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    My Prayer Closet

    in Christianity

    For our Protestant Evangelical Congregations, join us today for our Protestant Prayer Vigil with the Celtic Prayer Beads. We meet every Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM (EST).

    Here on the Celtic Cross Radio Network in Studio A of the Christian Warrior Network.

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    The Open Minded Teaching of Closed Thought. The Erosion of Public Education.

    in Current Events

    Todays education system is broken. The Government's ever reaching legislation arm is reaching into states rights by offering them money they desparetly need. Common Core is the program of choice, led by Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation. Meanwhile, the rights of students are being crushed in lieu of the golden rule, and the Government is the bank. Meanwhile, to garnish votes, the NEA and unions buddy up to each other to gain control over the system. Doug and Bill go in depth to talk about the differences between today and yesterday for the education system. Now, students are rebelling with rediculious stunts and cries of racism leaving most to say that the inmates are running the asylum. The students dope up (ADHD, ADD, etc) so teachers that are not allowed to discipline any longer, cam control unruley ones. The Unions push rediculious benefits and what they want for their constituants (voters and money=power), the progressives push socialist reforms upon the system (agenda) and the parents? Where the hell are the parents? They have given total control over to teachers because they are so smart and they are out making a "career". The United States spends more per pupil than any other country, yet we rank as one of the lower "educated" countries on Earth. Ronald Reagan said that it only takes one generation of bad to change a country forever. Folks, we are at that time. Join us at 7pm EST Tuesday December 1st.

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    A look back at French Quarter Festival 2011 - first hour

    in Travel

    World Footprints returns to New Orleans for our signature broadcast from Jackson Square for French Quarter Festival! During this broadcast we'll introduce you to All-Star musicians, Trumpeter Connie Jones and Clarinet player Tim Laughlin. Connie & Tim grace the cover of this year's French Quarter Festival poster.  We’ll also hear from French Quarter Festival Executive Director, Marci Schramm, about the newest attractions that visitors will experience this year. As we all know, New Orleans is a foodie’s paradise and there is a new restaurant in town called Sylvain.  We’ll have a chance to talk with the proprietor Sean McCusker about some of his hottest recipes and unique cocktail menu.   In keeping the food theme going we’ll enjoy a conversation with Liz Williams from the Southern Food and Wine Museum.

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    Horror Authors come together on the WOI Network Special

    in Books

    Please join hosts Marsha Casper Cook and Elizabeth Black on December 1 at  4 PM EST 3PM CST 2 PM MT 1 PM PST when their guests will be Trent Zelazny and Dana Fredsti. It's going to be a lot of fun and very informative. Trent and Elizabeth were at the Stanley Hotel in October for an author and artist's retreat and will be discussing the excitement of being in Colorado for this event. Dana is a screenwriter, novelist and actress and will be discussing her writing projects as will Trent and Elizabeth.

    It's going to be a great show!

    Join them in the chat room or call in if you have a question. 714-242-5259

    For more info about the shows http://www.worldofinknetwork.com


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    in Entertainment

    We will offer prayer for those who want it.Playing All Types Of Gospel Music,And Some Christmas Music To.

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    Louie Belina, Billy Locke, Ben Allbright and Conor Hebert in studio!

    in Sports

    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen,

    6:30 PM MT: Louie Belina from Sports Radio 1150 and The Zone 102.7 FM in College Station, will join the program to look back at the past couple of games for the Aggies of A&M. Have they figured out their offensive struggles? How has Myles Garrett looked? Louie will tell us tonight!

    6:45 PM MT: Our Big 12 analyst, Billy Locke will joins us to look back at Bedlam and what went wrong for OSU in Saturday's matchup with the Sooners as well as the game against Baylor. 

    7:00 PM MT: Our NFL analyst, Conor Hebert will join Bryan in the STBN for his weekly segment on all things NFL. What did he think of the #Broncos HUGE win over New England on Sunday Night? How about the kick 6 by the Ravens to get the W in Cleveland? We will discuss all of these things and more! 

    7:45 PM MT: Ben Allbright from Mile High Sports Radio in Denver, will join the program to give us the latest on the Broncos. Will Peyton Manning ever see the field for Denver again? What is his thoughts on Osweiler after the stellar game he had against the Pats? Tune in and find out tonight!

    Thoughts on Kobe, updates from Kobe's final game in Philly, College Football playoff rankings and more as we are LIVE! 

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Lies, Lies, and More Lies (Episode 48)

    in Politics

    The video footage of Jamar Clark's shooting was released, showing that the police lied about the teenager lunging at them with a knife. Prosecutor Anita Alverez appears to be lying when she insists that although 88 minutes of the Burger King surveillance video is missing, no one tampered with the tape. Why is she covering for the police? Still photos of two police officers sitting at computers inside the Burger King office have surfaced despite official denials that the police interfered with the footage. Check out "In the Streets" Facebook page to see those photos as well as the video tootage showing Jamar Clark gunned down. Jason Van Dyke's defense lawyer says the video doesn't show the entire story because the footage is only 2-dimensional. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel helped suppress this video for a full year while he was running for reelection. A Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado was under a terrorist seige where three people, including a police officer, were killed by a Christian extremist. Unsurprisingly, the Caucasian gunman was apprehended, unharmed, by the police. The media, while regularly demonizing minority victims as "criminals", is taking great care to paint this Caucasian mass murderer in a favorable light. Conservatives across the nation have defended this terrorist crime, citing popular lies regarding Planned Parenthood. Donald Trump lied about a meeting with black ministers who he claimed intended to endorse his candidacy. As they publicly denied their support, Trump claimed a "miscommunication". The meeting took place as scheduled, with fewer in attendance than Trump originally boasted. It remains to be seen how many, other than the organizer, will endorse Trump, Frustrated with the inaction of Prosecutor McGinty, who seems to be dragging his heels regarding justice for Tamir Rice, the Rice family released their own independent experts' reports. And more. Tuesday, December 1, 6pm Pacific.

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    Leaving A Legacy for Our Family

    in Social Networking

    We are talking to Romalice Brumfield of Legacy Network about how he can help Black Businesses and that may be able to leave that legacy for our kids that they much deserve. We have to break that cycle and make a new one by doing something new.

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    The Ruckus Boxing Podcast By BadCulture.net

    in Sports

    This week on The Ruckus, regular hosts Jeandra LeBeauf (@jethang) and Ryan Bivins (@ryanbivins) discuss Tyson Fury's dethrowning of long time alphabet champion Wladimir Klitschko and James DeGale's action packed win over Lucien Bute.

    To call in and speak with the hosts dial 718.508.9852

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    Sierra Neblina, Dr Erin Nell and tour folks -review the Sacred Egypt Tour 2015

    in Spirituality

    Join us on A Galactic Perspective With Sierra Neblina, Dr Erin Nell and all the wonderful participants of our  Sacred Journey Tour Egypt 2015!  

    Please join us as we take a tour down memory lane with our wonderful tour participants from our recent Egypt tour. Hear how they experienced this once in a lifeltime trip and how they are now integrating what they got into thier daily lives.

    Be sure to call in during the live shows at 646-478-3085  with your questions or you can listen to our archives. Click 'Follow' to receive reminders about upcoming broadcasts and reminders for GalacticU Radio Network.

    Also, explore spiritual Ascension and your own Galactic nature this next year on GalacticU's Sacred Journey Tours- Egypt 2016







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    From The Basement To The Boardroom

    in Self Help

    From the basement to the boardroom is an interactive radio show that provides very informative business insight, tax knowledge and mindset development. Also, b2b provides an outlet for potential, new & existing business owners to showcase and highlight their businesses.

Join Host Live Chats