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    Kurt Steele Interviews Karen Smyrl

    in Religion

    Karen has amazing story of God's love, mercy and grace.  Her unique pilgrimage to find God in the midst of challenging circumstances will inspire our listening audience.  She has recently finished a book on her powerful story.  She will get published soon.  As I read the story, I thought, "God's grace is sufficient for me..."  Listen in to this inspiring and faiith strengthening broadcast!

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    Cultural conquest or crisis? 4 secrets to optimizing corporate performance

    in Business

    Learn how to improve company culture, where your team is massively engaged, accountable, plus aligned to company growth.

    This is a must listen program with Ben Ridler CEO of Results.com. The extremelly valuable radio program was just broadcast on Klok Radio 1170 am Tech AM Powerdrive hosted by Kurt Steele and Bruce Mercante of TruNorth Global.

    Most businesses are running their team based on practices from the last century – that's why 70% of today's workforce is disengaged.

    Join us to get practical advice on how to engage your team. Learn How to become a leader who empowers and coaches their team to choose a more productive life at work.

    Ben Ridler will also share important information about how to attend a free Webinar scheduled tomorrow at 11:00 am PT. Attendees get Results.com's "4 Best Practice Methodology" and receive the "company culture kit". For more information Visit: www.results.com/4secrets

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    Let's Just Talk About It

    in Politics

    Tonight I want to get this show  more listeners and callers.So what I intend to do is send out a open call to you and your friends and family,on social media,and email to help me be better than I was before I left in 2013.I listened to a recent show I did today and I realized that my show is one of the best on BTR.So here is my promise to you. I'll try my best to present a hard hitting entertaining,educational,informative platform for your entertainment.So clock in to the "Night Shift".

    I need your help.I am not asking for donations,but I need your support because I am going thur some changes that require my friends and supporters,to help me make this a real business.I am not asking for a dime or a quarter,All I ask is that you tell your folks to help a brother out with their calls and knowledge.

    Belive me,I Need YOU MORE THAN YOU NEED ME.

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    open conversation

    in Politics

    don't know what's happening on BTR

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    Mark Leiter Jr Phillies, And Kurt Heyer Cardinals Live On 27outs

    in Baseball

    On This episodes Frank and Claudia sit down with 2 more great MiLB prospects Mark Leiter Jr of the Phillies, and Kurt Heyer of the Cardinals to talk baseball life on and off the field. Come #MeetTheFuture of the MLB with #27outs on TuneIn Radio.

    Website 27outsbaseball.com

    FaceBook 27 Outs Baseball

    Twitter @27_OutsBaseball


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    time to examine the NEWS

    in Politics

    As the main stream media is losing the minds and deisions of many of the American listners,the truth has come out from hiding.There are a few main streamers who are interested in providing quality reporting,but Alternative Media is gaining valuable ground.The mindset of warmongers to send our sons and daughters to die for "wars based off lies" is losings.Most of the talking heads who promote wars,have no intention of joining the fighting.

    They cry about American's military budget,but fail to tell,Americans we have the largest miltary budget in the world.More than all the combined nations on the face of the planet.Look at our recent track record,of supporting terrorist just so we can  sell more weapons and fighter jets.Peace is not cheap,but it's a hellva lot cheaper than bombing,killing and invading.

    Tonight let's listen to some of these,recent events and try to figure out how wasteful our wars are to America.

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    David & Darlene Steele: Radical Marriage

    in Self Help

    Warm-up music and chat for the first half-hour; then the show begins at 9am pacific, 12-noon eastern. 

    February is a month for visiting with some of my favorite people, David Steele among them. A highly successful Singles Coach and author of Conscious Dating, David is joined by his wife, Darlene, to discuss their newest venture, the development and teaching of Radical Marriage. What if your relationship (partnership, marriage) became your greatest adventure? Most couples want excitement, fun, closeness, and love. And we want to create our own path. In marriage, we seek security, yet also want excitement and adventure. Radical Marriage is a model for the next evolution of marriage and is new territory for committed relationships. Bring your partner! Set off for a great new adventure when Full Power Living visits with David and Darlene next Thursday. Click here to visit David and Darlene Steele's website.

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    Fellas...Hear the answers to questions that you've always wondered about women

    in Lifestyle

    Join the Elements are we discuss and answer many questions that men have had regarding women's view on life and relationships with special guests JaiDia Jackson, Latasha Lamarr, PhD, and Toya D. Steele.

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #12

    in Sports

    Uncle Mark and Brandon are both back in the Frat House Sports garage chatting up the results from last week’s season-opening Daytona 500 and this week’s Race #2 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

    That “Pesky” team member Joey Logano came right out of the gate and (probably) has already stamped his ticket into “The Chase” . . . six months from now. But what also came out of last week’s Daytona festivities was the loss of not one, but both of the Busch boys.

    A few in the media were comparing the indefinite suspension of Kurt Busch by NASCAR to the NFL’s situation with Ray Rice, but is THAT a fair comparison? Meanwhile others are criticizing NASCAR and Daytona for the possible season-ending injury to Kyle Busch following a wreck in the Xfinity Series in the Monster Energy #54. Is THAT a fair criticism?

    Finally, this is Jeff Gordon’s final year of competition before he retires. How can that be? He looks like a baby. Well, it’s time to play “Guess that Driver’s Age” . . . and, well, does age really matter in motor sports?

    As usual, they've got the coffee. You bring the donuts and bring enough for the guys parked right now over in the "Frat House Sports Garage" . . . oh, and be sure to give them a call at 347 - 826 - 9964!

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    The Night Shift

    in Politics

    If you know me then you understand "Clip Dump".That is where I play news clip from around the nation and the world just for you.

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    part 2 Night shift

    in Politics

    Hey the conversation was too good to let go.So let's do another hour and feel free to call in.

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