Books

    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking to none other than Slyce of Slyce the Book Club. Marilyn Brown is known for extending her time to upcoming authors in the interrogation room but we will find out if she can stand the heat on SWAG Radio with Yara Kaleemah and Deidre Lashay! 

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    Pastor Joshua Randolph Igniting Generations and Bridging Gaps

    in Spirituality

    Pastor Joshua Randolph talks with In the Flow LIVE Radio host Lady Shanica LaShay about his call to ministry, his mandate in the Gospel and he also shares his viral #RockYoDay Movement, it's purpose and how you can get involved.

    Be sure to get your copy of Life in the Overflow's Spring 2015 "Igniting Generations" issue. www.lifeintheoverflowmag.com


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    Ms.P Chats It Up With Author and Business Owner S. Lashay

    in Books

    Get ready for the hottest erotica book of the century! Her name is Vega Black and she has it all. A great husband, home, career, business, and wonderful kids. Her curiosity for sex that would intensify as she got older . Vega loves to be pleased and aims to please. Will she be willing to sacrifice all that she has to quench her thirst or will she continue at any price? Vega loves men and the men love Vega. One young man, in particular, Clifford cant resist the lust of Vega. Clifford embarks on a love affair with her that just may be detrimental. The other men... well lets say Vega gets what she wants and they have no problem conspiring to her every demand. 

    Look out for: 
    101 Labels Sold-Vega Black continues her thirst for sex, the number of men & now women she has lured into her sex game has increased. She is selling herself off, because no one can resist the temptations of Vega. 
    101 Labels Returned-Vega learns she isn't the only one with many labels to her. 
    * This fan page default settings only allow adults 18+

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    Keeping It Real With S'LaShay With S'LaShay And Ms.P

    in Family

    'Baby Mama' VS The Other Woman. Why is it so many baby mama's are stereotyped as bitter, vindictive, and manipulative when their child's father gets involved with someone else or even better.....Marries someone else AND have another child with that woman? S' LaShay tells it like it is. Call in to share your opinions and/or real life experiences! Are you a 'baby mama?'


    We're Discussing:

    1) Why do women use their children as pawns against the other woman:

    2) Should the other woman be allowed to discipline the 'baby mama' children ?

    3) How soon should dad introduce his child to the other woman and should he consult with the child's mother?

    4) Do you feel the baby mama takes the child's father up for child support, because she is jealous of the other woman and/or dad has gotten the other woman pregnant too?

    5) Should dad tell baby mama he has met someone else and /or getting married?

    6) Should the baby mama be allowed to talk about the other woman to her child in a negative way?

    7) Should marriage make it OK for the other woman (wife) to have legal rights to another woman's child if dad was granted rights?

    8) Is being called a 'baby mama' wrong?

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    Keeping It Real With S'LaShay With S'LaShay And Ms.P

    in Moms and Family

    Discussing the double standards involving men and women with regards to keeping long standing relationships with the same sex. Ever wonder why there are a majority of women vs men who are always in cat fights, ending their relationships, competing with one another, and overall throwing shade towards each other? How about all the reality TV shows that only depict females acting a fool! S' LaShay tells it like it is. Call in and feel free to share your opinions and/or incidents you have incurred with another female. 

    Tonight We're Discussing: 

    1) How often do you see females hold a strong genuine bond with a circle of 3+ other females for at least ONE year vs men? 

    2) How often do you see females enter a room and greet other females they do not know; with NO SHADE vs men? 

    3) How often do you see females compete with one another with the intention of trying to make themselves look better vs men? 

    4) How often do you see females gossiping about one another vs men? 

    5) How often do you see females trying to keep the next female from succeeding even if she was offered the same platform that would benefit them both for success vs men? 

    6) How many realty TV shows are televised, that depict females fighting each other vs men? 

    7) How MANY females do you see on social media writing drama, gossip, throwing shade, looking for attention, telling ALL their business VS men?

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    Renaldo Creative-The Underground Radio Show

    in Hip Hop Music

    On this episode of Renaldo Creative-The Underground Radio Show. Renaldo spin the best idependent music from your favorite artist. This show features music by Martin Carr, Lashay Honey Dip, UKG and more....

    The Many Faces of African Queens and Princesses Link


    Site: http://www.renaldocreative.com

    Follow me online Twitter: @renaldocreative  Instagram: @renaldo.creative




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    Spitsumflorida radio presents Lashay honey dip

    in Music

    She is one of the hottest female hip hop artist from the Charlotte NC area that started rapping at the age of 13 and the rest is her story. Her non stop grind shows that she is very serious and dedicated to her craft. She has gained the likes of many with her use of word play and delivery in the lyrics that she writes. Note to add, she ghost writes for other artist as wellHoney Dips interviews, music, mixtapes that she is a part of and videos can be found on many Internet websites to many online Internet radio stations from coast to coast and a few countries. She has graced the covers and has been the featured artist on many online and print magazines locally and nationally such as Urban Tymes, XXL and Hostile Magazines.

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    A LiL More Spice Christmas Show

    in Women

    ?On the 17th at 9pm Est tune in with our host Natty-Lady Twinkles Tammy Johnson Phoenix Rising Shenatta Lashay and yours truly discussing ways for you and your love one to enjoy the holidays after hours! Chatting it up about:

    ?Ways to thank Santa with a lil more spice! ?Reindeer Games in the bedroom! 
    ?Santa's lil helper!
    ?All I want for Christmas!

    ?Which will all evolve around sex. Tips and tricks! Dial in 818-495-6975 let's make the approaching holiday festivities hot & steamy!!!

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    the Family Meeting

    in Self Help

    October is the “SIT-UP AND PAY ATTENTION” MONTH. Each week we will feature experts to help us to stop “disrespecting” our physical temples by nourishing our mind, body and soul. This week we’ll be talking to Author/Motivational Speaker and Radio Show Host at "Abundance of Overflow” Aaron Jordon. His new book, "The Power Within, A Woman's Worth From Both Sexes is our topic of discussion.


    Also, joining us is LaShay Dowley, LPC, MAMFT, and Sex Therapist.  What sex therapy is and what it is not.  You’ll be surprised, it’s for singles and couples. Check it out!!!

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