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    There is a higher law than the law of government. That's the law of conscience.-




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    Blazing Tracks brings you First Fridays on OPWR where you will hear tracks from indie artists for the very first time on the network. Join host Ms Creoleness, 

    Tonight you will hear the likes of Freaknardo Oladeji Robby Baby Roberto Denaro Styles Coco Poetess Amoure Poetic Seraph Flowetic Justice A.N.U.Milissa Yelverton Wynter Solstyce and Production from Bing Satellites
    Forreal The Poet Douglass Kwame Cost on Mona Bode and more


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    Awakening The True Universal Mind II

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    The saga continues this Sunday night with our guest, "Brother Kwame Sunhorse." Awakening True Universal Mind - YOU ARE THE ONE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! You are the answer to all of your questions.

    Brother Kwame Sunhorse has sit at the feet of the Grand Master Teacher's, and tonight, he continues to share that ancient wisdom with us. Are you truly ready to evolve to another level of consciousness???

    Join us tonight as we do exactly that! There is no beginning, and there is no end!

    Bro. Kwame Sunhorse may be reached by calling him at 706.202.7472 for more information concerning him and his Universal Teachings.


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    Awakening The True Universal Mind

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    Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going when we leave here? Is death reality or an illusion? Do you truly need to be saved? Are you waiting for the second coming?

    Tonight's guest is brother "Kwame Sunhorse of ATUM," he is a spiritual researcher and helper who has learned at the feet of the Grand Master Teacher Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan and Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Asa G. Hilliard, Baba Hannibal Afrik, J. Carrothers, Dr. Fukia, and many others.

    Join us tonight as Bro. Kwame Sunhorse answer these questions and more. "YOU, ARE THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!" 

    Bro. Kwame Sunhorse can be reached by calling him at 770.775.7586 (office) or 706.202.7472 (cell) or emailing him at jmlck@aol.com


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    Africa On The Move

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    Join "Africa On The Move"on  Sunday as we discuss "A Report from Geneva Convention/Jerico Movement, Remembering Kwame Ture & Chris Rock's Statement on African/Black People." Listen in at 323-679-0841 or go online at: www..blogtalkradio.com/africa-on-the-move, tell a friend.

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    Awakening the Divine Masculine I

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    We talk about the Masculine side that can dance with the Divine Feminine. Where do the men stand this this dance? Where is the Divine Masculine? 

    Our Special Guest today is Kwame Sunhorse. His spiritual organization is known A.T.U.M, Awakening the true universal mind, where he facilitates sweat lodges. He is a sundancer. He is a speaker on black indian history. He is dedicated to a spiritual work that helps his community.

    Join me, Shrishti Yadav with Magdala Ramirez, Patrice Lange and our special guest Kwame.

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    Awakening the Divine Masculine II

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    After a short interlude, we get back to the hot discussions with Magdala Ramirez, Patrice Lange, Kwame Sunhorse and myself, Shrishti Yadav. We go deeper. The purpose of a woman needs to be one that is not given by men or by society. A man needs to be able to see a woman, as a woman, not merely a mother or by the purposes imposed on her. A woman needs to shine herself in every aspect, breaking the impositions and brining forth her inner voice, dreams and wisdom out to the fullest. The dance between men and women needs to change. And perhaps its ok for women to show the way, to enlighten. 

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    The Late Kwame McDonald interviews Hall of Fame Coach Faith Johnson Patterson

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    Part-1 The Late Kwame McDonald interviews Hall of Fame Coach Faith Johnson Patterson



    Dedicated to the "Late" Kwame McDonald.  I loved this man so much!  He has helped to change the face of Minnesota Basketball not just for African Americans, but for all to make our state so much more competitive! I just saw and heard this interview recorded in 2005 regarding the history and success of the Minneapolis North Lady Polar’s “9 year State Tournament run”.  The effect of this success, allowed 15 athletes to receive Division 1 scholarships at a variety of great academic and athletic institutions around the country.  Thank you Kwame for all of your support and for everything you've done for me and so many others!  -Faith Johnson Patterson

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    How Have You Prepared Your Child For The Spiritual Energy eXchange (S.E.X.) Act?

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    The Spiritual Energy eXchange (SEX) act. What have we taught our children that would properly prepare them for this awesome experience of joining with another human being? For many religious communities, the act is attached to shame and guilt, not the power to open a door for s soul to enter physical existence. Our children make bad choices about the decision to create life because we're not teaching them about what life truly is. We focus on creating public shame for those known to engage in this act, hoping it will control our children's natural desires for this powerful,physical bond. We tell our children "just say "no" and use words like "sin" and "dirty" and "immoral" to discourage our children from engaging in this act unless they are married. Some may say, "Don't do it, but if you do, use a condom."  But getting a document from the State does not give wisdom to a person about the act that literally affects the entire universe.  Brother Kwame joins us today to share information that can help us remove fear, shame and guilt attached to the Spiritual Energy eXchange act replace it with deeper understanding that can empower our children to make the right decisions.

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    The Holy Ghost View on Domestic Violence

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    Every October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) is observed to bring to light an issue that effects our community in staggering ways. In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness month please join Dr. Rosalind Y. L. Tompkins, Nettie Walker Palmore, and Richard Lester Kwame Lewis as we talk about domestic violence from the Holy Ghost View!  Hear overcoming stories of domestic violence abuse and words of wisdom for young women and men.

    Disturbing Trends:

    1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.
    Women experience more than 4 million physical assaults and rapes because of their partners, and men are victims of nearly 3 million physical assaults.
    Women are more likely to be killed by an intimate partner than men
    Women ages 20 to 24 are at greatest risk of becoming victims of domestic violence.
    Every year, 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner.
    #1 FACT:  Most domestic violence incidents are never reported.

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    Top 20 Contemporary Gospel Mix

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    Welcome back to the Mix!!! 

      Never give up, never give in,

                                 Hang on....

                                 Jesus is working for your good. ~Kwame Adu [Host]

    For full Playlist and Broadcast go to spiritsoulradionetwork.blogspot.com/ and  :http://goo.gl/lhmt1P

    To  donate and support this show, just log on to www.kwameadu.com/Support.html

    Every penny, every cent could keep our dream alive and  keep reaching out with this radio ministry.



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