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    USAgain and again and prevent filling up the landfill with clothes

    in Environment

    Mattias Wallander has been the CEO of USAgain since 2000. From the company’s inception in 1999, USAgain has expanded into a nationwide network of over 12,000 clothing recycling sites in 16 states. Mr. Wallander recognizes the environmental significance of reducing textile waste not least for the global warming impact of textiles. His goal is to elevate textile recycling to the level of glass, paper and plastic, and to eventually achieve zero textile waste. With his team at USAgain, Mr. Wallander is currently developing solutions for increasing textile diversion from 15% to 75% through increased consumer convenience and accessibility. 


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    Dan Kurzrock ReGrained Eat Beer

    in Entrepreneur

    We turn from the attacks on Farmers to some shows on Food issues of Food Waste

    Dan Kurzrock with Regrain will be on to talk abould this cool company and how they take left over product from brewing Beer and make eatables from this, saveing room in Landfills as they make yummy food!

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    Roxanne Pappas Radio with The Wicked Green Energy Lady and Vanessa Brown

    in Environment

    My guest today is Vanessa Brown, owner of Sustainability Cleaning, a cleaning company that ensures its products and services are environmentally friendly.  Vanessa offers family-friendly, plant-positive products featuring naturally derived ingredients for better cleaning results which are non-hazardous to the environment, are healthier for your families, employees and our local landfills and water supplies.


    Roxanne is the Wicked Green Energy Lady on the Wicked Housewives Radio Network, and an Independent Associate for Viridian Energy, educating individuals on green choices for the sustainability of our planet.  Contact her on her face book page, Living It Up Green  and LinkedIn.  Learn more about about her @ Wicked Housewives on Cape Cod and on Viridian.com/LivingItUpGreen.

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    Test Your Recycling I.Q.

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    Andrew Quigley, City of Tucson

    Do you recycle? Do you know what “not to throw” in your recycle bins? Andrew Quigley and his team are on a mission to educate people about what should go in the bins and what should not. Unfortunately Tucson has considerable challenges when it comes to contamination. Join us to learn what’s safe and what’s not as well as the impact contamination has on the entire recycling effort. Andrew will also share with us information about the recycling markets and hopefully move all of us a few steps forward when it comes to recycling and keeping as much as we can out of our landfills. I love to talk trash so I hope you can join us! This show made possible due to the generous support of the City of Tucson.

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    Trash Talk

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    Andrew Quigley, Environmental Services Director, City of Tucson.

    Andy Quigley has a big job and his department has a big mission: to promote a healthy Tucson community by providing innovative and effective waste management as well as environmental protection services.  Ready for this? With Andy’s leadership & guidance, ES provides Tucson citizens and businesses with trash collection and disposal, recycling & waste reduction services, operating the City’s Los Reales Landfill (of course in compliance with State and Federal regulations,  cleaning up groundwater at old landfills AND ensuring that the City’s air quality and industrial waste discharge permits are up-to-date.  Talk about lots of moving parts! I look forward to learning from Andy how he keeps things moving forward as well as some of the biggest challenges he and his staff face.  Please plan to join us.  This show sponsored by City of Tucson – Department of Environmental Services.

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    Attack of the Bag Monster with Andy Keller

    in Environment

    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will discuss the world problem of single use plastics with Bag Monster Andy Keller. 

    In 2004, Andy Keller, now ChicoBag president, took a trip to his local landfill after spending the day landscaping his backyard. He was horrified by what he saw. Single-use bags were visually the dominant article at the landfill that day, blanketing the landscape in a thin mix of white and beige plastic. On his way home he began to notice plastic bags everywhere, caught in trees and on fence posts, half drowned in gutter puddles and blowing in the streets like urban tumbleweeds.

    That day Andy vowed to stop using single-use bags. Inspired, Andy dropped a few bucks on a second hand sewing machine and began sewing what would ultimately become the first ChicoBag® brand reusable bag.

    We won't to shed as much light on this cause as possible. We're talking plastics here on The Fruit today. Join us!

    Call in number is 347-202-0492

    Email Address: AppleBrain@Live.com

    Twitter: @tffradioshow

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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Tune in tonight, The LifeCycle Building Center, the Atlanta non-profit that repurposes building materials while diverting them from landfills and has a retail outlet whose proceeds go to funding community outreach all in the name of green building products. Listen to how this grass roots organization is making a difference in the environment and neighborhoods.

    Don't miss this show!


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    05/15/15, Nathaniel Ford, Suburban Sanitation Service

    in Business

    Nathaniel Ford is the President and C.E.O. of Suburban Sanitation.  Suburban Sanitation is a locally owned small family managed business offering to the citizens of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Metro area our signature quality garbage and refuge collection service. Suburban Sanitation provides residential and commercial unlimited trash collection, recycling service, white goods, refuse removal, dumpster containers and bulky items collections. Suburban provides clients with roll out carts and recycling bins. Suburban Sanitation was incorporated in 2009, purchasing its own trash trucks, trash cans and recycling bins.

    Suburban Sanitation started its business in the single family market servicing the Charlotte and surrounding areas for more than five years. Suburban provides quality services to unincorporated communities of Charlotte / Mecklenburg County, Home Owner Associations and Property Management Companies.

    Suburban Sanitation is a “Green Company” providing a user-friendly, ordering service, special collections, paperless billing, and other online services. These measures allow us to provide one of the lowest costs for waste removal in the region. We are working to help reduce filling up our landfills with materials that cannot breakdown over years but sit in the landfills and is a danger to the environment. The environmental impact of landfills is a complex issue. Recycling helps prevent landfills from becoming overfilled, which lessen the danger of environment report of global warming. A surge in new curbside programs, with the steady performance of local collection services, and a rise in the capture of core household materials such as paper and containers are all key factors in the reduction of disposed tonnage.

    (704) 323-6030 * admin@suburban-sanitation.com * www.suburban-sanitation.com

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    BELL Bottle +Storage Body’s Essential Life Liquid TM

    in Motivation

    Our mission is to provide the best innovative reusable/recyclable products on the planet. Our partnership continues throughout the life cycle of our products.  You determine when your BELL reaches the end of its life usage and we will take it back for free for secure recycling. In turn we will offer future discount incentives on purchases as part of our partnership.

    One of our biggest concerns driving us to get this project off the ground is the amount of plastic bottle waste that is being produced by the onetime usage of disposable plastic water and soda bottles.  Over 60,000,000 plastic bottles are entering our landfills every day, a staggering statistic. This is something that should be unacceptable to all of us and is not sustainable for the future of our planet.   

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen Host


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    Honoring Mother Earth on Talk-N-Angels Radio Show

    in Spirituality

    That's not pretty, is it?  You don't need to see this picture in great detail to really see that the continuous stream of garbage dumped into landfills all over our world are not ever going to break down and go peacefully back into Mother Nature's bosom


    This is just one truck dumping it's collection on top of millions of tons of the same variety of materials.  On Earth day, we could talk about all the ways human population growth and modern agricultural and industrial practices are poisoning our air and water, wiping out species and destroying pristine, delicate habitats for millions of species. But instead, we're going to talk about what YOU can do to stop the madness.

    Whereas last week, we spoke about the Collective Consciousness and how we contribute to the vibration that affects all sentient beings, this week, we're going to talk about how our daily habits, our preferences and our decisions affect the community, and the wider planet. 


    Let's Honor Mother Earth by waking up to the very simple fact that we cannot continue certain activities and expect the earth to remain unchanged.  The good news is that Earth will survive.  She will heal.  The bad news is that we, along with many other species, will not.  Please join us to begin a conversation that hopefully takes us into a new way of thinking about what is possible for humanity and this planet.



    Please join the conversation Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm.

    Visit our website at www.talknangels.com

    Rita's website www.iamadivinebeing.com

    Mike's website www.beyourownwingman.com

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    PTRN~ Raise The Horns Radio (Anne Newkirk Niven)/PVS (Earth Day Earth Worm City)

    in Spirituality

    Wednesdays are Great Rite Radio Night on PTRN as Jason Mankey moves to Wednesdays and swaps the 7pm slot with Dr Susan and Michael.  

    It's Horns and Humpday here on Wednesday.  Jason Mankey's "Raise the Horns Radio" and Dr Susan and Michael Greywolf discuss sex and relationships on "All Acts of Love and Pleasure" at 7pm Central on Wednesdays

    Followed each week at 8pm Central by Pop Culture Pagan Trends, Music, Books, etc.   "The Pagan Variety Show" with Pamela Kelly.Join Pamela and guests as we talk about music, books, festivals, conventions, tattoos, mead... 

    7pm Central Jason Mankey will be talking with Anne Newkirk Niven, publisher of Sage Woman and Witches and Pagans magazine. It should be fun.

    8pm Central  Pamela Kelly invites Ed Hubbard of Nature's Little Recyclers as we discuss the green solutions worms provide and the possiblity of no more landfills.


    Humpday just got more interesting on Pagans Tonight!