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    Buckets And Dimes Presented By Nuts And Bolts Sports

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    Playoffs are on to round two and what a wacky first round, some great series and some we wish we hadn't sen. Join Cright and Pat along with our guest Armando Perez! We break down that epic Clippers Spurs battle and also break down the second round. We talked about it all year and now an MVP has been named and we ask did the NBA get it right.

    This is for REAL Basketball Junkies and if that is you join us! Cavs and Bulls, Rockets, Clippers, Wiz, Hawks, Grizz, Warriors NBA ACTION IS FANTASTIC!!

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    Special Guest: Sandra Rodriquez, Reneh Simonian

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    Guest on at 11:00 am Writer / Bilingual Communications Expert
    Entertainment and fashion are two of Sandy Rodriguez’s areas of expertise, but she has no problem writing or talking about any topic whatsoever. 
     bilingual communications expert with 15+ years of experience in media and publishing, she currently lives in Los Angeles and writes for magazines, websites and newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico. Additionally, she translates books, and works as a specialized medical interpreter for hospitals and health care providers visited by Spanish speakers.


    Guest on at 10:00 am Reneh Simonian, a food industry veteran with more than 20 years experience, has travelled both nationally and internationally working with executive chefs of some of the finest restaurants in the world. Whether it's describing the many different types and flavor of olives, or sharing his knowledge of the varied regional favors of International cuisine, Reneh has benefitted from his exposure to all kinds of exotic foods. His recent experience has been focused on the seafood industry.

    Guest on at 10:30 am Christina Neferis is an American documentary director, producer and editor. She is the director and producer of the documentary Power Lines(in production), which explores the 40 year controversy behind power lines and the intense debate between doctors, scientists, homeowners, environmentalists, journalists and power line companies. Her docu-style webisode, L.A. Stories captures a day in the life of an individual living or visiting Los Angeles.

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    Special Broadcast: L.A Clippers owner Donald Sterling, featuring the NAACP

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    Join the team of Ron and Don as we analize the recent events surrounding L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, but also what is happening in Benton Harbor, MI to freedom fighter Reverend Edward Pinkney. 

    Join the Ron and Don Show for an EMEGERNCY PROGRAM on Sunday at 3 p.m. with Reverend Edward Pinkney who was recently arrested in Benton Harbor, MI for trying to stop corruption in an upcoming election. Don’t miss this program that will inform you on the real issues in the black community. Tune in at 3 p.m. – to listen, click here, or copy and paste this link in your favorite browser:

    One time in history, the NAACP was the strongest organization in the United States that championed civil rights, equality and the advancement of colored people. In 2014, many branches of the NAACP have used only the mantra of the organization to shakedown white organizations for that all mighty green piece of paper with dead white presidents printed on them. 

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    crazy weekend

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    indictment on 6 baltimore PD for the death of Freddy Gray

    last nazi



    bye felicia

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    NFL Draft Review, Mayweather Wins, NBA Playoffs, Curry wins MVP & MLB

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    We will recap one of the best days in sports history starting with Mayweather beating Pacquiao to go 48-0. Is it the last fight that fans will care about? Saturday also had NHL Playoffs & Kentucky Derby. Who did well in the NFL Draft? We will look at which teams improved their rosters like Jets, Bucs, Titans, Browns, Cowboys, Jaguars, Redskins, Rams and Steelers. Did the Chiefs and Colts miss out on good players? Will also recap trades, sleepers and discuss fantasy football. In the NBA Playoffs Clippers win game 7 to knockout the champs and end the Spurs run. Warriors and Wizards look good in game 1 wins. Steph Curry wins MVP. We end with MLB and the hot Cards, Yankees, Astros & Dodgers. Join us 6PM ET Call in 718-664-9098 @RaeAndTayToday www.raeandtaytoday.com

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    Da STREETS is Talking Sports Talk Show

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    On to the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. Clippers v  Rockets/ Cave v Bulls tonight. Wizards and Warriors take 1-0 lead after Sundays win. TMT does it again.... Pocketing 100M after beating up PAC Man in 12

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    NBA playoffs-2nd round; NFL draft review; Mayweather now 48-0

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    NBA playoffs-2nd round

    Clippers get into 2nd round by winning a game 7 thriller 111-109
    Wizards go into Atlanta and beat Hawks 104-98 in game 1
    Warriors work over the Grizzlies 101-86
    NBA playoff predictions

    NFL draft review

    Jameis Winston #1 after all
    'Skins and Raiders recap
    Best drafts of the weekend

    Mayweather now 48-0

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    Major Sports Talk Episode 30

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    Today we are talking round 2 of the NBA playoffs!

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    Episode 9: NFL Draft recap

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    This weekend was the biggest sports weekend in a long long time with Kentucky Derby, Mayweather fight, and the NFL Draft conclusion to go along with Game 7 of LA Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs.  In Philly it was all about Mariotta.  We will react to the draft and our disapointment of not getting Chip's QB.  Phillies won a game after losing 6 straight.  Top 5 this week will be Eagles draft picks in the past 30 years.

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    It's The Award Winning Batchelor Pad show for Monday May 4th 2015

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       Nick Anastos of ESPN New Hampshire recaps The Patriots Draft and give his thoughts on the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight.


    Barry Barnes of The Locker Report will go around the league and give us grades on how he thinks teams in the league in the NFL Draft.


        Poll Question: Who will make it to The NBA/NHL Final?


          Plus breaking news, scores, updates, AURN news, sports Hollywood live, money matters and the White House Report.


    Join L.A. Batchelor, Tony Mcclean and Our new edition Michelle Turner  for all the great discussions.

    Listen beginning at 6pm EST at www.blogtalkradio.com/la-batchelor or listen on your phone at 646-929-0130.

    If you miss the show you can listen to the Podcast at www.thebatchelorpad.vpweb.com


    All shows can be heard at:

    Follow us at padnation@facebook and pad4truth@twitter      


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    The Playlist Radio Show

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    So a GREAT WEEKEND in the sports world in finally over and while usually something hyped that much would let most down I didn't think it did. Just like the music I have in store won't let you down as you get over the Mondays! Of course we gonna talk Game 7 in the Western Conference 1st round thriller between the Spurs and The Clippers and definitely gonna cover the Mayweather vs Pacquio fight.I know I am in the minority but the fight was what I expected but I will allow you all to call in and give your take. Rise Rashid just dropped the Virginia & Carolina video, Straight Talent, No Chaser 2 just got announced and sooo much more. Its the Playlist Ya'll!!!