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    Jim Moss Founder and CEO of Plasticity Labs

    in Self Help

    Peter Goral interviews Jim Moss Founder of Plasticity Labs.

    It’s truly amazing how perspective can change everything.  Laurier student and entrepreneur, Jim Moss, learned this invaluable lesson back in 2009. One morning Jim woke up unable to use his lower limbs due to a mysterious neuromuscular disease, quickly ending his professional lacrosse career.  You can only imagine how challenging this would be for your “average joe”, let alone a man who has played for Canada’s National Field & Indoor Lacrosse team for many years.

    Some say that everything happens for a reason.  Although Jim was not able to return to his original level of physicality, this turning point was the start of something new.  The Smile Epidemic which then morphed into Plasticity Labs based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


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    Coming Soon: Portable Chem Labs With Digital Noses

    in News

    Tech start ups are now creating pocket-sized chemistry labs and "electronic noses" that can essentially "sniff out" food and tell us exactly we're eating -- down to the last bite. WSJ's Christopher Mims has the lowdown.

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    Mother Earth Wellness The Gift 12/02/15

    in Nutrition

    Join Dr. Stuart Hoover and CareyLyn Carter as they discuss the benefits of Humic and Fulvic Acid and how these "Miracle Molecules" have help improve your health. On todays episode they discuss The Gift, Mother Earth Labs flagship product.

  • The Hero Labs Episode

    in Entertainment

    This Thursday August 6th Dungeon Crawlers will be talking with Colen McAlister the Lead Designer of Hero Lab.

    Hero Lab makes character creation a breeze, automatically tracking modifiers for every stat, ability, item, spell, and option you select. Our automated validation engine verifies that all prerequisites, minimums, and other requirements have been met, pointing out where your character is in conflict with the rules.

    Hero Lab also acts as an electronic character sheet at the game table, keeping track of your health, abilities, and more during the game. Once the adventure is over, use your experience to advance your character to the next level and beyond!

    Hero Lab supports Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and many other game systems - check the complete list to see if your favorite game is supported!

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    Meet Amy Baxter, MD CEO MMJ Labs

    in Health

    On the Wednesday, February 11th 2015 broadcast at 1PM Eastern and 10AM Pacific our special guest is Amy Baxter, MD Founder and CEO MMJ Labs which is dedicated to personal pain control.  

    'As a pain researcher, when her son had unnecessarily traumatic routine vaccinations, she knew there must be a better way.  Dr. Baxter invented, tested, got over 1M in grant funding, researched, and ultimately developed manufacturing for Buzzy and other Personal Pain Products.'

    According to MMJ Labs website:

    'Buzzy® is a reusable breakthrough personal pain device that provides natural pain relief.  Gate control is the basis for Buzzy®, physiologically overwhelming the body’s pain nerves with benign cold (ice wings) and vibration (Buzzy’s body). Like a dentist jiggling a jaw or putting a burned finger under cool water, cold and vibration control sharp pain from shots, cosmetic injections and IVs, and temporarily relieve muscle soreness and burning from medications.  Independently verified research shows Buzzy works!'

    Join us for a timely and informative chat!


  • White On White Crime Wednesday - Meth Labs In Taco Bell

    in Entertainment

    We have Meth Labs In Taco Bell. 
    Another Thug Shoots Up A Movie Theater
    Child Cancer Patient Denied Pain Medication. 
    A murder in Florida is being passed off a ritualistic. 

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    Interview With Prime Nutrition and Blackstone Labs CEO AARON SINGERMAN #326

    in Fitness

    AARON SINGERMAN has made a meteoric climb to the top of the bodybuilding and training world--and his potential to create even more of an impact seems limitless. The CEO and Founder of both Prime Nutrition and Blackstone Labs openly shares the strategies that have led to his massive success in his sincere desire to help others succeed too.

    During this podcast interview, Singerman's transparency and honesty come through clearly as he talks about his darkest days as a heroin addict and the tragic, rock-bottom event that turned his life around forever. The marketing genius reveals some awesome life success strategies about giving back, finding what you love to do, goal-setting, differentiating yourself from the masses, respecting the success that other people have earned, developing a powerful money mindset, and much more.

    Get the "The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader" 11-hour audio seminar program and workbooks FREE by clicking HERE.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. He also interviews the most interesting and passionate people in the bodybuilding and fitness world so you can learn from their knowledge and success too.


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    Feelin' The Bern?

    in Comedy

    Dave Smith, Mike Brancatelli, and Matty Jester Skulls break down the latest GOP debate, who the best candidate may be (the answer may surprise you), listener comments, and more!

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    Goodbye Rand Paul

    in Comedy

    Dave Smith, Mike Brancatelli, and Matty Jester Skulls dissect the suspension of Rand Paul's campaign, the Democratic debate, and more!

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    Computer America - Puro Sound Labs; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Puro Sound Labs. Jason Wehner and Mr. Tom Grueskin, CTO, co-founder; CMO, co-founder.

    What makes Puro Sound Labs different than other audio products companies? It’s all in the details. They obsess about product details. About getting it right. About making the sound soar. Even if they fail to find perfection in 78 tries, they’re game for 79. Because you know great sound when you hear it. They know the science behind creating it. The company will provide consumers with premium quality, hearing-healthy, contemporary designed on-ear and over-ear headphone monitors at disruptive prices.

    Hour two: News, brought to you by SlimWare Utilities!

    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Iowa Caucus Preview

    in Comedy

    Dave Smith, Mike Brancatelli, and Matty Jester Skulls welcome SiriusXM's Marissa Rives back to the show! They discuss the Iowa caucus, the democratic party, Planned Parenthood, listener comments, and more!