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    Man of Influence: Lamar Gibbs

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    This week on NHISIMAGE Man with Kel & Drew they will be talking with "Man of Influence" Mr. Lamar Gibbs who is a man who loves and seeks to serve the Lord. He has been a writer in a volunteer capacity for years since 2009, as he has written for websites such as Dasouth.com (now JamTheHype.com), as well as KingdomTimeMedia.com.

    In August of 2014, he launched the vision and blog God gave to him called Thoughts Of Redemption. It is a blog that is purposed to help produce an awareness of and  appreciation for the sanctification of the mind. The goal is to change our thinking because Jesus changed our life.

    Blog website: www.ThoughtsOfRedemption.com

    Social Media Links:

    Twitter/Instagram: @LkGibbs20
    FB page: www.facebook.com/ThoughtsOfRedemption

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    What's on your mind... with Lamar Guy

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    What's's on your mind... With Lamar Guy

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    Discussion of Lamar Giles' ENDANGERED on Conversation-Pieces

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    Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb and Brotha Magazine Editor-In-Chief Charles Clark discuss ENDANGERED by author Lamar Giles on this month's edition of Conversation-Pieces.

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    To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar (album review)

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    Hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar just dropped his 3rd studio album, To Pimp A Butterfly, on March 16. The album was supposed to come out on March 23 but was released early and set the music industry on fire. 

    For the first time on the 12 Radio Show, the host 12kyle will have a full album review for To Pimp A Butterfly. If you're a fan of Kendrick Lamar or a hip hop fan...you don't want to miss this!!!

    The show will only be for an hour and will air March 21st (Saturday) at 2pm est. You can listen online at www.blogtalkradio.com/12kyle or (347)215-7162

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    WKPJB Radio presents Black Poetry Fest and Lamar Anthony Hill w/ C7 & BPhunk

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    It is my honor and privilege to announce this next show to illuminate the beginnings of the 10th annual Black Poetry Festival in Atlanta, GA!!!! I will be in attendance and looking forward to it. We will have special guest, Lamar Anthony Hill. As a native of Newark, NJ. In 1999 he left a successful career in sales and made the decision to begin performing spoken word poetry for a living. Eight years later, Lamar has produced more than a half dozen CDs. He is also a published author releasing Freak, his first novel in 2003. In 2004, Lamar wrote and produced his first stage play Deception and Denial. The following year his second play Never Sleep Alone played to sold out crowds and rave reviews. In 2006, he wrote and produced The Love Electric. He will speak more on some of his work in our show and hopefully bless us with some of his work. We will also discuss with JustMeThePoet the in's and out's of the up and coming 10 annual Black Poetry Fest. Please bring your poetry and spit dat fiya!!! What better way to spend a Wed!

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    Paul Lamar Hunter#19of21

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    Productive, Powerful, Inspiring Interview with Paul L Hunter, Author of No Love, No Charity: the Success of the 19th child is the riveting debut book by Paul Lamar Hunter. Though many would consider Paul to be an unlikely candidate to become successful, this thrilling autobiographical account describes how he made it, despite overwhelming odds. As the 19th child of twenty-one, his troubled life traversed the perils of poverty, neglect, dysfunction, and even deaths. In this Interview with Pastor Fran, Paul describes what it was like growing up in the shadows of a famous yet detached mother whose affections were focused on the homeless shelter that she founded. Tune in and download this segment for the lost child who is learning on their own understanding or just following the wrong path.

    Paul Lamar Hunter was born on October 16, 1970. He was born in Racine, Wisconsin. eHe is the child of James Senior and Louise Hunter. He is the 19th child out of 21 natural children. He is the father of 4 children. He graduated from Washington Park High School in 1990. In 2005, he earned an Associate Degree in Supervisory Management from Gateway Technical College. In 2012, he became the first in his family to earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University. He has been profiled in many national magazines including Ebony magazine, AMPS magazine, Austin Fit magazine, and the National Examiner.

    Paul can be reached at Paul@NoLoveNoCharity.com or visit www.paullamarhunter.com | Twitter: Paul Lamar Hunter @APLH19 Facebook: Paul Lamar Hunter | Instagram: PAULLAMARHUNTER

    "No Love, No Charity: the Success of the 19th Child" by Paul Lamar Hunter
    (Life to Legacy, LLC, paperback, 184 pp, ISBN:10-0984797343, ISBN: 13-978-0984797349)

    The book is available at Barns and Nobles, Amanzon.com, the Nook, E-Books, the Kindle Fire and I-Tunes. 

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    2015 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup Semi-Finals Review Show

    in Sports

    Nominated for the best American Soccer Internet Radio show in 2014 by World Soccer Talk. Talking about our leagues, our players, our National Team.

    Join me and my guests as we recap the two Semi-Final games and discuss them as we celebrate the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup. PHI Vs. CHI & SKC Vs. RSL

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    The War Is On Our Shores - LaMar Stephens

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    RETV Examines the Black Youth Violence Crisis in New Docu-Series
    (Jersey City's) Peace March & Mini-Concert 
    (There is a war on our shores!  And the enemy is not some dark, sinister foreign entity - it's homegrown, right here in our midst.  The Black youth violence crisis is alarming, fueled by the enemies of peace and tranquility -- ignorance and apathy.  We must declare war, and fight vigorously to rescue our Black youth from extinction.  RETV, a popular YouTube channel headed by LaMar Stephens of New Jersey-based Rap Entertainment, Inc., is creating a three-part docu-series entitled "Cities In Crisis," which will examine the problem under a microscope, laying out both the problems and the solutions, featuring celebrities such as rappers T.I., Common, Ice Cube and Talib Kweli, along with educators, actors and community activists, who all drop their own brands of knowledge and wisdom regarding the Black youth violence crisis...because after all, if it "takes a village" to raise a child, it will most certainly "take a village" to save him/her.

    In conjunction with the docu-series, RETV is sponsoring a Peace March and Mini-Concert, scheduled for Sunday, October 26 in Jersey City, NJ's Greenville section.  Jersey City has been one of the battlegrounds of this war, and peace warriors there are supporting the RETV effort by hosting this event, designed to 
    bring calmness to their city.  It is Stephens' strong desire that more communities across the country will join the fight.  He will film the Jersey City event for airing on RETV, as a battle plan for others to follow.

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    War of the Words Radio #80: Lamar Brown, ATT, and Conflict gold

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    Lamar Brown


    For reigning Conflict Lightweight champ Lamar Brown (5-0) out of American Top Team, this fight Feb 21 at Conflict 24 is a culmination of several factors. Defending the championship fuels Brown, as does his desire to continue to grow and move to the pro ranks. Whether he does turn pro after this title fight or not, the undefeated Lightweight has spoken that his full focus is set of defending his title. With unending cardio, good movement, solid striking, and a pro level grappling game, Lamar Brown is unquestionably one of the most dangerous fighters in the South.

    He recently let his intentions for February be known:

    “Getting in there and getting right after Kobe Wall. Proving I’m the Best up and coming lightweight in the Southeast is what this is all about for me. I go to war February 21st.”

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    What's on your mind... with Lamar Guy

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    Tell me what you want to hear and talk about...