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    Hills and Hops with Mike Skeen From Pikes Peak

    in Automotive

                       What goes better together then cars and drinking....wait, maybe that came out wrong.  How about just kicking back and talking about cars and the automotive world while you enjoy a stiff drink, tasty brew, or a fancy cocktail?  Awww thats better.  We will attempt to cover all those bases in this show we present to you on Fridays!  What the hell is going in new cars and the automotive culture in general?  Find out with Matt and Jay every week, oh yeah and enjoy a night cap:)

    This week we talk about the "the hill" better known as Pikes Peak where every year hundreds of vehicles ranging from super bikes to wildly modified semi tractors try to rocket up the 12 mile 156 turn run to the summit faster than any in their class. The standing record is 8:13.878 set in 2013 by 9 time WRC champ Sebastien Loeb.  While we don't expect that to fall, we do expect some amazing action out here.  We run into current Pirelli World Challenge pilot Mike Skeen, and talk about his attempt this year on the hill in his insane Nissan GTR (Pikes Peak Special) - Braking up hill, and packing a parachute! 

    We end the episode talking about our favorite summer time brews in the venerable full body IPAs.  If it was good enough for pirates it's good enough for us!  

    Keep up with conversation as always on Twitter @thewheelmenshow, and with all the visuals and stories on our Facebook page here: http://www.Facebook.com/thewheelmen  Please "Follow", "Like", and review us anywhere you can.

    Thank you for downloading, and enjoy the show!  


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    A Day in the Country With Lawrence Peters

    in Country Music

    Lawrence Peters of The Lawrence Peter's Outfit joins Mary E. for today's show. Lawrence will be sharing his music, as well as promoting "A Day in the Country" 

    For the seventh consecutive year, country singer, songwriter, drummer and America’s preeminent electric washboard player Lawrence Peters will be presenting A Day in the Country at Chicago’s most beloved venue, The Hideout.

    This year, Peters has assembled a line-up of musicians from the entire spectrum of country music, from bluegrass and honky tonk to western swing and singer-songwriters. Performing from early in the afternoon until late in the evening on two stages (the “front porch” and the “backroom”), artists include Nora O’Connor, known for her collaborations with Iron & Wine, Andrew Bird and Neko Case, Sanctified Grumblers, Kory Quinn and Peters’ own group, The Lawrence Peters Outfit.

    In addition to a dozen musical acts, concertgoers will be able to purchase BBQ (provided by County Barbeque) and homemade pie from Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits. The Lagunitas Brewing Company will provide this year’s featured beers. 

    A Day in the Country #7 will take place on Sunday, June 22nd. Doors will open at1PM CST and the scheduled performances will run from 2-4PM on the front porch stage and from 4-11PM on the backroom stage. Tickets are $10 and The Hideout is located at 1354 W. Wabansia.

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    4/22 - Earth Day Munchies, Fantasy News and Breaking Chains

    in Entertainment


    Tonight we'll have some specific topics to help start us off and then ride the wave out from there - join us in the chatroom or by calling in with your questions and comments. 

    1. With Michael Bush gone from Chicago, Matt Forte looks to have an uncontested role as RB1 - or does he? Michael Ford (have you heard of him) is just beginning to generate some buzz in the dynasty world as a quick stash for this year's season. We'll check out his measurables and discuss fantasy value.

    2. In Baltimore, can 'The Smiths' be a force on offense? Is Steve Smith still relevant? Will Steve Smith outperform Marlon Brown and Jacoby Jones over the course of the season? Why are we talking about the Ravens?

    3. The Jets have settled in now with new recruits Michael Vick, Eric Decker and Chris Johnson - are all 3 players only good in very specific systems? Any chance Rex Ryan can put together something that works here for all of them? Good luck, Rex!

    4. The Cowboys' Tony Romo is recovering from off-season surgery.. at 34 how long can he keep fantasy relevant? He generally averages about 4,000 yards and 30 TD's a season making him one of the most consistent QB's in the game today. With Miles Austin out on the street, Terrance Williams looks to become a [fantasy] household name this year.. what will his statline look like? Any interest in Cole Beasley for deep PPR leagues?

    5. Lagunitas finally opened its plant in Chicago - starting bottling production lines. Sure, this is good news for Chicago - but when does a craft beer company become too large for its 'craft' image? I love Lagunitas but as more locations open and their efforts continue to ramp up, will we see a decline in their risk taking and 'local' idealism? Beer!

    6. Baconfest Chicago - Jealous?

    7. Game of Thrones - Where are we headed?

    Thanks for joining us,

    Dave and Jason

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    Michael Knittel Founder of Lagunitas Asset Management

    in Finance

    Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor Tom Cunningham (too tall) interviews Michael Knittel Founder of Lagunitas Asset Management.

    For the past 17 years, Michael has been laser focused on empowering and educating investors, while helping them save money in the process.  Since he became one of the youngest licensed investment advisors in the country at 21 years old, he has become an expert in helping investors defy down markets.  Whether it was the Internet bubble that burst in 2000, or the housing market which popped in 2008, his experience in helping investors protect the downside of their portfolios has truly set him apart from his peers.

    In 2013, he founded Lagunitas Asset Management, which through our mantra - “Helping Smart People Make Smart Investments”™ - communicates and pierces the heart of what he strives to accomplish for high net worth individuals, business owners, pension plans, and endowments here in the U.S.  Because of the “Boom and Bust” nature of global markets, he feels that it is even more important than ever to have a professional advisor by any investors side to watch over their hard-earned dough!

    His chief initiative at Lagunitas is to find unique ways to give back to the community, and is able to accomplish this is by helping charities raise funds, promoting them on social media, and throwing large scale gala’s in their honor.  As a result, Lagunitas has partnered with the Sacramento Sheriff’s and their incredible charity, the Sheriff’s Community Impact Program.


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