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    Ladies Night In--Relationships and Social Media

    in Entertainment

    On this episode of Ladies Night In we will be discussing relationships and social media.  Do social sites have a negative or a positive impact on relationships?  Maybe social sites don't affect your relationship at all.  Whether it's a discussion, question or a heated debate we'll get the answers and resolutions to this widely discussed topic.  

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    Ladies Night In-Would You Tell Your Friend That Her Man is Unfaithful?

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    Things will be heating up on this episode of Ladies Night In as we discuss infidelity, unfaithfulness and cheating.  Ladies, if you knew for a fact that your friend's man was a cheater would you spill the beans and tell her or would you turn a blind eye?  Be sure to tune in as we get the answers!

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    TRUTALK: Ladies Night! Get this year started right. Money and Networking!

    in Women

    New Year and a new TRUTALK Ladies Night! For those of you who don't know this is the show where Ms. Shell kicks #BLKGOP out of the studio and does a show strictly about the issues and needs of women. Today Ms. Shell will be joined by Ellen Gee who leads the charge in the Black Money Matters Project out of Baltimore. Also, Aisha Green the producer and host of Getting Over the Hump on Ryze Radio will be in the house as well. Ryze Radio is a top affiliate of TRU RADIO NETWORK and it's where 151 and #BLKGOP do the networks second flagship show #TRURADIO.Plus you never know who else will swing past for Ladies Night! Get ready for a show that will focus on the womans aspect of Business, Finance, Media, and Networking in 2016! 



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    Let's Talk Too! Ladies Night

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    I'm your host

    Author Sharnel.

    It's Ladies Night!!! Let's Chat!!!! Anyone can call in and talk about, What's On Their Mind?

    Check out my books.





    Thank For Everyone Support!

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    Ladies Night

    in Romance

    #Life #Love & #Relationships
    Monday 9 p.m pst
    Hosts: Simply D & Jules
    Call in talk Live 347-857-1344

    tonight is Ladies Night! the women of 9Comm are coming together for an epic night of Girl Talk! :-) imagine if you would a slumber party filled with the most dynamic personalities found online today, with pronounced opinions about every topic you can think of. now give each of them a mic and a few games to break the ice and you have history in the making... Guys this is a good chance to get all your questions about how women think and why they think the way they do answered!... And all you ladies out there may want to join in the shenanigans :-) the more the merrier! Call in and share your thoughts ask your questions and have an all around good time 

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    Ladies Night on GHR Featuring Saysha J. & Carolyne Scott

    in Entertainment

    Ladies Night on GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Virginia "SuperNova" Slim & Jit Chronicles with Co-Hosts Cata Mafioso, Dub Dinero, King Dizz and TNA. Join us for Guest Interviews with Rapper/Singer "Saysha J." and Singer/Songwriter/Actress "Carolyne Scott" as they talk about their latest new projects. There will be a topic for discussion, random calls will be taken, and music will be played. Call-in @ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. We are #RealityRadio #GHR

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Last Ladies Night Of 2015

    in Wrestling

    TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST on PWR SLAM! # 87 "Ladies Night" we will be joined by NWA Smoky Mountain in our Indy Spotlight to talk about their HUGE show this weekend which will feature the current and reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion & 1/2 of the NWA World Tag Team Champions "GodZilla" Jax Dane when he will defend the 10 pounds of gold against his tag team partner "Iron Man" Rob Conway. Other matches include Bullet Club Member Chase Owens W/ Ricky Morton Vs. Kid Kash in a Career Vs. Career match as it will be Kash's & Morton's careers on the line in this match for the ages.

    Then it's on to "Ladies Night" when we will be joined first by a young woman making waves everywhere she goes we will be joined by the lovely and very talented Rachel Freeman we will talk about what wanted to get her involved in the business, who trained her and all of her career. We very much look forward to this interview and know that you our listeners will very much enjoy it.After that we will be joined by our main guest of the evening and with that brings the controversy which we never have nor will we ever steer away from this young lady has been a BIG mouthpiece everywhere she goes, but don't let her big mouth fool you because she's got the goods to back up the smack she talks, Annie Raeth! We will be talking with Annie about training, her early career, being a valet and the art of being a successful manager today, and of course her wrestling career. We will also talk big accomplishments like her match with "The Beautiful People's" Own Angelina Love!Join Sean, Steve, & Katie for ALL of this  TONIGHT at 9 PM EST / 8 PM CST!  We invite all of our listeners to call in with their questions, comments, or concerns by using the blue handy dandy skype button or by calling in on the listener line at 347-826-9418. ***ALL CALLERS ARE SUBJECT TO SCREENING & TIME RESTRICTIONS***

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    Ladies Night on GrindHard Radio with Carolyne Scott & Lady T.

    in Indie Music

    Ladies Night on GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Virginia "SuperNova" Slim & Jit Chronicles with Co-Hosts Young Nah, Cata Mafioso, and Dj Sgt Rock. Join us for guest interviews with Indie Recording Artists "Carolyne Scott" & "Lady T" as they both talk about their new and upcoming projects. There will be a topic for discussion, random cakks will be taken, and music will be played. Call-in 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream LIVE with the panel of hosts. #GHR #RealityRadio http://www.grindhardradio.com

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    "A Waiting To Exhale" Event! It's LADIES NIGHT on "Relationships and You"

    in Relationships

    The Plight of a Single Lady is NOT EASY!  Single Ladies from all walks of life...the rich..the NOT SO RICH....are STRUGGLING to find that "Mr Right" They work hard.  Many have children. Many are STRUGGLING trying to juggle their careers with their personal lives.  And ONLY want "Mr. Right" to highlight their lives 


    It's LADIES NIGHT on "Relationships and You" with Radio Talk Show Host Robin Manley 

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    Ladies Night on Catch The Wave and Save a Life!

    in Social Networking

    Make sure to tune in to this very special show with Sandy C for a fun ladies night on Catch the Wave! Glenda Wild who is a helicopter pilot and Helena Brown, Founder of Healthy by Divine Design will be Co Hosting! We are having an event on January 16th in Haiku called, "Catch the Wave and Impact a Life"! We will be sharing what this event is all about! Make sure to tune in so you can learn more about this movement that has hit the shores of Maui! Join us for ladies night! See you there! You can call into the show! We would love to hear from you!

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    Real Talk "Ladies Night" Ladies Take Over

    in Lifestyle

    What has happened all week long?

    What is the latest news story to capture our attention? 


    As in every other REAL TALK show - NO HOLDS BARRED! FREE SPEAKING! FREE THOUGHT!  Come on in and see things from our perspective.

    Join the Women of Real Talk, some special guests, a lot of humor and even some uncomfortable truths for REAL TALK: LADIES NIGHT!

    Social, Political, Scientific, Technology, Health, Metaphysics, and everything in between. 

    You know REAL TALK by now - you never know where the conversation will go!

    Guest call in (347)205-9571