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    On Why Yet's Watch with Author Lisa Y. Sparrow

    in Women

    Mental health problems are a very sensitive topic in the black community mainly because of the stigma that mental illness is a result of an individual being weak. According to a report done by blackwomenshealth.com, in 2011  the depression rate among black women was estimated to be 50% higher than that of white women. With media reporting murders of women such as Sandra Bland how are we to expect the rate to be anything but dismal? But all is not lost and there is hope - Lisa Y. Sparrow.

    Lisa is a divorced mom of 2 children who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She has bounced between foster homes and mental hospitals while growing up. During her early adult years she suffered multiple miscarriages and spent many moments, like many of us, feeling unloved and unwanted. Lisa used her experiences as a springboard to grow in her faith and to encourage and uplift herself. By doing so she encourages not only her children but everyone she encounters and shares her story of empowerment with. And share she does in her autobiography - His Eye is on the Sparrow.

    Join me as I sit down with Lisa as we discuss how she found the courage to become bigger than her circumstances. See ya soon, Why Yet

    Call # 646-716-5330

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    Lyme Tyme Tuesdays on WIRN Internet Radio

    in Health

    Hey everyone,

    We are debutting this new show on our main blogtalkradio channel... this show will be discussing all aspects of Lyme Disease monthly... treatments, symptoms, alternative treatments, great guest experiences throughout the year... 

    Paige Spencer is our lovely co-host for this great show... Please join us to learn about Lyme Disease 

    The show will appear twice a month on the 2nd and last Tuesdays of the month... Invite you're friends and other lymies....

    Show Link: http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles

    Call in number: 310-982-4253

    or join us in the chatroom

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    The Furiously Fabulous Super Gay Celebration

    in Politics

    Last Friday, [most of] the Supreme Court ruled on the right side of history. Since this country was founded, an entire group of people have been marginalized and disenfranchised. Loved ones were barred from visiting their ill partners in hospitals. Basic tax and social benefits were denied. Appeals fell on deaf ears or were held up in the bureaucracy indefinitely. Today, The Fruit is proud to say that America has taken a giant leap toward equality for all. Friday's 5-4 decision to legalize marriage in all states and territories, did not come without it's share of criticism, however. Opponents decried that five unelected lawyers do not have the authority to decide the will of the American people, while others slammed the Justices for rewriting the Constitution. Some Republican hopefuls [*cough* Huckabee *cough*] even said that the Supreme Court “cannot overrule [g]od” on gay marriage. Many have lambasted the Court's ruling with warnings of [g]od's wrath or the coming persecution of Christians. To those grumbling about marriage equality, The Forbidden Fruit crew has one thing to say to you. Love wins! You lose! Get over it! Call in and tell us how you celebrated the ruling or why you think it was a mistake.

    347-202-0492 or Skype

    Email us at AppleBrain@Live.com

    Twitter: @tffradioshow

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    Aliyah Moulden, Kandice Bliss Foods , Jewell Robinson

    in Lifestyle

    At age 13 Aliyah is destined to be one of the most acclaimed singers of her generation. Aliyah is a Super-Vocalist-Powerhouse, Triple Thread performer, who leaves audiences speechless. Savvy musicians of musicians compare this young artist to legends such as Aretha Franklin and Adele. 


    Kandice/Bliss86FoodsBio: ChefKandicefromInglewood,CAhashadpassionforcookingherwholelife.Herpassionforfoodwent fromnotjustgoodfood,buttohealthytastyfood. Withafamilyhistoryofcertaindiseasesitbecame herpersonalmissiontonotonlyimprovethehealthofherandherimmediatefamily,butusethefoods alongwithexercisetomaintainahealthylifestyle. ChefKandicestartedBliss86Foodstoshareher passionofhealthylivingandgreatfoodwiththeworld

    Jewell Robinson: 
    Born in San Diego and raised in Morrow, Georgia
    • Home owner in Imperial Beach and have two energetic dogs; Jake who is 4 and Charlie who is 2
    • Black belt in MCMAP
    • Active in local community events and volunteer work
    • Enjoy dancing, reading, and home projects in my spare time
    • Licensed Insurance Agent in CA, GA, NJ, TX, MD, VA, and FL 
    • Graduated from the University of Georgia
    B.A. in Political Science
    • Over 16 years in the U.S. Marine Corps
    • Two deployments to Iraq
    • Worked in 3 Wounded Warrior Hospitals
    • Green Belt in Lean 6 Sigma

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    The Liberal Redneck ~Why Are We Always At War?

    in Politics Progressive

    Join LR ( Joe Lee) and PD ( Pamela SurrenderDorothy Kelly)
    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. I invite you to join the conversation LIVE with me and the panel every week on Thursday. Ben Franklin said there was no such thing as a good war.  Did the Republicans get that memo?


    Today's Show

    •The Flaming Pastor Comes Out... Against Gay Marriage
    •Chris Christie Warns How Free College Will Destroy America... There Is No Punchline, Just a," WTF?!"
    •The Republicans, The ACA, And The Rope Given To Them Part I King V Burwell
    The Republicans, The ACA, And The Rope Given To Them Part II Ailing Hospitals

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    PFACQS programs play a major role at MedStar Health system

    in Health

    PFACQS - Patient Family Advisory Council for Quality and Safety - are programs that play a major role within the MedStar Health system as numerous issues are identified... and appropriate processes and regulations are organized.

    With input from patients, family members, staff and community members MedStara Hospitals are partnering with their local customer base.

    Join the show for the discussion of safety or listen to the recorded podcast which is available for replay 24/7.

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    Should We or Shouldn't We Have Armed Guards in Our Churches?

    in Current Events

    We have armed guards in our schools, hospitals, banks, grocery stores, etc...Should we have armed guards in our churches? What are your thoughts? Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, church members of the 9 victims killed in Charleston, SC. May we continue to walk in love and spread peace!



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    How to Use Kaizen - with Mark Graban

    in Business

    What should every CEO and business owner -- and every manager -- know about the continuous improvement method called "kaizen"? How can you use kaizen to cut costs, improve quality, and boost employee engagement and work satisfaction, all at once?

    My guest is Mark Graban, author of Lean for Hospitals and an expert on helping firms adop Lean thinking and Lean practices. 

    Mark has made Lean his career focus for nearly 20 years – starting wiht studying Dr. Deming’s work as an undergraduate engineering student at Northwestern University, then formally studying Lean in the classroom at Northwestern and as a master’s student at MIT, and then receiving extensive on-the-job mentoring and training.

    Mark has led and participated in Lean transformations in manufacturing and healthcare organizations, and is the author of Lean for Hospitals, Healthcare Kaizen, and more.

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    The needless suffering of Frank Foster on the CLCOW radio broadcast

    in News

    Joanne Fowler joins us on the Common Law Court of Wales radio broadcast.

    My War Veteran dad 93 Blind and Deaf with Brain cancer~who served with the KINGS ROYAL RIFLE CORPS~The most gentle kindest bravest man~Dads avoidable barbaric suffering can never be in vain~Please SIGN my petition for the protection of ALL elderly vulnerable people.Please click on this link to SIGN~ http://goo.gl/yHCtna

    Face book page Joanne Fowler.3152.A blue butterfly is my profile picture for my dads memory to have A FRANKS LAW to protect all elderly and vulnerable people or Twitter@JoJoJoFowler Please would you share with as many as possible Thank you so much.


    The aim of the common law court of Wales is to provide an open forum. Discussing solutions for the injustices’ forced upon us all by an unaccountable government that no longer represents the interests of the people.

    Government instead represents odious private corporate interests which facilitate them in thieving our land, our resources, our labour, time and energy. Even our children are bought and sold within this debt slave system which is enforced by colour of law. A system, of fear, fraud and deceit and other dishonourable tactics, is employed by the corporate slave masters and their puppet government and agents.



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    The Douglas Coleman Show_ Best of Pod

    in Entertainment

    Douglas Coleman talks about being hospitalized in a foreign country, weird news items and the music industry. Recorded at various times in 2011. 

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    U.S. Purposely Destroys Families, Can Citizens Rebuild Black Wall Street?

    in Women

    Terrorism on American soil didn't just start with the 911 plane crashes. The tragedy of entire neighborhoods being burned to the ground has happened, unfortunately, several times, with thriving African American communities having been attacked for building successful infrastructures of businesses, schools, hospitals, transportation systems, and homes where stable families raised good children. What happened? Today we examine some ugly historical and not-so-long-ago events, as a group of organizers make a trip to Oklahoma to revisit Black Wallstreet, with the hopes of rebuilding this great legacy in cities across America. Our first guest, Jerry Nicolas, reveals some shocking truths about the underlying intention of government agencies to destroy African American families. Later, we'll discuss the tragedy of Black Wallstreet, and other areas of American terrorism on Americans, such as Rosewood, and more recently, the Move massacre, and how those attitudes are manifested in todays police response to protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. What needs to happen in order for African Americans to build viable communities that will be protected and not purposely destabilized and destroyed? Our guests Jeffery Dawkins and Revin Fellows along with Illinois State Representative LaShawn Ford discuss their upcoming trip to Oklahoma to explore the possibilities.