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    Knucklebones Rude Awakening Hangout

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    Knucklebones Rude Awakening Hangout

    temp host Joe Axe. We will probably be replaying some older episodes. Knucklebones is not well.

    The Rude Awakening is a 911 Truth and New World Order resistance talk radio show. Current Events, History, Music, and Interviews concerning the topics.  Come participate on the air! When all else fails it's a variety show. Founded by Larry Knucklebones Dickieson.
    Larrys gofundme  http://www.gofundme.com/LarryandTina

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    PERV Part II - The Sexual Deviant In All Of Us

    in Lifestyle

    Join Dr. Zoe for PERV Part II for entertaining, intelligent conversation on sexual topics with Jesse Bering! Listen via the FREE "Dr. Zoe Today" APP available in the App Store & Google Play! 18+ http://DrZoeToday.com Real, raw & relevant info on love, sex & relationships

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    Zombie Politicians Ruining America While Clinton Caught in Perv Crisis?

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    PERV: The Sexual Deviant In All Of Us

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    According to author Jesse Bering, there is a sexual deviant in all of us. Join him & Dr. Zoe as they discuss the kinky side of the brain. Real, raw & relevant info about love, sex & relationships. Download the "Dr. Zoe Today" APP available in the App Store & Google Play! http://DrZoeToday.com 

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    Larry Latenight w Dennis Ford and Joel Nino (NWOTruthNetwork)

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    Larrys' Latenight show. Anything goes. Independent Music, Commentary, Current Events, NWO, Open Phone Lines.

    Guest Call in #(347)945-5867 while the show is live. Press 1 to speak with host.

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    What's Morally Wrong/Right in Relationships

    in Romance

    It's one thing to walk the straight and narrow legally, but how many of us do it morally?  Especially when it comes to relationships.  The way to tell that you are a good person is to do the right thing when no one is looking.  That doesn't apply to a lot of people in this country.  

    Break ups create anger which complicates doing the right thing.  Lust and emotions can also put a strain on getting it right.  A guy buys a woman new boobs and she breaks up with him a week later.  Is she at least obligated to pay for half?  Some may even say all?

    A man marks his calendar in anticipation of a neighborhood girl's 18th birthday so he can legally sleep with her.  Perv or someone doing the legally right thing?

    There a lot of things that test our morals and we'll get into it and some Zone Coverage afterwards on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show.

    "No experts.  Just opinions."

    Show No. 398


    Scheduled for 90-120 mins.

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    Efed Guerilla Radio Fridays : 261: The New Regime

    in Wrestling

    D-Day is upon us as J takes over Friday's with co-hosts Lindz & Cundiff. Could this spell the end for EFG or is it a new dawn? Witness history...probably as the show hits an all time low. No, we joke, because we can't say that due to J's contract...we'll NEVER drink with him again...ALSO Lindz (EFG Bar Wench™) covers some fW related fed news plus some free plugs for some of you on Twitter, Cundiff releases HIS new segment "Roach Clips" (we're already terrified just by the name), and hey, maybe some topical discussion. Feel free to join in on the fun by calling in, in chat, or interact with J, Cundiff, & Lindz live via Twitter during the show!

    J: @THEJTheRipper

    Lindz (DON'T BE A PERV!): @queenofthering

    Cundiff: @autotunemypenis

    And that whole EFG account is pretty swell too: @efedguerillas

    It's the weekend! What better way to unwind from the stressful week than nerding out with the Efed Guerillas about your favorite hobby? Let's talk about efeds, characters, and topics important to our game! Interviews, the hashtag game, the Fuck It List, and more! Guests from all over the efedding world are hosted by J the Ripper with your co-hosts, Lindz and Jeremy "Madman Szalinski" Cundiff!

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    Dr. Jesse Bering on sex, what's "normal," and the sexual deviant in all of us

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

    Join me for a "Best Of" replay -- a thought-provoking, mind-opening show on the underpinnings of our sexuality.

    Dr. Jesse Bering’s book, “Perv,” is subtitled “The Sexual Deviant in All of Us.” This is a book about weird sex but it’s also a book about all of the ways that even “normal” people fall along the spectrum of “perversions.”  

    Tonight’s show, like Bering’s book, will be a fascinating inside look into how our specific sexual desires seem to be shaped in childhood, how sexually not “normal” some of the most seemingly normal people are, and how human psychology leads us to find others’ sex practices upsetting and creepy instead of just different from our own.

    As Bering writes, “Humans aren’t the only sex deviants in the animal kingdom. But we are the only ones to stigmatize each other as disgusting perverts.”

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-8 p.m. Pacific Time, 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

    My show's sponsor is Audible.com. Get a free audiobook download and support this show financially at no cost to you by signing up for a free 30-day trial at audibletrial.com/amya (It's $14.95 after 30 days, but you can cancel before then and have it cost you nothing.)

    Preorder my upcoming book, the science-based and funny "Good Manners For Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck," here. (St. Martin's Press, June 3, 2014.) 

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 74: Bundy Ranch

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Bundy Ranch

    Side Topics:  TSA are being probed... for suspected GUN RUNNING; Air Marshal director steps down.  Stephen Colbert: the good news & the bad news.  Is headlight flashing to warn of cops ahead free speech?  COW FART TAX!  I kid you not... *facepalm.*  Is James Franco a perv?  Hillary Clinton cancels keynote speech in San Diego due to Benghazi victims families being present.  LA Cops shoot a victim as he escapes attacker & instead save the attacker.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 68: The 'Light' Conspiracy

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  The 'Light' Conspiracy

    Side Topics:  USA & UK working together in order to perv out looking at you on your webcam.  A victory for liberty in.... Little Canada, Minnesota.  How to waste things like a pro.  China calls out US for critisizing their human rights track record (pot calling the kettle etc).  Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange files for bankruptcy after hack & theft of Millions of $.  Should Bo infiltrate the Freemasons?  Hey what's that over there!?  NYPD tickets man for jogging... uh... no sodas OR getting fit NY?  Sarah Palin was right about a 2008 prediction.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    February Love with Katherine Rhodes on Behind the Words

    in Books

    Behind the Words host Lori Hays is very excited to introduce you to the final guest in the February Love series, Katherine Rhodes.


    February 22, 8:00 PM CST/9:00 PM EST


    In her own words:


    “Author of erotica, light BDSM erotica and paranormal erotica. Expert in the profundities of bad

    movies and awful literature. Armed with her Bachelors of English, Literature has set her mind to

    writing erotic romances which are kinky, dirty, and fun. I am a lackadaisical laundry goddess, and

    reside in Philadelphia with my husband, three cats and a betta named Fishtian Grey. Yes, Fishtian

    Grey. He’s a perv.  I write erotic romance, some with a heavy BDSM theme. I have a slightly more humorous tale coming up, so I’m not all serious all the time. I am also working on some paranormal erotica romance too. I started writing years and years ago. Someone challenged me to write a story and I did. I am, however a newcomer to the erotic romance genre. Less than two years of writing in it—but I love it and totally plan to continue.”


    You can find out more about this network and our show at:






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