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    Red Maryland LIVE from The Larry Hogan Victory Party

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    Listen to Part 1 of the Red Maryland podcast live from the Larry Hogan Election Night Victory Party in Annapolis. 

    We were there for this historic moment, interviewing guests and providing analysis of the gubernatorial, legislative and national elections.

    We were joined by our friends Dennis McGiver, Ron Tankersley, MDGOP Chair, Diana Waterman, MDCR President, Christine McEvoy, and more.



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    Larry Hogan Change Maryland Interview

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    Red Maryand Radio's interview with Change Maryland Chairman, Larry Hogan, at the Change Maryland Island Sunset Fundraiser.  

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    PEP Talk Radio with Larry Hogan: Is He or Isn't He?

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    After a month long hiatus, PEP Talk Radio is finally back and broadcasting live from Ropewalk with special guest, Larry Hogan. We will be debriefing after the election but focusing on the future of the Republican Party in Maryland. Larry Hogan will be joining us to discuss his plans for the future as well. Folks, this is one you do not want to miss. Join us LIVE at 9!

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    Red Maryland Radio- Special Tuesday Edition

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    It's a special, all new Tuesday episode of  Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor-Elect Hogan is announcing six new Cabinet members today. We'll break it all down.
    In the name of science, they've crunched all of the numbers of the days of the year Americans are the most drunk.
    And today is December 23rd. Which means it's Festivus. So we'll do an airing of the grievances. 

    This is why you can't afford to miss this special episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    The Air Raid with Brian Griffiths

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    On this week's episode of The Air Raid, Brian Griffiths celebrates Larry Hogan's election as Governor of Maryland by reminding us of the need to continue to grow our Republican Party.

    The work is over. Yet it is just beginning.

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    Red Maryland Radio

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    It's another all new episode of  Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor-Elect Hogan has nominated his first four Cabinet members. We'll discuss them, and their ramifications.
    The Lt. Governor-Elect isn't going to have his own staff. Does this mean that the calls to abolish the position are warranted?
    Why are Government projects so expensive? Lots of reasons.
    We venture into pop culture by discussing the controversy surrounding The Interview.
    There was another controversy surrounding Pope Francis that never actually happened.
    And we look at 20 years of website stats.


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    The Red Maryland News Hour for 11-14-14

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    Duane Keenan anchors Red Maryland's weekly news show, focusing on politics and policy from the State House and beyond.

    On the @RedMaryland NewsHour for November 14th, 2014:

    Governor-elect Larry Hogan began a "Thank You" tour in St. Mary's County, we talk with a spokesman and the man himself in Leanordtown, then hear him speaking at a Veterans Day event there.

    We talk to veterans and those from veterans organizations about what the day means to them.

    Will Democrats in Washington and Annapolis work with Republicans who have gained both nationally and locally? We speak with Congressman Steny Hoyer and Comptroller Peter Franchot about that.

    The Governor-elect gets a transition office and more members of his transition team. A website opens up for those wanting to work for the new Governor.

    Maryland Senate Republicans get new leadership, did they listen to Red Maryland's own Brian Griffiths?

    House Minority leader Nic Kipke talks to a Republican Central Committee and St. Mary's own, Del.Tony O'Donnell, gives his thoughts on the election.

    All this at redmaryland.com

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    The Conservative Refuge

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    On tonight’s show:

    Some discussion of Governor O’Malley’s real record on crime and punishment.

    More fallout from the appointment of Delegate Kelly Schulz to lead the Maryland DLLR. It seems party unity not a priority with some. We’ll discuss.

    Larry Hogan is planning a different kind of inauguration.

    I share an article on the under reported point that one of the biggest polluters in our state is government.

    The Christmas season is wonderful, and frustrating.  I invite some of those engaging in the stupidity of the holiday to “Get Off My Lawn”.

    We will also have a preview of our Christmas special “Best of Conservative Refuge Radio: Get Off My Lawn Volume I”


  • The History of The Urantia Book With Larry Mullins - REPRISE

    in Spirituality

    In preparation of our upcoming interviews with Sioux Oliva, author of the new book, Dr. Sadler and The Urantia Book, we are replaying the show in which Paula Thompson and Christilyn Biek-Larson interviewed author and long-time student of The Urantia Book, Larry Mullins, on his book entitled, A History of The Urantia Papers; now in its 2nd edition.

    We are taking a holiday break. This show is an archived REPRISE edition of The Cosmic Citizen. Please do not call in.

    This show explores in depth issues concerning the Urantia Book's origins. Larry also poses and answers caller's questions such as:

    Dr. Meredith Sprunger thought The Urantia Book was a hoax when he first saw it. What changed his mind?   What did Dr. Sprunger and his team of 11 ministers discover when they visited 533?

    What part did Dr. Lena Sadler play in the revelation? How did the first contact with celestial beings happen? What did Dr. Sadler learn when he hypnotized the sleeping subject?  How did the forum get started? How did the forum get involved in the process? What did the Sadlers do that triggered the first written manuscript?

    What prompted Dr. Sadler to test the celestial beings who were talking through the sleeping subject with difficult questions?

    Does anyone really know how the Urantia Papers were materialized?  Why was the original written manuscript destroyed?  Why were the original typed manuscripts destroyed after the type was set for the Urantia Book?

    Why did the revelators use so much human information?

    When did the Jesus Papers come through? How?

    Why were the revelators displeased with the forum?

    Was The Urantia Book intended for a later time? When?

    When was permission given to publish the UB?

    Showtime is 12:00 PM Eastern Time; 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

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    Dr. Larry D. Carnes on "The Optimum Return Network"

    in Family

    The Optimum Return Internet Radio Network with Dr. Larry Carnes.

    Web Site: http://larrycarnesministries.org/

    Dr. Larry Carnes is founder or Larry Carnes Ministries, Inc. and Covenant Cutters Ministries International, non-denominational bible believing, bible teaching, and spirit filled ministries committed to establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth while empowering and transforming lives for Kingdom Purpose, and The Optimum Return.

    Dr. Carnes has a unique and dynamic call of God on his life to teach the Word of God with an anointing that refreshes and causes the Word of God to come alive as it impacts lives.  His teaching gives spiritual insight into God's Word as mysteries are unfolded and lives are empowered.

    Welcome to the OPTIMUM RETURN NETWORK!!!

    Listen in and share this powerful and timely teachings and messages from Dr. Larry D. Carnes; the programming will bless you and others, all around the world.

    Remember to Out Love, Out Forgive and Out Serve each other.

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    Raw Impact Wrestling Hour w/ Shady & Havoc

    in Television

    Welcome everyone to the Raw Impact Wrestling Hour where Shady & Havoc will either sit down & speak with someone from the World of Wrestling or talk about what is happening right now in the wrestling world! Talking about the stars from WWE, Impact, Ring of Honor, HoH, & of course the Indy Companies which never get the true respect they deserve! It is time to give them a Radio show where they can come on, be themselves & speak with the fans who love to watch them live in the ring, have attended the live events, & also watch them on Television. Every week we will look to bring you the best in Wrestling today!

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