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    Celtics vs LA Lakers Post Game Show | Studio: 347-215-7771 | #CelticsLakers

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    Is the Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers even a rivalry anymore? Discuss on tonight's Celtics vs Lakers Post Game Show!

    CLNS Radio will be live immediately following the game to break it down after the action at the TD Garden. Cal Lee and Calvin Chamberlain will have you covered. Nick Gelso will man the social media chair.

    Locker Room Reporter Jared Weiss will call in with an instant reaction before he brings you The Garden Report. 

    Call the guys to give your opinion on the game at 347-215-7771 and tweet @CLNSRadio to get your thoughts #OnBoard and you can also get involved in the action by joining the CLNS Sports Hub Discussion Group on Facebook here.

    Don't forget to download CLNS Radio's new MOBILE APP for a chance to win Celtics tickets! Get #OnBoard today -www.clnsradio.com/iOSfree OR www.clnsradio.com/Android.

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    Raining3s Lakers Talk: Episode 1

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    Welcome to the 1st show of Raining3s' Lakers Talk. On our 1st episode we'll discuss the Los Angeles Lakers salary cap situation for next season, the upcoming free agent class and go through the Lakers current roster to see how must stay or go. 



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    La Segunda Anmenda de la Constitucion

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           Muchos de nosotros no entendemos leyes, menos las de la constitucion. observaremos una de las anmendas de la constitucion menos entendida y mas criticada, que es la segunda anmenda (el derecho de portar armas). En los viejos tiempos el hombre que portaba una espada; Una arma, era considerado un hombre libre; los esclavos no tenian derecho de tener una arma. Piensalo todos los dictadores el primer movimiento despues de tener el poder es; quitando (desarmando) a los ciudadanos. Un pueblo sin armas es presa facil para un govierno autoritario. Nuestros derechos no son privilegios del govierno...

    Una de las bases fundamental de la libertad es el derecho a poder defenderse. Un hombre libre tiene derecho a defenderse, a el y a su casa. Un criminal no obedese las leyes, al criminal no le importa si tener armas es ilegal o no, el siempre estara armado.

    El derecho de portar armas es para el ciudadano que obedece la ley y es libre para defender su casa y su pais de enemigos exteriores y domesticos...

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    La constitucion (primera anmenda)

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                   Como ciudadano de una nacion es importante conocer las leyes y historia del pais. conocer tus derechos y ejercitarlos para que el govierno no se vuelva tirano. Como persona que vive en los estados unidos ; conoces tus derechos y de donde vienen? tienes derechos o no? pero como saver si nunca as tomado interes en estudiarlos?  

    Que pasa cuando una generacion no sabe la constitucion de su pais? que pasa cuando un govierno usa la ignorancia de una generacion sin interes en sus derechos? respetara a sus ciudadanos o tomara control total?

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    Journée hors du Temps pour la manifestation

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    C'est une Journée hors du Temps, la deuxième en 2015. Nous partageons les perceptions profondes et percutantes de deux étudiants d'Almine, Frank et Anna. Et une incantation du Livre des Enchantements (Book of Spells) pour percevoir les résultats de nos choix projétées sur l'avenir, énoncé par Marc dans une des langues des Royaumes Mystiques.

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    LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO- The Devils and a Make or Break Road Trip

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     Hipcheck and the gang talks all things LA Kings hockey on the only Kings-centric live, uncensored, talk show after each and every road game. Tonight we talk about our 3-1 victory over the Devils, and talk live with Jim Poorman Trenton, Steve Brooks, and preview the Rangers game.  The future is uncertain and the end is always near-and when it happens we will talk about it on LA Kings Road Talk Radio!

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                  REBROADCAST FROM 3-2013

      Stephanie “THE LAKER GURL” Beard has become one of the hottest hosts on the JKN.  She is spicy and spirited, a devoted PRINCE lover and extreme Laker fan.  Her EVERYTHING LAKERS show is one of the most listened to shows on the network, the reason you find it featured quite often.  Anyone that comes in contact with Stephanie will become attracted to her with her magnetic personality.

                    But don’t let her girlish/feminine style buffalo you.  She will stand up to any situation and let you have it, so you better come prepared.  If you were to look up FAN (fanatic) in the dictionary, you will see her face next to it, but only for the LAKERS.  Wouldn’t she be called a different TEAM GIRL, if it were so?  But don’t say anything negative about her L.A. Lakers and KOBE.  She will stand you down and read you the riot act.  This is a show to behold!  347-205-9366.

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    How the Lakers are Perfecting the Art of Tanking

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    If the Los Angeles Lakers are intent on securing a top 5 pick in this summer's 2015 NBA Draft, they are doing a bangup job.  The core show panelists will enlighten the audience on how to tank properly like the Lakers currently are.  We'll also examine 2015 NFL Free Agency, the AFC South and NFC South teams, react to 2015 National Signing Day for UCLA and USC plus much, much more.  This is must-hear radio for sports diehards that want something a little different from mainstream radio.  

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     One thing I can say about Stephanie Beard (THE LAKER GURL), is, she is dedicated, she is sincere, and when confronted by situations most people would dare not, Stephanie is dead on, will not back down.  A key factor in success is WILL YOU PUT THE WORK IN?  And for Stephanie “THE LAKER GURL”, she’s working overtime.  She is not afraid to roll her sleeves up and get dirty if she has to.  I would put her up against any of the sports broadcasters with her genuine approach.  And if she has to cut you, she will cut you as nice as anybody can.  Are you ready to come to battle, come to grips with a true fan?  Fanatic for the LAKERS, girl.  347-205-9366

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    EVERYTHING LAKERS w/ Stephanie "The Laker Gurl" Beard Laker News & Rumors

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               LAKERS VS DALLAS MAVERICKS...TIP OFF 6:30PM.....Tonight were going to catch up on all the latest Lakers News and Rumors.

    If you want a true identification of the word FAN, it's here.  She probably knows more about the LAKERS than the LAKERS do themselves.  Stephanie Beard - THE LAKER GURL.  Steff has the run down on the team, the team's dreams and the latest scoop on rumors, trades, I can't believe she's a woman, however - women are taking the driver's seat on every opportunity they can get, and that is obvious here with THE LAKER GURL.  347-205-9366 is the way to reach her every Sunday.  Ain't NO DOUBT ABOUT IT - this is one of the favorite shows on the JKN.  I asked her why she wasn't a CLIPPER GURL and she looked at me as if to say, that position is open, do I want it?  Of course not.  Okay, LAKER GURL - you got it!

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    La Perspectiva Energética del Cambio ¡Nuevo Episodio!

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    Te invitamos a que nos acompañes el domingo 8 de febrero, a las 8 de la noche (tiempo del Centro), en una nueva emisión de "La Nueva Revolución Latinoamericana", donde hablaremos sobre La Perspectiva Energética del Cambio.

    Como es costumbre, habrá reunión en "Nuestro Cuartel" y comentaremos sobre las "Energías del Mes"

    ¡Te esperamos!

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