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    KTL RADIO presents THE RHETORIC OF YOUR STORY ft AA Rashid & KT The Arch Degree

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    Tonight we will introduce a very candid dialogue to reinvigorate the creatives. We will feature two premier minds in the university this episode, Bro AA Rashid & KT The Arch Degree. TUNE IN CLASS IS IN SESSION!

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    KTL RADIO presents Coming w/ The Light of Love ft KT The Arch Degree & Mama Pill

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    Join us on Know The Ledge Radio as we bring forth to you the master herbalist Annette Thomas aka Mama Pill, Minister Enqi & KT The Arch Degree. They are unveiling the gift of health with their upcoming Atlanta lecture, Coming with the Light of Love Part 2.

    Remember when it was cool to Love? Can you recall the light of a healthy community? It has been a long time since Love has permeated our environment without the contamination of fear alongside it. Just because the concept is foreign doesn't mean it cannot be done.

    Now it is their time to share with the community a powerful presentation on Loving yourself and those around you through the four bodies of existence; mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. Come be part of this enlightening discussion, have a pen and pad ready because class is in session.

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    Join us this week family as we have another great show planned for you. This week we welcome to the show for the very first time "KT THE ARCH DEGREE". He will break down "Captain America & Black Panther". This brotha is the best at breaking down these movies as they come out. You have to check out his website www.hollywooddecoded.com. So don't miss this show family it will be very powerful. Our call in number is 619-393-2813 and don't forget to tell a friend and relative. We go live at 6pm est. We will also have a special half hour tribute to "BROTHA MIKE" of the Chicago super group "POETTREE". The good Brotha made his transition this week and we want to pay him proper respect.


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    As of recently there has been a great influx of talk regarding genetics. Within our community the scholars have been throwing around the terms gene, chromosome, and histones. I would be willing to bet the majority of listeners and viewers are not aware of what DNA and RNA stands for let alone their differences or relationships with one another.

    Though science is now becoming a hot topic in the community , it is more on the historical  accounts of our legacy mixed with personal ideological rhetoric from lackluster spiritual debunk artist. The conversation of health as it relates to our history and science is being grossly ignored.

    All denominations of this community has a greater inclination to discuss matters of trivial and petty back and forth sparring of history than the matter of health by way of food gene consistency that our elders Mama Pill and Dr. Sebi have proven for nearly 50 years.

    Come join  KT the archdegree as he returns to Know the ledge radio as he presents Sirius Dogma the microbiology of ancient kemet, Kongo, & the Dogon. He will provide the family with the relationship between our ancient history and the instructions they  left to maintain health by way of DNA, long lasting life, and optimal experience of personal purpose. Remember animals survive, but children of the stars, we live.

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    As we stand in the present to unwrap our gift of the now, the moment must be seized so that the experience is one of wonder.
    How do we truly fulfill our days? How do our lives measure to the miracle of its existence? We must ask ourselves of our origins, and in that, answers may lead to revelation.
    Everywhere we look we are blessed with the creator’s omnipotence, and nothing permeates nature more than the multitudes of green. The plants have been present since time immemorial conditioning the environment into a garden of bliss.
    The process of photosynthesis has been hailed as the most important scientific study, our suns light converted into fuel. This chemical reaction holds a secret, and tonight we shall explore the truth behind the photon.
    The reality is the answer lies far beyond our sun as well as right here on earth and its effects are reverberated everywhere. Tune in to Know the Ledge Radio as the gloves come off, for photosynthesis is Sirius b, nommo games with KT the Arch Degree.

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    KTL RADIO presents IS THE BLACK WOMAN GOD? ft Young Pharaoh, Seti, KT & Bricks

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    Join us tonite for this SPECIAL BROADCAST as we roll out the purple carpet to welcome Young Pharaoh, KT the Arch Degree, General Seti & Bricks Da Foundation to answer the most elusive question in the community, "Is The Black Woman God?" This is a prelude for their upcoming lecture of the same title, to be held this weekend in Detroit

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    KTL RADIO presents CAPTAIN AMERICA DECODED ft KT The Arch Degree

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    Know The Ledge Radio returns with an EPIC PRESENTATION! 

    The Master Decoder KT The Arch Degree is back with the latest and most profound installment of his HOLLYWOOD DECODED series. Tonight he will be putting CAPTAIN AMERICA under the microscope and dissecting all the metaphysical components to unlock and unveil what the actual story is that is being projected into your subconsciousness. 

    As he has proven countless of times before, there is MORE than meets the eye when it comes to these films, but he seems to have a certain affinity to the multi layered story being told in these Marvel productions. 

    Telling from the 15 min primer he offered on last tuesday's "BLOOD MOON" episode w/Ra Akhu there is going to be an unlimited amount of bombs dropped on this ONE!! Grab your NON GMO popcorn and grab a seat...you are in for the ride of your life when KT takes the reigns and breaks it down..makes it plain. In the meantime, we leave you with this:

    What is the essence of a captain? Is it not to lead; if that holds truth, who better than Captain America to propel Marvel as the number one cinematic franchise. It would be safe to say super herus have taken over Hollywood. In an effort to make sense of these images we must decode the signs of the times. 

    Just as Thomas Paine discredits the integrity of summer soldiers and sunshine patriots in his work; The American Crisis; Captain America counters to unveil the true agenda of the parasitic elite.

    When summer falls, winter soldiers springs forth fighting for the arch-nemesis. Lucky enough Captain America paved the way; it is now our choice to continue on this path of righteousness.

    Avengers Assemble! #KTLempowerment

  • Do Tha Knowledge Radio Presents Episode 19: Interview with KT The Arch Degree

    in Motivation

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This Revolutionary SUN day episode we are privileged to have another member of the Pillar family to bring a holistic approach to black health and wellness to ressurect and restore the body of god. KT The Arch Degree will bring forth practicality and methodology to assist us and raising the mental physical and spiritual vibratory rate within the community of self. Join us s we welcome this warrior who will cause you to think critically and decode the plan of destruction laid out by allowing the wrong foods. Join us as we do tha knowledge this Sundy 10-25-15 at 3pm PST 5pm CST 6pm EST Call in to the phone number 713-955-0707 and press #1 to speak the host or our special guest.

    Here is the link to listen remotely:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2015/10/25/do-tha-knowledge-radio-presents-episode-19-interview-with-kt-the-arch-degree


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    Brick Da Foundation Year of the Black Fist Gen. SaRa Suten Seti

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     Brick Da Foundation and Knowledge Born Allah where we will be joined by our special guests Kamani Tait (KT the Arch Degree), SaRa Suten Seti, info Keith, Allen R Jones (king chi) and young pharaoh to discuss and preview upcoming lecture THE BLACK WOMAN IS GOD in DETROIT, MI APRIL 30TH. 2016 Here is link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/26/brick-da-foundation-year-of-the-black-fist-gen-sara-suten-seti

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    Join KTL RADIO for another #EPIC broadcast and riveting installment of #HollywoodDecoded starring #KTheArchDegree. 

    Close your eyes except for one and envision a world, a world of beautiful people of melanin hue building together growing with one another, backs strong with chins up reaching and grasping the stars. A promising future secured by the powerful connection with the ancestors and the inherent knowledge and wisdom on how to channel that force to fuel the society as a whole. Commerce, technology, education, defense, health, agriculture and community at a level only our forefathers have dreamt in the underworld. 

    Now in our current state imagine a vehicle in the form of a silver screen, as the moon is the energy of dreams or a portal of sorts offering an opportunity to transcend time and space to a dimension that is one with your vision. Many years ago a path was paved in the form of hidden meanings and symbols underlying film. The projector projects coherent light and sound. Through the process of this voyage a powerful connection with our ancestors were made for they were encoded in plagiarized scripture of our mythos.

    It has come to past the moment where fact and fiction has reached singularity in the form of the black hole in interstellar and the manifestation of Apedemak in the form of the Black Panther. By way of DC and the MCU ( Marvel Comic Universe) one thing is now for certain: no matter what path you chose if you're true all roads lead to Wakanda!

    Please join me KT the Arch Degree and Know The Ledge Radio as we announce the Hollywood Decoded Tour "All Roads Lead To Wakanda"! We will go over the synchronistic serendiptious tale of Hollywood Decoded thus far and what is in store for the future and beyond! 

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    KTL presents KT the ARCH DEGREE & AA Rashid

    in Science

    KT will open up the portals with a 'Meticulous metaphysical breakdown on this Melanin Masterpiece' and be followed by AA RASHID, the Qabala God who will continue weaving chapters onto his majestic, critically acclaimed FEAR of a BLACK ILLUMINATI series.  
    The last time we met and lifted the veil of the Black Illuminati the Rocafellas ended up trumpin' the Rothschilds! What lays in wait with the unveiling of this chapter? 
    CLASS is in SESSION!! Pens & Pads on deck!! This will be a KTL UINVERSE-CITY BLOCKBUSTER!! TUNE IN!