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  • Kassondra Moreland Ministries Presents Intimate Conversions With God

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    Join us for intecessory prayer as we start our week seeking the face and favor of God and interceeding on behalf of those that need our prayers.


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    Sunday Morning Divine Service - Lamb of God Lutheran Church Papillion NE

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    9 am Sunday morning Divine Service for Sunday 6/28/15. Traditional liturgy and law gospel sermon. Pastor Sollberger’s sermon from the gospel of Mark 5:21-43.

    The Gospel is not about us, but rather is for us.

    The gospel is not about what we do…it’s about what Christ has done for us. The woman who was healed after a 12 year blood disorder represents the church. When Christ asked “who touched me”, it was for our benefit. He desires to know each of us by name. Furthermore, Jesus ended the need for the flow of blood in the tabernacle.

    Lamb of God Lutheran Church

    1010 W Lincoln St Papillion, NE 68046

    (402) 934-9045

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    God and Our American Freedom

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    In the United States of America, we enjoy a lot of freedoms that other countries don't.  We have a Constitution that was written to articulate these rights.  Is it really a big deal if those rights - for instance, the 1st ammendment, 2nd ammendment, marriage (one man + one woman) - are taken away or tampered with?  What's the impact REALLY?  Are we making too big a deal over this stuff?  What does God have to say about it?  Listen this week as Dr Pauline & Catherine talk about this very important and all-too-timely subject. 

    As always, we welcome your comments and questions through Facebook (Dunamas Center Ministries), and Twitter (@YourDunamasLife).


    Watch for Dr Pauline's new book, "Won't Somebody Please Hear Me?  Healing from Birth Traumatomology Syndrome"...Coming soon! 
    Watch our website www.dunamascenter.com for updates!  We're always working to improve your experience at our website.

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    Getting Too Comfortable with God and Others

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    This is the last show of the season and I felt it was great to end out on a show about being too comfortable. We get far too comfortable in our relationships with God. God is so patient with us and despite our sinful ways, he sent his son to die for our sins. His hope is that none of us should perish even though we have free will to do as we choose (2 Peter 3:9). However, we take advantage of his grace all the time and do the opposite of what we should. I know from my experience that turning away from God and going into the World is the most foolish decision I have ever made and will ever make. It was not worth one ounce of it and God tried to steer me away every step of the way. I could have avoided so much unnecessary pain and wasted time. I know many can relate to this as well.

    Even though God loves us, there is a time when he will allow us to do what we want in sin and he will step back and allow us to face our consequences (Romans 1:24). Yes there is grace and a chance to be forgiven, but if we push him away too much eventually we won't hear the Holy Spirit anymore. We cannot be saved without being forgiven and how can we be forgiven if we do not have the heart to repent? The Holy Spirit brings true repentence (2 Corinthians 7:10)

    We also take advantange of others here on Earth and we take people for granted. We think that we will always have the option of having someone around when this is not true. As I mentioned on Instagram, even the nicest person has a limit.

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    Married by God with hosts Ronald and Rachel

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    Married by God with hosts Ronald and Rachel

    Join in on Monday for Married By God as we have an open discussion about all things marriage and relationships. We will discuss communication, time, affection, sex, support, alone time, and faith. Join us as we open the phone lines at the beginning of the show with any and all questions you may have. Let's talk. See you then.

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    Defining God!

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    In this segment I will be talking about God and His attribute of holiness. The Bible says, "God is Love." 1John 4:8. Have we misinterpreted His love towards man to be contrary to His word? I will be talking to you about what people say about God and who He is. Tune in because it will be interesting and eye opening of what people say about God.  I will also be giving you Scripture verses about who God says He is. 


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    A word from God with your Hostesses Prophetess Lassiter of Ahoskie n.c 27910

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    We are Praying and teaching the word of the Lord telling the goodness of Jesus today's topic Fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5-23 God bless thank you for your support call 347-850-8481 at 6:00pm EST today

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    Be Not Decieved God Is Not Mocked

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    Today on so many levels that devil thinks he has won.  He will never win when it comes to Almighty God who has All Power. Almighty God is that devil boss and he fires him everytime when it comes to his people. In these United States of America so much has been crooked, twisted, and appear to have changed. This country was founded by God built on the things of God, and will always belong to God no matter what man thinks he has done to have things his way. In 2015 be not decieved :God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Now if it is sown to the flesh he will reap the flesh rewards. If it is sown to the spirit he shall reap the spirit's reward. No matter what Man Does God will always win. Why? He made man and knows all about his thinking and the very intent of man's heart

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    Sports In Depth-The Boxing Way With Lady/Happy Birthday Eddie/*TRUST*IN**GOD**

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    It's time for that fan favorite segmen,'The boxing Way With Lady A'

    'Sports In Depth'
    With,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,and his sports posse, is an in depth informative educational and historical look at the world of sports,on his renowned and legendary award winning,radio show,'Sports In Depth'. Di-versing from both a daily and historical perspective,bringing also both an in depth look and perspective not only on the sports of our times, but too,of the players and performers of the said events, both now and of yesteryear.
    'Sports In Depth',AKA SID, also brings us the unique strategies of sports from an intellectual prospective.
    Not just athletics because as it takes raw talent and conditioning it too takes a mind fueled with passion, determination,interlect and a belief of competing and accomplishing too.
    And with the in depth knowledge and diverse intellect, of Doc's iconic posse,'Sports In Depth' is too,''the world in Depth''. 
    Thanks for joining us once again,where we always,''rope the Rumors,hog tie the Issues and brand the Truth.''



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    Let's talk...God is not Religious - The Person of the Holy Spirit - Part 11

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    Participants are encouraged to present their spiritual questions, queries and struggles, whereby the host will attempt with the aid of scripture and the Holy Spirit's inspiration to provide adequate instruction, correction, inspiration and encouragement.  Comments and exhortation may also be solicited from the other participants within the bounds of relevance and congeniality.  The overall objective will be to create a liberated atmosphere where people feel free and comfortable to share their concerns and get their longtime, internalized questions at the least addressed and ideally answered.  This format is being employed to stir discussion and participation amongst God’s people and counter the current spectator, one-way monologue program that is being practiced in most contemporary church worship services today.  The goal being to allow the Holy Spirit the freedom, time and interaction to bring knowledge, wisdom, healing and support to the members of Christ’s body, for one another and by one another.  As well as, inviting outside seekers of truth into a non-intimidating, non-traditionally religious setting of dialogue, where they can pose their questions without fear of judgment and openness and acceptance in a spirit of love and mutual engagement.  Join us as we pierce through the darkness & cut our way through the murky waters of what Christianity has become today, so as to find the freedom that Christ intended us to have, in the same way he taught & shared when he walked & lived life among the people. What was the Act's Church & were we meant depart from it into what Church has become today. And if we have, how did we get there? Join us as we unravel these questions & tackle many more which has made Christianity into what it is today.ian faith.

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                                  YA KNOW , YA GOTTA LOVE  THE APOSTLE PAUL!

                   HE TOLD IT STRAIGHT UP!     EXAMPLE, HERE IN ACTS 17:22

    MEN OF ATHENS, I notice that you are VERY RELIGIOUS IN EVERY WAY, ....


                                                   TO GOD BE THE GLORY

    Evangelist Lacey Kay Green www.laceykayministries.org contact me prayer requests,praises. www,hsbn.tv KISSES FROM THE LORDwith EVANGELIST LACEYKAY GREEN, Live Streaming,>Kisses, click.    go to, www.victoryreportonline.com best newspaper in world.  Pray for nations, Peace of Jerusalem, family, widows, orphans.