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  • 01:07

    Real Farms and Wind Farms. Also Sen. Frank Lasee

    in Environment

    We will be talking to folks about the impacts of industrial scale wind on agriculture — crops, livestock, etc.
      Our first guest will be Anne Gardner from Australia.    Anne and her husband Gus raise some of the finest merinos in the world and are being impacted by a massive industrial wind development.   Our second guest will be Kim Schertz from Illinois.   We will talk about groundwater problems in fields, GPS effects for tractors and aircraft, crop dusting dangers, the impacts on share croppers/tenant farmers and and other issues   Kevin Ashenbrenner will also be on. He will talk about his experience with turbines impacting his livestock.   Wisconsin State Senator Frank Lasee will join us to talk about his recent efforts to address the concerns about the health and well being of folks too close to industrial-scale wind turbines in his state.   Here is a bit of his recent op-ed:   How would you feel if you and your kids started feeling sick? What if you, your wife, or your kids suddenly started having headaches, earaches, nausea, dizziness, and couldn’t sleep well anymore. In your own home. And you knew it wouldn’t go away?   ***   You may be asking yourself, why are wind farm developers allowed to build IWT’s so close to people’s houses. So close that it makes them sick? Why doesn’t the government prevent this?