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    It's probably smart to put Hobby Lobby in the show title... and Lady Gaga

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    Hey folks. 

    This will be the typical news and comment. 
    I'm putting Hobby Lobby in the title because... logic

    We have some black news. 
    New Ana Kasparian Audio. 
    Lady Gaga finally works up the courage to come out as hetero. (straight)


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    Friends: A Lesson from Lady Gaga!

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    "I don't like to pass judgment on Miley Cyrus. Generally, people need to lighten up about pop music - it's about entertainment," the singer [Lady Gaga], who opened the VMAs with a performance of her new song "Applause," reportedly told The Sun. "It is here to make you smile and make you happy. Especially in America, there is an excessive dragging of female artists, and I don't want to contribute to that." – Huffington Post. This week we discuss why we judge friends. Do you feel judged by your friends? Do you find yourself judging your friends? I’ve been judged (negatively) and it doesn't feel good. And I’ve judged friends at times, and that doesn’t feel any better. Strong judgments range from close friends to celebrities. Ask yourself, why are you judging your close friends? Envy? Listen to the show, “Confessions of an Envious Friend.” Tabloids define a celebrity’s character by catching an off-the-cuff “photo op” outside a club or while they’re grocery shopping, etc. Too drunk, what’s up with this new look/boyfriend/weight?
    Judging vs Discernment Discernment – wisdom, clear sightedness - however, is a measured and well thought out opinion. Go to www.superfriendgroups.com to read full blog. Remember… a great friend starts with you!
    Gaga pics: Artprop Gaga, Andrea Wilson, And1891; Cyrus: Angela George, calmdownlove. All Wikimedia Commons. 

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    Lady Gaga parties with Obama

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    Hillary in front of Congress, and for the 1st time in her life shes treated like a normal person, not royalty.
    Obama's all night White House party with Lady Gaga, and much more on the show today.

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    Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry Day 2

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    Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry Day 1 & Lady Gaga Vs. Katy Perry Day 2 used ona segment of WE BE BEEFIN

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    Lady Gaga

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    Today numerologist Ed Peterson and all around metaphysician William Brabam talked about the news and the astrology and numerology for Lady Gaga.  Interesting to hear William accuratlely nail down the timing for her.
    You can read her numerology at our show blog:

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    Ms. Computer Lady LIVE At The Variations of Womanhood Event in Toledo, OH 11/21

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    Stop by the Ms. Computer Lady Show as she comes to you LIVE from the Variations of Womanhood event.  Various topic point of discussions include spirtituality, dating, health/fitness, live performances by local indie artists, and so much more!  Tune in to two places Internet style.  Tune in via your laptop, smartphone, iTunes, iPad, (and yes even your desktop), or whatever device you use to enjoy live streaming.  Make sure to go to http://www.ustream.tv/channel/MsComputerLady AND right here at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/MsComputerLady.  Spread the word and experience for yourself the Variations of Womanhood.

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    Our Lady of Guadalupe

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    In today's episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a young Native from Mexico in 1531 giving him instructions to tell the local Spanish Bishop.  A miracle happened which defies science even til today. Sacerdotus will share facts the story and the miracle that took place. 



    Images are from Google Images.

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    Lady Gaga To Perform in Space; Jay Z Under Investgation

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    Tune in Sunday November 10, 2013 at 8PM ET / 5PM PT as Hollie Wood & Friends (with Hollie Wood, Venor, and Miss Juddy (MJ)) speak on some of the latest celebrity hot topics.
    Hot topics include: Jay-Z being investigated by the MLBPA for watch gift to MLB player, plus why he's being sued. As for wifey Beyonce - there is a petition urging her not to attend Kimye's (Kim & Kanye) wedding. Plus, one lucky fan gets facetime with the star during her concert. Speaking of pop divas, Lady Gaga is set to be the first artist to perform in space.
    Other topics involve an outrageous rumor surrounding Big Boi from Outkast...his wife shared some interesting deets in divorce documents. Plus, the super popular tv show Scandal, was surprisingly snubbed by the People's Choice Awards 2013. Is this Hollywood's systematic racism?
    The crew will also review Eminem's newest album and MORE, including "Getting Reckless & Ratchet with MJ."
    Like Hampton Blu
    Like Hollie Wood and Friends

  • Lady Advice Talk Radio

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    My mission is to provide great advice to people that are in need of guidance in life. I'm just here to help give you that extra push you need to go to that next level!

    Hello and welcome to everyone joining for the first time. If you would like to ask something to Lady Advice you can do so two ways: 1. Post your question in chat or 2. Email me at ladyadvicecolumn@gmail.com. Thanks for joining!

  • Free Astrology Tarot Readings with Lady Wadjet

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    Join Psychic Empath, Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader, Lady Wadjet, as she offers free mini astrology tarot readings. Lady Wadjet utilizes a unique astrology based form of Tarot coupled with a down-to-earth  approach in inspiring and guiding others on their life's journey here on Earth.

    Through the guidance of her spirit guides, Mother Earth and the cosmic art of Astrology and Tarot she will  share with you a special message of healing and encouragement that will bring to light any areas of your life that needs your attention for further healing, growth and development.

    About Lady Wadjet
    Lady Wadjet's spiritual journey began with very conservative religious beliefs but as she grew, she began to feel there was more to spirituality than what she was exposed to. Life experiences during her journey here on Earth has opened her up to re-discovering her empathic abilities and her love of the cosmic art of Astrology of which she has been student of for 3 years now.
     As an Astrologer and a current apprentice undergoing an Earth Priestess apprenticeship,her mission is to re-integrate the study of the very planet we live on, Earth, and our relationship with it into the study of Astrology.  She believes that all things here on Earth, are influenced with spirit, the invisible life force that animates all things here in this Universe.

    Lady Wadjet is also an eclectic Writer-Blogger. Her writings offers a radical and progressive outlook on life experiences while bridging the gap between the Unseen(spiritual) and the Seen(physical) aspects of life. Her writings can be found at her site http://www.thelitebearer.com

    Read more about her services and testimonials: http://on.fb.me/1h2XDbh

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