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    KTR Guest 50 RACKS

    in Entertainment

    Our #KTR guest is one of the hardest working indie artist in the game. He's worked with major artists on projects as the Young CEO & now he's took his game to new heights with his new mixtape & band camp of artsits you can find right here www.50racks.bandcamp.com #TheBLACKTape "Just when you thought it was over.." I introduce to you 50 RACKS

  • KTR Guest DISTRICT 9

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    My guest will be a charimatic artist D9 hailing out of Cali who is also apart of a regime of hot talented rappers as we bring it you #KTR style coast to coast.

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    Our KTR Guest is a young dynamic, game-changing, out spoken artist named Tristin Carter better known as Yung Teeze or for short YT, was born in Fredrick Maryland on January 19 1996 he started out as a young poet shy and quiet but soon the fact he was always around brothers who performed and wrote music on the side,he quietly began to write his own lyrics until one day he finally came out with his rapping and singing talent. Now a full time artist he is dedicated to the RnB and Rap game determined to never stop until he makes it big. Some would describe him as the "Next-Generation of Entertainment" with a rapping type that plays off the skill of many of his predecessors and legends in the game, his niche is the stone cold fact that his lyrics do not condone profanity a skill which has been lost in today's style of rap,always hungry for new opportunities and virtual mountains to climb YT immersed himself in his music becoming able to work in many different genres including but not limited to, Pop, Rock, Dance, Edm, Jazz funk, Neo soul, Alternative and many more. At the tender age of 16 he began producing and managing artists he met in school, who didn't have the means or drive to do so themselves which quickly sparked an idea in this young mans mind. To go where no one else has gone and make waves in the game by going for what so many artists nowadays look over, The Youth. And so he began to form Next-Generation.Ent, not just an independent label that's for the people but a movement spanning across the globe from London to Hollywood to unite the youth of the earth to stand for their musical right to express themselves by any means necessary. 

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    KTR Guest NOVACA9E

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    Our KRAZY TALK RADIO guest will be #MR.301 CEO of GME the one & only NOVACA9E as we discuss his upcoming & journey as an artist plus we'll take an in dept look into his rhyme & reason all right here on KTR with host BIG LONZ The KING Of KRANK

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    KTR Guest JayDoe

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    Our guest today will be the artist JayDoe & we'll be discussing new developements & more right here on KTR brought to you by Mahagony Publishing.

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    Our KTR guest is Gospel Hip Hop artist Justified Smith who began his journey with music at the tender age of 12, writing to Instrumentals and Recording Vocals on a Karaoke Machine with his Neighborhood Friends who called themselves L.O.T (Leaders Of Tomorrow) Growing up in Compton. Justified wrote and recorded his Song "I'M BLESSED" and encouraged the world with a Positive Message by being an example of Moving By Faith And Not By Sight. I'M BLESSED is now currently available on iTunes and is spreading Hope and Encouragement All Across The world. The Single is heavily supported by the biggest Dj Coalitions in the business including the NERVE DJ's and the CORE DJ's, getting major spins all across the country.

    In 2008 Justified returned to the Music Game working with one of the Legendary Dj's from Ruthless Records KING SCRATCH and completed his 10 Album entitled JUSTIFICATION. Together Justified & King Scratch started G.I.2.G Ent., which stood for GET IT 2GETHER. It was then that Justified was introduced in the world of CLUB PROMOTIONS, where he took over a night at a local club and Started West Coast Wednesdays where he brought out Independent West Coast Artist to Showcase their Music. He also Co Promoted events bringing out Singing Sensations like the TEMPTATIONS, DELFONICS, Howard Hewett, KC & JoJo, and Comedians such as Renaldo Rey, Shang, Guy Torry, Joe Torry and more. Now he's doing his thing with Bud E Boy ENT an Independent Record Label started & owned by Jerry B. Long aka The Legendary Kokane, Alicia D. Long, Naji OGLong Da Blacc Vampire (OGLong) at BUDEBOYENT.COM Follow @DAREALJUSTIFIED on TWTTER and his MEN OF FAITH IN ACTION RADIO SHOW on blogtalkradio.com 

  • KTR Guest Book Author Tabitha Mathis

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    Today we are having a beautiful aspiring book author who is on her way to the top, it is my pleasure to once again have my friend Tabitha Mathis as a returning guest as we discuss her new projects & more right here on KTR.

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    KTR Guest CEO/Producer/RapArtist The Trip

    in Entertainment

    Our guest will be artist The Trip as we discuss projects & more on KTR with host BIG LONZ The KING Of KRANK

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    KTR Guests The REAL TALK Talk Show

    in Current Events

    Our guests for KTR will be Trace Scott author of the bs theory, Gloria Talley & Vita Clayborn Excutives and Co Executives of The Real Talk TV talk show as we discuss the disappointing case of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen, who was shot and killed by police in St.Louis & its going down right here on KRAZY TALK RADIO.

    "The Real Talk" talk show is a powerful talk show catered to the needs of all
    communities. Our show is different than most because it discusses the everyday
    struggles of men, women, and children of all walks of life. We bring awareness to all
    by discussing social and political issues such as bullying, domestic abuse, social
    adaptation, and health care. Each of the topics discussed allows viewers to identify
    with one another. Our hope is to open the eyes and consciousness of the viewer.
    "The Real Talk" talk show is filled with a lively cast of mental health workers, music
    artists, and entrepreneurs...Simply put...every day people like yourself trying to get all
    to see the truth. "The Real Talk" talk show's casts provides guest panelists, Divafied,
    Khalua, D. Michaels, and "The Real Talk" talk show house panelists Casheem, C'est LA
    Vita, Von D., and Ryan Young Waddy. Executive Producers of "The Real Talk" talk
    show are Gloria Talley, and Vita Clayborn of GT Mgt. And Malik Chestine along with
    Co-Producer and host of the show Author of "The BS Theory," Tracey Hardney-Scott
    also known as "Silk." Their mantra..."REAL PEOPLE, REAL SITUATIONS, "REAL TALK."
    If you would like to be on The REAL TALK talk show or have a topic you want us to
    discuss, contact gtmgt2004@gmail.com.

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    Our guest will be up & coming VA artist Googsz Kinnard.