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    Tim Emerson on How Kwan Yin Healing Can Help Transform your Life

    in Self Help

    Tim Emerson started working with energy healing in the early 80s and quickly found himself surrounded by spiritual friends and partners.  He learned yoga, studied T’ai Chi with master T.T. Liang, taught at the Delphi Healing Arts Center, and studied the power of sound healing.  But it was the work of L.A. chiropractor Eric Pearl that really brought light work home for Tim.   In 1993, Dr. Pearl’s patients started reporting that they had felt his hands, even though he hadn’t touched them, and shared that they saw other people in the room who weren’t physically there.  His patients soon reported receiving miraculous healing from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions.   

    Kwan Yin Healing was founded in January, 2012, to accommodate Tim's growing clientele.  Since then, Tim has pushed the boundaries of energy healing practice with new understanding.  If someone wasn't getting healing, why not?  The traditional response of "perhaps they weren't ready for it" wasn't good enough for results-oriented Tim -- WHY weren't they ready?  What would they need to be ready?  His resultant study became the Four Pillars of Kwan Yin Healing -- Clarity, Connection, Coherence, and Change -- as the four elements necessary for effective healing and transformation.  Tim's signature program, The Kwan Yin Journey, takes clients step by step on a vibration raising journey they can understand, feel, and put into real-world practical use, from getting unstuck to realizing their dreams.  He is also the author of a forth-coming book, "Getting Unstuck:  Heal Your Life, Live Your Dreams."  

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    Living & Creating with Soul

    in Spirituality

    For my last show on the Awakening Zone, I am deeply delighted to welcome Norma Delaney, also known as the Dr of Breath, and as Aandrah.  Norma and Garret have brought and shared with us all, the breath of compassion, the companionship of Kwan Yin on our journeys, and much human wisdom also.  They have turned on so many lights around the world, just as Kwan Yin promised.  The truly grounded and real love and wisdom that they share naturally leads us to live and create with Soul, not to hide from life.  They radiate a passion for life that comes from the integration of human and soul, and of loving self.

    So come and celebrate with us.  Celebrate being here now, celebrate choosing and experiencing the integration of human and soul.  And celebrate with us that Norma and Garret came before us and prepared so much.  Join us with your energy and wisdom and any questions you may have in our shared space of truth and compassion that this show is dedicated to.

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    Daily Channelings with Kathryn, Meg and Mother God and Kwan Yin

    in Spirituality

    While Kathryn is running a workshop in High Falls, NY, she will bring through a different Ascended Master each afternoon at 5 PM EDT.

    The show will be a replacement for the written messages you have been receiving every day until the RV, which was promised a while back.

    Co-host Meg will be present in person to moderate and add her bright and loving presence.

    Join us for a new format - an hour channeling or less each day UNTIL THE RV!

    Shows will be archived and recorded for phone replay as well.

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    Meet The Ascended Master, Quan Yin- The Queen of Compassion

    in Spirituality

    Join internationally known psychic and star of Gaiam TVs Beyond Belief, Dr. Lauren Cielo, and the healers and teachers of Golden Rose Psychic Services: co-host Victoria Bustillos and Ishtar, The Golden Witch for another great episode of Golden Rose Psychic Radio brought to you by the Women's Movement Radio Network!

    In this episode, Dr. Cielo and Victoria discuss the Ascended Master Quan Yin (or Kwan Yin)! Learn more about Quan Yin's mission here on Earth and her infinite compassion! Call in during the show and get a Free Psychic Reading!

    Don't forget, during the show we'll announce the Coupon Code for our BLOOMING ROSE special. Once you hear the code, go to Golden Rose Psychic Radio for the link to purchase this week's special.

    Callers are welcome and of course, lots of LIVE Free Psychic Readings! We hope you'll join us!

    Golden Rose Psychic Services is powered by 3-Point Virtual Services

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    Violet Flame Saturday - for World Peace

    in Spirituality

    Within our Heart we can find sacred space where the Peace is so great, it can be said to pass human understanding. 


    As we find this divine peace within ourselves, let us send this peace throughout the planet so that the outer world becomes a divine reflection of the inner sacred space.

    Violet Flame Saturday for World Peace.

    Every Saturday we work with the Ascended Masters and get together to give decrees, sing, commune and call in the light. Please join us for an hour and a half of joyful Presence. 

    Joining us on inner levels is: Sakint Germain, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Jesus, Serapis Bey, Archangel Michael, Seraswati and many more beings of Light.

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    #WrestlingWithALS5 LIVE Coverage

    in Wrestling

    Matthew Grant & Bill Chase are LIVE in Hamilton calling this great charity show for our listeners!

    The FULL card for this event was:

    Gerry Judge Memorial Tournament:
    First Round -
    1. Ethan Page v. Kwan Chang v. Tommy Powers
    2. Tyler Thomas v. Kobe Durst v. Timothy Krane
    3. Last Chance Battle Royal
    Finals -
    ??? v. ??? v. ???

    Bearicade, Xavier Rome & Rhys Greenaway v. Steve Brown, Mark Shaw & Chunk E Fresh

    Sabrina Kyle v. Cassie Cool

    Marc Hauss (c) v. Mattick - Moonshine Branded Championship

    @moonshinebrand @WeeklyWPodcast

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    Dynamic Dojo Talkradio: Jeff Smith & Inga Van Ardenn

    in Sports

    Sunday 10/26/2014, 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern: World Champions Jeff Smith and Inga Van Ardenn visit the Dynamic Dojo! 

    Smith, an 8th Degree Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do, has devoted over 40 years to the martial arts. He currently owns and operates three karate centers and travels worldwide officiating at tournaments, teaching and conducting seminars. Jeff is best known as the seven-time "World Light Heavy Weight Karate Champion." His title defense against Don King's heavy weight fighter Kareem Allah was seen by over fifty million viewers as a preview before the Ali vs. Frazier World Boxing Title Fight, known as the "Thrilla in Manila." He was coach of the World Champion United States Karate Team and the Junior National Team. He is a member of the Black Belt Hall of Fame, the first recipient of the Bruce Lee Award (selected by Mrs. Bruce Lee and Karate Magazine) and listed in the Who's Who of Martial Arts. Jeff is one of karate's legends along with Chuch Norris, Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis and Bill Wallace.

    Inga Van Ardenn, a Tae Kwon Do World Champion, Fifth-Degree Black Belt and 5-time European Martial Arts Champion best known for her 2013 action short "Crossing Shadows", has been cast in "The Martial Arts Kid". Van Ardenn was born in Russia and she started practicing Tae Kwon Do at the age of 11. She eventually became an International Tae Kwon Do Instructor and Captain of the Russian National Tae Kwon Do Team. Van Ardenn would go on to attain incredible heights of success. She became a FifRussian Tae Kwon Do Chapmion an amazing SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW! a 5-time European Chanpion and then reached the pinnacle when she became a Tae Kwan Do World Champion

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    Kwan Yin - Compassionate Warrior Queen w/Karen Tate

    in Spirituality

    No doubt you've heard of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, but have you looked behind her veil?  Do you know she is associated with justice, boundaries, peace, sacred rage and social justice?  Listen tonight as we look beneath the surface, hidden you might say, in plain sight, and discover the Kwan Yin you have yet to meet. 
    A chat with Rev. Dr. Karen Tate

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    Tim Emerson and The Kwan Yin Journey w Kate Loving

    in Spirituality

    Get Unstuck, Heal your life, and Live your Dreams That is quite a claim, but that is what Tim's program will accomplish, for you.
    We are generally living shadows of the lives we could be living.  We are, as Don Miguel Ruiz puts it, asleep in the Dream of the Planet, accepting as ordinary and settled a world that is simply not who we are and could be. We don't have to remain so.  Time to step up.
    Tim will be showing us how we can step up and align ourselves with our Purpose in this Lifetime. Heck, probably several lifetimes!!
    Kate Loving Shenk, of katelovingshenk.com, has been a practicing full time Nurse RN for 29 years, but is more right than left brain oriented. Kate is the author of The Prayer Prescription Series. The first book in the series is: Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers. The second: 365 Prayer Prescriptions For Dog And Cat Lovers.
    The third in the series is 22 Keys To Self Healing (The Prayer Prescription Series). The Fourth is: Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health, and was recently released.
    Get your free book written by Kate called, Holistic Health Tips when you fill in your information at the top right of Kate's website.

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    The Jennie Kwan Show

    in Television

    Jennie Kwan (California Dreams, Nobody's Angel) will be on The Independent Corner to talk about her acting and music career!

  • 01:57

    The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 11 interview with GM Haisan Kaleak

    in Sports

    This Episode will explore the mechanics of sanuces ryu jujitsu from one of the top world experts in this lethal martial art.

    Sokes Background
    Soke Haisan Kaleak is a dedicated Marital Artist and understands the value of the quote " each one teach one." He not only understands it but lives it. Soke also holds a ninth (9th) degree in the Eye-to-Eye system of Sanuces Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and a sixth (6th) degree in the street survival art of Kumite Ryu and a fifth (5th) degree in Shotokan Karate.

    Soke Kaleak  created the System of Kuroshi-Kai Jitsu. This system ingeniously combines Kyokushinkai-Kan, Shotokan Karate-Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Judo and Aikijiujitsu into one fighting style, enabling students to receive the best of the five styles in each training session.

    Soke teaches the youth of Brownsville and East New York. He also teaches at the Jackie Robinson Cultural Center in Bedford Styversant. He taught extensively at the P.A.L. (Police Athletic League) beginning at the Howard Houses. He continues to serve P.A.L. with Shiryo-do, Warriors Domain the name of his second school cited by Mayor David Dinkin's Athletic Program for Physical Fitness. His newest school, Simba-Kai, is an independent venture started for the Fairfield Tenant Association.

    Soke's program repertoire includes Fighting Rhythm Beats, demonstration of various Martial Arts; Honor and Glory Martial Arts Classics, which brings the best competitors on the East Coast together, W.A.V.E. (Woman Against Violent Environment), which teaches busy career women street smart self defense. He has also developed an internship program which allows college students the opportunity to gain business experience by working with Soke's administrative staff.

    TNT Combat Jiu Jitsu Site

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