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    Round 9 with Host & Champion Builder Lakeisha McKnight

    in Self Help

    Champion Builder Lakeisha McKnight expiunds on what is needed for Speakers Marketing Skits. You do not want to miss this.

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    Host Lakeisha McKnight Interviews Speaker Brandon Morel

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    Host Lakeisha McKnight Interviews Speaker Brandon Morel on Champion Central radio. Listen up and learn more about this great young speaker.

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    'Awakening the Champion' with Lakeisha McKnight on MSTR!

    in Lifestyle

    Join your favorite MindShift Crew, Stacy Emeri, Billie Miller and Dr. Ayo Kedar as we welcome our special guest, Motivational Speaker, Lakeisha McKnight as she shares her message, "Awakening the Champion"!
    With more than a decade of speaking to students and business leaders, Lakeisha McKnight has earned a reputation as a leading authority on how anyone can overcome huge obstacles, allowing them to unleash the champion within. Award-winning Motivational Speaker Lakeisha McKnight has gained international recognition as 'the fighting speaker' with her creative delivery and inspiring messages, reaching students and leaders of many cultures around the world.
    This is going to be a DYNAMIC show...don't miss it!

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    Award-Winning Speaker Lakeisha McKnight

    in Business

    From United States to Africa, Lakeisha McKnight has been known as the 'fighting speaker,' providing empowerment messages with authority and effectiveness, stirring the hearts and minds of different business professionals and students throughout the world. Lakeisha has been engaging in speaking events for 15+ years and her empowered 500,000+ people leaving a lasting positive impact that business professionals crave.
    Lakeisha McKnight has received over 40 awards (including a presidential citation from former president Bill Clinton) and being awarded as an Entrepreneur of the 2010-2011 Year with Cambridge’s Who’s Who. She has shared speaking platforms with dignitaries throughout the world from Barbados to India. Lakeisha has also received numerous awards as a former member and leader within Toastmasters International. She is the owner of three thriving companies including ILEAD Outreach, The International Leadership Education and Development Company LLC and ‘Choosing to Live’ wellness business. She has authored many printed materials including GOALS Guidelines on Achieving Life Success (www.lmcknight.com) and most recently, Awakening the Champion: How to Think, Speak, and Live Like a Conqueror (www.awakeningthechampion.com).
    Most recently, Lakeisha has been hosting a great radio show called Champion Central, where professionals throughout the U.S. receive a platform to sow success seeds within the lives of listeners, showcase their expertise to the world, and provide strategies on how they have overcome to the reach their CHAMPION status. Lakeisha McKnight Copyright ©

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    Yesterday to today, who we are pt 3

    in Religion

    Ignite Live Bible Study with Apostle Lakeisha Grant and A Diamond in Rough Ministries

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    Voices InJustice - Would you make the call? Carolyn Wilson, MSW, LCSW

    in Current Events

    Voices InJustice Radio, an outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, supporting the 'Family Crimes & Terroristic Abuse Act'. Join us live, Sunday evenings @7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific time for a live discussion about the injustices we see in our communitities, our schools, our political leaders, family service organizations, and inside our very close circle of family/friends. We welcome your calls at 929-477-3163 or use your Social ID; log into blog talk platform for our live chatroom during the shows. We take all calls & questions, so don't hesitate to bring it to our discussion table.

    This Sunday evening, Oct 4th, it is a huge honor to welcome friend/colleague Carolyn Wilson, MSW/LCSW Sexual Abuse Therapist. Let's talk to someone who has been working with victims and families for over 30 years, as she gives us a very close personal insight in how this act, which so many believe is gentle and loving, will never harm the child; let's find out exactly what she has seen in helping survivors & families learn to cope and rebuild. There are many challenges you hear me talk about all the time, write about them, speak about them, and have helped my share of persons, but Ms. Wilson is the expert we welcome to answer your concerning questions. Let me ask you - Would you make the call to report/help a child in need, especially if you believe it to be a close member of your family? What types of backlash might we expect in reporting? Is it really anonymous to make a report?

    Keep in mind our shows are for entertainment purposes. While we may have experts join in we cannot & do not provide any form of professional theraputic, legal, or medical advice. It is necessary for you to connect with a Hotline or a service in your area. Please join in and invite some friends, or your teenagers. It's a great way to start a conversation about today's matters and how to help. Thank you stopping by! 

  • The Gift of " Goodbye"

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Lakeisha Grant and DITR Ministries for morning worship.

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    Yesterday to today: Who are we? cont.

    in Religion

    Join A Diamond In the Rough Ministries and Apostle Lakeisha Grant for in depth bible study. 

  • Voices InJustice - Family/Parental Alienation, erasing your child's DNA

    in Current Events

    Welcome everyone to Voices InJustice Radio; a continuing outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. We hope to bring you conversations that matter; discussing those acts of injustice around the world and in your neighborhood. There are many influences we begin making on our children's lives and it starts developing when we are children. What does your voice of injustice see in your news headlines, in your church, in your community, your schools and your homes? You are invited to join Trish every Sunday evening at 7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific time. Our phone lines are always open to bring your voice of concern to the public platform, call us at 929-477-3163 or log into blogtalkradio.com and join the conversation in our chatroom. 

    Tonight we are discussing the effects parents make on their child's identity when they go through divorce, and then inflict alienation; a different type of child abuse. Think of erasing half of your child's DNA; is their other parent a 'BAD' person or are they actually suffering behavorial or emotional influences from their own childhood? Are we doing this because we only want them to be the part we create in them, as we fill their heart and head with negative identity about the other half of their DNA? If that other parent is truly impairing the positive path of your developing child, is it your duty to simply disconnect any/all contact, even the entire other half of your child's family? How does this enforced disconnection to their WHOLE family influence your child's behavioral & emotional wellness, possibly even their physical health?

    This broadcast does not provide any spcific professional advice, simply entertainment & public discussion. Invite family and friends as we inspire new ideas and create action for change together!! #VoicesEndingFamilyCrimes

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    DITR Ministries Youth Sunday

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Lakeisha Grant and DITR Ministries for morning worship.  Today is our youth sunday, join in the here what our youth have to say about our current events. 

  • Yesterday to Today (Who are we?)

    in Religion

    Join Apostle Lakeisha Grant and DITR Ministries for weekly word infusion.