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    SMB Entertainment Radio presents Queen Mother of Afro Beat Speaks

    in Entertainment

    Queen Mother of Afro Beat Sandra Izsadore returns from Lagos Nigeria where she along with Musicians from across the globe celebrated Nigeria's Icon Fela Anikulapo-Kuti the creator of Afro Beat.

  • An Introduction to Yoruba Religion, featuring Baba Babalawo Ifakunle

    in Self Help

    Babalawo Oluwole A. Ifakunle Adetutu Alagbede is a Traditional African Orisa Practioner, professional performing artist, father, activist, and master chess player. Awo Ifakunle attended Hunter College, studying community health and physical education. Heis the student of Professor Ogunwande Abimbola who is the Awise Agbaye (spokesman of all babalawo in the World). His Oluwo (officiator of Ifa ceremonies), and his master teacher is Chief Araba Malumo Ifatukemi Alagbede of Elejibo, Lagos, Nigeria in whose compound Awo Ifakunle was initiated to Obatala and Ifa over 25 years ago. Additionally, the Awo has been tutored by Chief Priest Araba of Osogbo Ifayemi Elebuibon on Ifa divination and chants of Ifa. Locally, Awo Ifakunle was the Godchild and student of both Oba Oseijeman Ofuntola Adefunmi I (iba e), who was the King of Oyotunji African Village in South Carolina where Ifakunle lived in for a time in the 1970s and Renard Sango dei Awo Alaafia Simmons (iba e). His teachers also include iba ye Edward Sango Ilari Awolola James (iba e), who was the first African American Sango Priest, the student of James Ifaboye Frost, and Chief Yagbe Onilu of California. All have made significant contributions to Awo Ifakunle's development as an Awofa (student of Ifa) and Orisa worshipper.Awo Ifakunle has been initiated to Egungun Society in Ibadan, Nigeria, as well as three houses of Palo (Congo Bantu-based religion). He has studied with the Spiritual and Sango Baptist of Trinidad and Tobago where he has taken a type of ritual initiation known as Thrones. He has received countless lectures from Babalawos throughout the years from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Brazil, Benin, and Nigeria, among other locales, and regularly lectures on Orisa Traditional religion and Ifa at Ile Eko Sango Oshun Milosa shrine in Trinidad nd Tobago,at High Schools in New York City and at Colleges and Universities including Harvard University,, & more

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    11am CST: "Dare 2 Be Different" / 12pm CST: "Voice of Trinity"

    in Christianity

    Listen "LIVE" around the World Tuesday, October 20, 2015 @ 11AM-12PM USA, CST!

    Kayla Padgett & The Finding My Way Radio Network (USA/WORLD) welcomes Pastor Ray Shawn Johnson Host of: "Dare 2 Be Different" Radio Program! 

    Call in and join us @ 1 (347) 850-8560! 

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    "LIVE" from Lagos, Nigeria!

    Listen "LIVE" around the World Tuesday, October 20, 2015 @ 12-12:30PM USA, CST!

    Kayla Padgett & The Finding My Way Radio Network (USA/WORLD) welcomes Taiwo K. Adegbite Host of "Voice of Trinity" Radio Broadcast!

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    Call in and join us @ 1 (347) 850-8560! 

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    PTRN ~ Voces Paganas En Espanol (Pagan Voices) ~Sacerdocio del Mar & de Hèkate

    in Spirituality


    5 P.M. C.D.T. U.S.A. & MEXICO  /  4 P.M. U.T.C.-06:00 (El Salvador)

    ¡ B - I - E - N - V - E - N - I - D - O !

    PTRN Presenta - Voces Paganas, tu conexión radial en Español para explorar temas y tendencias del Paganismo contemporáneo, rituales, entrevistas, noticias y comunidad!!

    Estamos aquí cada semana, todos los Domingos por la tarde.

    Conecta con nosotros vía nuestro Perfil de Facebook “Voces Paganas”, o nuestra cuenta en Twitter “Voces_Paganas”, y llámanos En Vivo al Programa.

    Contáctanos y envía tus sugerencias a vocespaganasradio@gmail.com

    HOY PRESENTAMOS: Sacerdocio del Mar & Sacerdocio de Hèkate en el CoH y el Santuario Hekate Thetys Krataiis.

    INVITADOS ESPECIALES: Ness Bosch, Sacerdotisa

    32º Programa En Vivo. 20/09/2015.


    PTRN Presents – Pagan Voices, your Spanish radio connection for exploring contemporary Pagan subjects and trends, rituals, interviews, news and community!

    We’re here every week, on Sunday's afternoon.

    TONIGHT: Sea Priesthood & Hékate Priesthood within CoH & Hekate Thetys Krataiis

    SPECIAL GUEST: Priestess Ness Bosch

    32º Show! Live! September/20/2015.

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    Guest: Chizor Chiazor Fighting All Odds in the Poor Community in Lagos

    in Education

    Chizor Chiazor speaks about "Urban poor kids in her Community and Libraries". She is a teacher and has seen what education can do to a generation that have no opportunity to have it. Education is a weapon that all must have regardless of their gender or financial status. She strongly believes that it must not be denied. She also feels for teachers like her who wants to do her best yet regareded as nonentities and she is hardly ever paid.  She publishs a teacher's magazine called the teacher's nest which is distributed free to teachers with God's help she donated books and school supplies to children in my community who doesn’t have access to books and attend poor schools. You can visit her face book searching chizo chiazor. 

    Global Eco Theatre is designed to convey difficult-to-understand problems in Nigeria such as witch-craft, corruption, lack of safety and the worst petroleum pollution in Africa to the International community in an aesthetic form so that people around the world can join solvinghe problems.  The regions contributes major cause of global warming and climate change. Our website: http://www.swacin.com

    Stay tuned!

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    100 Days of Giving Black with Rosalia Durante

    in Non-Profit

    Rosalia Durante, 98, has lived a remarkable life as a teacher and a humanitarian. In 1963-64, she taught spent time in Nigeria, teaching at the Corona International School in Lagos. Decades later, she and her husband became patients to Dr. Yele Aluko, one of her former students. The Charlotte Observer covered the amazing story of their reuinon after many years. Today, Ms. Durante will discuss this story and more on Giving Black Radio. 

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    Voice Of Trinity Radio Broadcast

    in Christianity

    Live From Lagos, Nigeria!

    Monday, August 31, 2015 @ 12PM CST USA / 6PM Lagos, Nigeria Time

    Finding My Way With Kayla Padgett Radio Network Welcomes Taiwo K. Adegbite, Host of "Voice Of Trinity" Radio Broadcast

    Call In & Join Us @ 347-850-8560

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    Produced By Kayla Padgett On Finding My Way Radio Network

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    Chatting with ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Brenda Thomas, & Catherine onyemelukwe

    in Entrepreneur

    ReShonda Tate Billingsley is taking her craft to the next level. Her latest book, Mama's Boy, a ripped from the headlines story about a young man who films the arrest of his friends. That situation quickly escalates and when the dust settles, a police officer is dead and the young man is on the run. Oh, did I mention the officer is white and he's black...oh, and they're in Jasper, Texas, a town already rife with racial tension. As a mother, what do you do?  And good news on the movie front! Let the Church Say Amen, the movie (directed by actress Regina King, produced by Queen Latifah's Flavor Unit, Royal Ties Productions and Bobbcat Films) is coming to BET August 29, 2015

    Brenda L. Thomas is the author of several books including Threesome and the deeply moving memoir of her 15-year struggle with domestic violence and drug addiction, Laying Down My Burdens. A sought-after and compelling speaker, she's appeared on such shows as CNN, ESPN, Dateline and Entertainment Tonight. A native of Philadelphia, Brenda is currently serving as Executive Producer of the movie adaptation of Laying Down My Burdens.

    Catherine Onyemelukwe graduated from Mount Holyoke in 1962, and began her career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nigeria, where she met her Igbo husband and raised three children. Her teaching career was interrupted by the Biafran War when she lived in her husband's village. After the war she co-founded Nigerwives, an organization for foreign wives of Nigerians, ran her own fashion company in Lagos, returned to the U.S. to earn her MBA at Yale, and became a professional fundraiser. Her memoir of her twenty four years in Nigeria has been published by Peace Corps Writers. She blogs at catherineonyemelukwe.com. She is an advocate for racial justice, serves on the board of the U.S. National Committee for UNWomen.

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    Aventuras al Aire Libre - Viernes - Agosto 21

    in Sports

    Aventuras Al Aire Libre con el Gringo y Joaquín Espinoza 

    Escuche Aventuras Al Aire Libre esta noche en 21:00

    AM 690 Radio

    Raro, raro pez remo lava en la isla de Catalina. Armando González se une a nosotros para hablar de este hallazgo único. Joaquín y El Gringo tienen lo último en alguna buena pesca incluyendo su viaje de jurel local con Freedom Boat Club.

    También, descuentos en Santa Ana River Lagos y Hotel Villa del Palmar en Loreto, Baja California sólo para ti.

    Actualizaciones de atún, tiburones blancos a lo largo de la costa, actualizaciones de pesca Isla Catalina, y más grandes oportunidades al aire libre para usted y su familia este fin de semana.


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    Real Life Real Faith welcomes Actor Tobie Famusipe

    in Self Help

    Tobie Famusipe

    I am a first generation American-Nigerian. I speak multiple Nigerian dialects and multiple accents.

    Born in Washington DC, I have lived equally in the US and Lagos Nigeria which has led to me having an interesting view and sense of humor about life.  I often feel like a man born of two different worlds because of the cultural differences. It’s a balancing act like no other, having to adapt to both cultures simultaneously which can be challenging, because although I have had the desire to entertain and act this profession is not something readily embraced in the Nigerian cultural because it’s not considered a professional line of work.  Nigerian parents command and I quote “READ YOUR BOOKS”, “GO TO COLLEGE” so that you can become a Doctor, Lawyer, or Engineer NOT Actor.

    So I followed my parent’s instruction and migrated back to the United States to attend college at Seton Hall University where I majored in Criminal Justice and Political Science. Currently my day job is a Senior Business Systems Analyst. It is during my adult years I have been able resurrect my desire to be an entertainer and actor. I’ve always had a love for movies and with my family’s encouragement it ignited my creative juices which led to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.  In 2011 I began taking acting and voice over training with The Actors Scene in Buford GA. My intuition regarding my acting ability became evident because in October 2014 I signed with an agent. Today I am proudly represented by TDH Talent Unlimited.

    Some other interesting things about me:

    My favorite past time is to spend time with my lovely wife and daughter watching our favorite movies. 

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    For The Love Of Community w/ Guest, Henry Balogun

    in Self Help

    #TNT 13: Yippee!!! It's a Friday Special on #TheNakedTalk with Alex Okoroji. Join  me, #TheExpressionist as I chat LIVE on radio with my Guest, the incredibly respected HENRY BALOGUN. Renowned Attorney, Former Chief of Staff to the Office of the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Corporate Learning Consultant, Internet Developer, Founder of Ibile foundation and the Chief Driver of the New Social Initiative Campaign "I Love Lagos" today, Friday 5, June 2015 @ 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST) ....in a stripped conversation about his passion for human management, public service as well as his love for community.  Feel free to call in and Join the stimulating conversation by dialling +1 (215) 383 -3766 to chat and contribute to your thoughts. 

    It's All About Straight Talk!!!