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    Texting & Driving Survivor Liz Marks Shares her Story

    in Youth

    Liz Marks was a popular all american high school girl who was addicted to her smartphone. She knew not to text and drive but Liz says "Everyone does it." As she was driving she received a text from her mom and in that moment her life changed forever. 

    The accident left Liz blind in one eye and hard of hearing. It also left her with a diminished sense of smell and she is no longer able to create tears or fall asleep without medication. She says the most difficult part of all of it, was going from being very social and popular to being alone, without friends. Liz will be sharing her story as well as her mission of inspiring teens to put down their phones while behind the wheel. Also joining the conversation is Diana Graber, co-founder of CyberWise. Diana's expertise will help parents understand how to instill positive habits for their teens. CyberWise is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art resources for BUSY grownups who want to understand how to use digital media confidently and safely. Show your support for Liz at https://www.facebook.com/donttextndrive4lizmarks?fref=ts and for additional cyber resources visit CyberWise at http://www.cyberwise.org








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    Lauren M Galley - Girls Above Society - Steps to Success - An Empowerment Guide

    in Youth

    Please welcome Lauren Galley!  Lauren is stopping by today to chat about her new book Steps to Success - An Empowerment Guide. This Teen Mentor, TV Host, Author and President of Girls Above Society takes tween and teen girls on a journey to confidence & empowerment. Growing up in today's media driven society puts many pressures on young girls as they are discovering themselves. Making good decisions as well as maintaining positive morals and values can be a challenge as they are tugged in many directions from media such as television, media print, and celebrities. Lauren gives young girls a guide to live by as they grow into young adults. This is a must read for all tween and teen girls as well as their parents. Lauren's insight, dedication and courage inspires us all to have a little Girl Power!

    GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY is a 501C3 organization founded by Lauren Marie Galley, a 19-year-old teen mentor, author, actress/model and college honors student. Her organization empowers tween and teen girls to be confident while maintaining positive morals and values as they face the tough pressures of today’s society. Lauren travels throughout the U.S. speaking on the topics of body image, leadership skills and self-confidence. Lauren serves as the Youth Advocate for Free2Luv giving her a platform in her Free2BeYOU Series, as well as Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine, and enjoys writing for Huffington Post. Lauren's Ambassadorship with Secret Deodorant's Mean Stinks Campaign in conjunction with Teen Vogue has given her a powerful platform to empower girls to end the girl on girl bullying for good. 

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    The19thAngieBowieBarnettRadioShowwithco-hostRICKHUNT& GuestRickBroussard#19

    in Entertainment

    Rick Broussard is the editor of the New Hampshire Magazine. He is also a character and an adventurer. After years of working odd jobs — letterpress printer, galley hand on a drilling barge, giblet shoveler at a chicken plant, dishwasher at a variety of restaurants and loading dock worker — Rick Broussard got his start as a journalist in Atlanta, covering the arts and cultural scene for the Capitol of the South. He edited the weekly newspaper The Bow Times for five years and has been editor of New Hampshire Magazine for 22 years where he has interviewed numerous national figures, rock stars, two presidents and hundreds of local characters. He is a co-founder of the NH Theatre Awards and Building on Hope, serves on the New Energy Foundation promoting breakthroughs in the field of Cold Fusion and Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and sits on a number of boards for NH arts and travel associations. He's the editor of the NH Pulp Fiction series of short-story anthologies and the ghost writer/publisher of One Life, One Legacy — a motivational book for Justin Spencer's Legacy X program. He lives in a 200-year-old house with his wife and one or more of his children and sometimes a dog in Concord, NH. 




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    Youth Bullying and the Juvenile Justice System

    in Education

    Cassidy McMillan is an award-winning Filmmaker, Actress, Speaker and Media Contributor. Her current film which she Directed/Produced/Wrote, is the award-winning Documentary Film on bullying and precedent setting bullycide court case, Bullies And Friends, which is being prepped for worldwide release with a global distribution company.  For the Documentary, Cassidy worked with educators, parents, students, counselors, government leaders, and law enforcement and judicial officials. Due to her work and research, Cassidy is a recognized Expert, Speaker and Consultant on bullying prevention, relational aggression, and legal issues regarding youth bullying and the juvenile justice system. Cassidy's a Member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, (SAG-AFTRA), and acts in TV, Film, Theater, Commercials, Voice-Overs. She's worked on projects for Showtime, NBC, Warner Bros., AMC Network, ABC, Discovery, etc. She helms McMillan FilmWorks, Ltd an independent film company in California which works to produce projects on causes and issues affecting our world including Social Justice, Animal Rights, Bullying, Environment. Visit http://www.cassidymcmillan.com/#!gallery/c2143 to learn more about Cassidy and her film work. 




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    Empowering Teens With Teen Mentor Lauren Galley

    in Self Help

    Guest teen mentor Lauren Galley joins host Erika Nicole Finn for a candid discussion about the pressures that teens face today, and how we can empower teens to become confident leaders of their generation.

    About Lauren Galley: At the young age of 18 years old, Lauren has become a voice to young teen girls, traveling throughout the US giving her signature "Girl Talks". She is also the founder of the non-profit organization Girls Above Society which provides mentorship and awareness to teen girls. Find out more about Lauren and her organization at www.girlsabovesociety.org.

    About Erika Nicole Finn: Erika is a lifestyle expert and coach, huffington post blogger and host of Live.Love.Grow. She shows clients how to find happiness and live their dream lives, and believes it's never too late to get started. Tweet her @erikanicolefinn, follow her on facebook and sign-up for a complimentary coaching session with Erika at www.erikanicolefinn.com.


  • Gettysburg Ghost Gals All Star Christmas Spectacular

    in Paranormal

    Please join the gals as they interview some of your favorites in the paranormal and historical fields about their holiday traditions and what they have planned for 2015. Guests such as The Haunted Collector , Author, and Demonologist John Zaffis, Deep South Paranormal's The Bama Boys Jon and benny, Cast of Ghost Mine: Jay Verburg and Jamol DeCair. Ric Savage of Spike Tv's Savage Family Diggers. George lopez Author and owner of Dead Air Paranormal Radio Network, Marc Arvilla and Laruen Sheridan of MGHPS and Salem Con 2015,Ken DeCosta of Rise up Paranormal and Ocean State Paracon and John Brightman.

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    Lauren M Galley - What's Percolating Teleconference

    in Family

    Speaker Topic - Become a SuperHero - How I use my "Girl Power" to Fly!

    GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY ?is a 501C3 organization founded by Lauren Marie Galley, an 18 year old actress/model and college honors student. This organization provides mentorship and awareness to teen girls facing the pressures of today’s society. GAS is the home of “Girl Talk”, a signature program lead by Lauren that builds the confidence and leadership every young girl needs to become an excellent role model in their community.

    As a voice to young teen girls, Lauren travels throughout the U.S. giving her signature “Girl Talks” empowering young girls to be confident leaders of their generation. Lauren reaches across the globe by hosting her own show “The Lauren Galley Show” on CETV (Confident & Empowerment TV) and has been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Best Ever You Radio, and Talented Teens broadcast in the U.K. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications throughout the U.S. such as Huffington Post, International Talent Magazine, Talented Teens, Michelle Phillips Mind & Beauty and Babble, covering the issues and pressures young teens are facing in today’s society. Lauren has recently been named Youth Advocate for Free2Luv giving her a platform in her Free2BeYOU Series, as well as Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine, Chief Teen Advisor for the Best Ever You Network and Teen Blogger for Huffington Post.   
    For more information visit: GirlsAboveSociety.org

    Click to Tweet @LaurenMGalley

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    Changing the World One Girl at a Time with Celebrity Teen Mentor Lauren Galley

    in Entertainment

    Our guest Lauren Galley shares insight on how we can build a healthy relationship with our teens while Instilling confidence & leadership skills with our host Dabney & all of her Social Media Girlfriends! 

    At 19, Lauren is a Teen Mentor, Authour, TV Host, Actress & the President of Girls Above Society.Lauren's tag line "Making a difference....One Girl at a Time" ignites a passion for charitable causes such as Boy & Girls Country, Susan B. Curtis Foundation, Communities in Schools & Cy-Hope located throughout the United States. Lauren's work extends to the economically challenged territories providing hope & change & her effort to bring an end to bullying has been officially recognized by Texas Gov Rick Perry.

    Lauren tells girls "BU ~ There's No One Else Like It!" Via her teen mentorship program,  Girls Above Society & her successful Girl Talk program for our younger girls, Lauren instills confidence & leadership skills in today’s media driven society as she empowers our future generation of women to become confident and empowered.

    We absolutely LOVE Laruen and know you will too! Join us LIVE on the Radio & in our nest on Twitter as YOU become a part of the conversation!  Simply follow/use the hashtag #SmGirlfriends & follow @LaurenMGalley & our host @DabneyPorte & join the Global Brilliance of our Social Media Girlfriends Community!

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    The Chloe Show: Mentoring Women & Girls Around the World

    in Self Help

    When Girls Mentor Girls We Demonstrate and Share Girl-Swag!

    This week’s Chloé Show demonstrates Girl-Swag in action, with hosts Chloé Taylor Brown and Jade Cherell… with featured guest, Lauren Galley. This 19-year-old Teen Mentor, Author, TV Host, Actress and President of Girls Above Society is a new refreshing voice for young women and girls around the world.

    Lauren is indeed, a Girl-Swag girl herself as she provides an anchor of empowerment for young women and teen girls. As a voice for today’s teen girls, she hosts her own show “The Lauren Galley Show” on Blog Talk Radio and has been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Best Ever You Radio and Talented Teens in the UK.  She is the author of “Steps to Success” an empowerment guide on Amazon.com.  She also created Free2BeYOU Series as a Youth Advocate for Free2Luv and serves as the Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine, which provides an extended platform for her to reach millions of teen girls around the world.

    Chloé Taylor Brown is the author of three published books, including Girl-Swag! A Global Girl’s Curriculum for Personal Development & Lifestyle Enhancement and is currently available to speak, host or present a Girl-Swag program for your girl’s group or organization. Chloé’s books are available at amazon.com and everywhere books are sold.  You may connect with Chloé Taylor Brown at www.chloetaylorbrown.com

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    What would Barbie look like as an Average Girl?

    in Youth

    Nickolay Lamm 

    “As a digital artist who majored in marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, he comes up with a provocative idea or question, studies it, and then provides Internet aggregators [...] with visual content that they post on their sites. Those images in turn get picked up on media websites, spurring commentary [...] and gets the aggregators a mention.” – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    “I think my main value comes not from my graphic-design skills, but my thinking about an idea that will get media attention — and something that I care about — and executing my vision to get a cool visual.” – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    “I think he’s being responsible — he’s not making anything up here,” says Dr. Doug Harper, a professor specializing in visual sociology at Duquesne University. “He’s finding ways to present information — visual summaries, really. It’s at the immediate level.” – Pittsburgh Tribune Review

    People often ask me, “How do you make something go viral?”

    I never try to make something viral for the sake of going viral, which is a very ambiguous term anyways. I try to make visuals which point out things which I feel are overlooked. Virality is just a side effect.

    I come up with a unique visual idea and work with artists and experts to bring my vision to life.

    I do lots of research. With each project, I say something new or elaborate on a subject in a way that’s never been done before. I consult with recognized professionals or use existing data. I direct each project through the whole process, working with talented artists to create flawless visuals.

    One of my biggest inspirations is Steve Jobs. I encourage everyone to see the “Secrets of Life,” a short Steve Jobs interview.


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    THINKING our way to a Positive World of Social Media

    in Youth

    Join Lauren Galley, President of Girls Above Society and Rebecca Moore, Assistant Principal at McAuley High as they challenge you to THINK before you speak, type, text or talk. Their conversation will keep you re-THINKING how your social media presense is veiwed by others. 

    THINK what a difference we can make and how positively we could change the world if we could only remember to THINK!