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    Eating Out: Do We Have A Choice?

    in Health

    Join us April 16, 2015 7PM EST with Amy Myrdahl Miller,MS,RDN and Susan Linke, MS,MBA, CLT, RD,LD to find out what the Restaurant Industry is doing to assist  people with eating healthy with tips on how those with allergies/sensitivities can dine safely with friends and family. 

    Amy Myrdal Miller, MS, RDN, an award-winning Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, farmer’s daughter, highly regarded public speaker, published author, and founder and president of Farmer’s Daughter® _Consulting, an agriculture, food, and culinary communications firm. During her 20-year career in nutrition, Amy has worked for the agribusiness divisions of multiple food corporations and most recently The Culinary Institute of America a private, not-for-profit culinary college.  

    Susan Linke, MBA, MS, RD, LD, CLT, a registered and licensed dietitian and Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT). Susan received extensive training in immunology, adverse food reactions, and practical application of dietary treatment for food-sensitive patients.Since introducing delayed-type food hypersensitivity testing and therapy into her private practice, she has seen how the proper identification of food and chemical triggers, followed by the implementation of a proven, customized LEAP protocol can help patients reduce inflammation and recover health. Considered one of the most experienced CLTs in the country, she is actively involved in the training and mentoring of dietitians who are interested in applying this cutting-edge protocol into their practice. 

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    The panel on Apex Talk Radio

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    Protocal in public and knowing your rights! On this episode we talk about another man slain by the hands of those who are suposed to serve and protect.  There is a code of conduct that needs to be followed but people in these jobs that take a oath to protect us have certain people living in fear of them. Also today we will be discussing what your rights and what some experts say you should do when in certain situations.

     Join us tonight LIVE by Calling 646-716-8552, wait for the que and host to answer and get you into the show.  If you want to listen, you can still call in and let the host know or log on at www.blogtalkradio.com/apextalk and enjoy the show.  Follow us on Facebook and listen to us by tapping the link left on our timeline for the show. Thank you for spending time with us. Take Care! 

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    TSA Screener Sought Attractive Males for Genital Groping

    in Politics

    Denver CBS4 reports that two TSA agents worked in tandem in order to erroneously 'flag' attractive males for enhanced screening.

    Of course, the enhanced screening included the infamous pat down.  Only in these instances, the traveler was selected simply because a perverted TSA agent found them attractive. Additionally, the agent reportedly "fondled" the men instead of using the back of his hands as per TSA protocol.

    Source article:  http://denver.cbslocal.com/2015/04/13/cbs4-investigation-tsa-screeners-at-dia-manipulated-system-to-grope-mens-genitals/

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    FREDDY RODRIGUEZ ("Michael Ragosa" in NBC's "The Night Shift")

    in Entertainment


    Freddy Rodriguez plays Michael Ragosa on the NBC medical drama “The Night Shift.”

    A strict enforcer of hospital protocol, Ragosa has been an unflinching bureaucrat determined to cut costs. But after facing a health scare last year, he is ready to make some big changes in his life that will affect the entire night shift staff.

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    The Random Report: Justice Unserved

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    Join host Anah Mae "LIVE in the mischief" with The Random Report. We are beyond tired of singing the same old song, but the band keeps playing on. Unfortunately we are mourning the loss of yet another unarmed black man who has lost his life at the hands of police. South Carolina resident Walter Scott was gunned down by an officer and he attempted to flee after being stopped for a traffic violation. There's something different accompanying this tune though, there is supporting video evidence not obtained by police. Be sure to join us on M.A.N. M.A.D.E. RADIO for more on this story.


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    Does The World's Elite Believe In God and Satan & everything in the Bible ?

    in News

    This Saturday night - tonight  at  9 PM. Eastern Standard Time  -  And the call in line is ----->   (347) -826 - 9733  .           Our Special Guest again is former high Illuminati member now Free Christ , Doc Marquis  . For anyone who would like to call in, we will take calls on the second hour of the show. Tonight's topic is on whether the world's elite believes in God and Satan and everything in the Bible. We are well aware that the world's elite are high level luciferians who hate Jesus Christ, so why do they continue their pursuit of a New World Order under satan's rule if, ultamitely, Christ destroys each and every one of them? Find out this answer and more as former-Illuminati luciferian Doc Marquis sheds light on just exactly what the NWO protocol is for these "elitist" scumbags.  Here is Doc Marquis website that has movie's / dvd's  that  Doc made himself that are very very very   eye opening about the things that are really going on for real !     Seriously !         Here is his website -  http://www.itsagodthingproductions777.com/

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    Police & Community Protocol: A Townhall Discussion

    in Relationships

    Join us for an "online" town hall meeting on the subject of police brutality, citizen protocol and enhancing community-police relations. Learn what should be done in order to prevent another Ferguson in your city.

    Joining us live in the discussion is esteemed Civil Rights Attorney John Burris-- You may know his work from his landmark case, client and movie; Fruitvale Station and Client Oscar Grant (RIP). He has been counsel in chief on several other high profile, landmark cases such as the Oakland Riders class action. He's represented everyone from Rodney King, Barry Bonds to Tupac. He is also the author of "BLUE vs. BLACK: Let's End the Conflict between Police and Minorities."

    Attorney Burris will be joined by famed Civil Rights Attorney, Irv Joyner. Attorney Joyner has been in the trenches and on the front lines of many Civil Rights cases, the Moral Monday Protests, and he is the lead attorney for the North Carolina NAACP. He was also named as "case monitor" in the infamous "Duke Lacrosse" case and countless other cases representing notable clients. Attorney Joyner has also authored several books and is a Law Professor at North Carolina Central School of Law, Durham, NC.

    Also confirmed on the show is Police Chief Keith Humphrey of Norman, Oklahoma. He will be on to share how he has played a pivotal role in changing the culture and the conversation between police agencies and the community in his city. He will also discuss ways in which other cities can create a model and/or learn that it is ok to move forward in this way without fear of liability; as a preventative measure and perhaps in creating a paradigm shift in the culture of police and community members.


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    Another day, another death of an unarmed Black man: Walter Scott

    in Entertainment

    Recent events illustrate "shoot first, ask questions later" has become the culture in police departments nationwide.  The death of Walter Scott, an unarmed Black man who was shot and killed by a police officer has continued an ominous trend in America, reigniting debate about police using excessive force on the job.  As a result of  by-stander, Feidin Santanta capturing  the entire incident on video, the officer has been charged with murder and all police in the South Carolina town of North Carleston are now required to wear body cams. Scott's death is one of many that made national headlines in the last two years including Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Garner--all unarmed Black men. In today's show Mona Austin discusses the incident, how the deaths of Blacks (men and women) has become common due to illegal practices on the police force and  the urgent to fix the broken system of protocol in police confrontations with suspects and what Blacks MUST do to increase their chances of staying alive in encounters with law enforcement. The topic is too large to contain in one episode, so we will revist the conversation in the future. Thanks for listening and pass it on!

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    Tough Talk Christian Radio

    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone & special guest Art Costello & Michael Bettigole:

    Art Costello is a visionary mindset expert, author, and coach who helps individuals, families, professional athletes, and business owners recognize the connection between their expectations and achievements. Art Costello has the unique ability to identify what is preventing you from living to your full potential and gives you options. Art reveals the way that your beliefs impact your choices and as a result, create the life you are currently living. If you want to change the circumstances in your personal life or in your career, the key is to shift your expectations and to apply effort to the new awareness of what you desire to create. Whatever you expect to receive or experience in your life is exactly what will occur. Art Costello has created a powerful protocol in his book, Expectation Therapy, which clearly identifies the opportunity for you to shed your limiting beliefs and become more prepared, and more successful, allowing you to lead a more joyful life.

    Michael J. Bettigole is a program and project management expert, author, and senior technology manager. He has spearheaded tactical and strategic initiatives at JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and other Wall Street firms. He received a bachelor’s degree in business management from St. Peter’s College and was certified as a project management professional in 2003. He lives in New York City with his wife and children.

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    The Weekly johnmac Radio Show

    in Pop Culture

    My guest this week on the "johnmac Radio Show" (Sunday, April 5th at 7:00 PM Eastern time) is movie and television writer and producer Josh Appelbaum. Josh is co-author of a number of television series, including "Alias" and "October Road" as well as the movies "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" and "Teenage Mutant Turtles". Tune into my conversation with Josh by keying http://tobtr.com/7492903  in your web browser and / or by dialing (646) 716-9756 -- You use the same number to speak to us on the air but I do hold the on-air participation of callers to near the conclusion of my interview with my guest.

    My guest next week will be blogger, angel investor, techololgy & social critic and political activist Francine Hardaway. The phone number for the show remains the same but the URL will differ.

    I also ask / encourage you to try my daily (and free) newspaper, "johnmac's news of the day", at http://paper.li/f-1416296565 -- and subscribe (only 1 e-mail per day). 

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    January Jones AATH Ann Zuccardy

    in Health

    Meet: AATH Ann Zuccardy & Maia Aziz

    A freak accident in a German bathtub changed the way Ann Zuccardy perceived the world. With no protocol for rehab from the resulting brain injury, Ann resolved to make her own way. In the process, she created a mild traumatic brain injury support group and became an advocate for others. In her 2013 TEDx talk, How a Brain Injury Made Me Smarter, Ann redefined what being smart meant to her.

    When her brain no longer allowed her to live her life and earn a living the old way, she discovered the innate qualities that keep creativity alive in all of us. Ann has used these creative insights (what she calls “the new smart”) to reinvent her career and personal life.  In her 2014 TEDx talk, Ann revealed what she learned about neuroplasticity through her post-TBI trials and errors.  Now, as a consultant and speaker, she helps businesses and individuals get smarter… without whacking any heads! 

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